Architects: FGMF Arquitetos
Area: 928 m²
Year: 2016
Photographs: Rafaela Netto
Manufacturers: Aris Climatização, Braston, Bricolagem, Ibratin, Inovar Esquadrias, Irrigmaster, JS Pinturas, LIS , Líder Interiores, Pedras Capricórnio, Portobello, Serralheria Forchella, Skylight Estruturas
Arquitetos Líderes:Fernando Forte, Lourenço Gimenes, Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz
Project Team:Gabriel Mota, Luciana Bacin
Engineering:Gama Z
Landscape:Juliana Freitas Paisagismo
Consultants:Adriana Pastore, Desyree Niedo, Diogo Mondini, Priscylla Hayashi, Wanessa Simoe
Collaborators:Frederico Branco, Rafael Colombo, Nara Diniz
City:São Paulo

建築師:FGMF Arquitetos
攝影:拉斐拉·內托(Rafaela Netto)
製造商:ArisClimatização,Braston,Bricolagem,Ibratin,Inovar Esquadrias,Irrigmaster,JS Pinturas,LIS,LíderInteriores,PedrasCapricórnio,Portobello,Serralheria Forchella,天窗Estruturas
ArquitetosLíderes:Fernando Forte,LourençoGimenes,Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz
項目團隊:Gabriel Mota,Luciana Bacin
工程:Gama Z
景觀:Juliana Freitas Paisagismo
顧問:Adriana Pastore,Desyree Niedo,Diogo Mondini,Priscylla Hayashi,Wanessa Simoe

The starting point for designing the flagship store for Líder Interiores, a major and leading furniture brand in Brazil, was very simple – a large, glazed space on the front and back faces with a partial double-high ceiling.


We proposed a large mezzanine suspended by just six slender tension cables in the middle of the main space, acutely characterizing the mixed structure of metal and concrete cast onsite, which ingeniously spans 15-meter-wide gaps. The idea of creating a sense of surprise, of floating and of getting visitors interested in going up to this area was proposed as a result of the major difficulties found in activating the top floors of similar types of stores.

我們在主空間中間提議了一個僅由六根細長的張力電纜懸掛的大夾層結構,敏銳地體現了現場澆鑄的金屬和混凝土的混合結構,巧妙地跨越了15米寬的縫隙。 由於激活類似類型商店的頂層存在重大困難,因此提出了一種產生驚喜感,漂浮感並使訪客對進入該區域感興趣的想法。

Suspended metal planters start at the sidewalk located outside, penetrating into the store through the glass in a kind of curve and wave, and project outward once again towards the external area, at over six meters of height, becoming a marquee and marking the entrance, almost like an overlapping puzzle. In the space where they enter the store, these planters function as a brise-soleil at sunset and as a ceiling for the current layout in the front of the store, the window. The mezzanine has a similar shape and finish and almost feels like a part of these suspended planters, a feeling reinforced by the presence of these elements in the lower portion, connecting it to the outdoor furniture showroom area.

懸掛的金屬花盆從外面的人行道開始,以彎曲和波浪的形式穿過玻璃杯進入商店,然後再次向外突出,向外超過六米高,成為大門罩,標誌著入口, 幾乎像一個重疊的難題。 在他們進入商店的空間中,這些花槽在日落時充當了賄賂的牆,在商店的前部,即櫥窗中充噹噹前佈局的天花板。 夾層具有相似的形狀和光潔度,幾乎感覺像是這些懸掛式花架的一部分,由於下部存在這些元素而增強了感覺,並將其連接到戶外家具展示區。


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