Architects: Project Architecture Company
Area: 220 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: bullahuth Fotografie und Gestaltung
Manufacturers: Roma, Bauder, Fenster Weihe, Saint-Gobain Weber, Scheucher Parkett

攝影:Bullahuth Fotografie和Gestaltung

Roughness and refinement – the design celebrates this contrast. A tailor-made house for a young family that exactly reflects the needs of its residents.

粗糙和精緻-設計彰顯了這種對比。 為年輕家庭量身定制的房屋,恰好反映了居民的需求。

Bernau – a small town north-east of Berlin – is a popular choice of residence for young families as it has a good public transport connection to the capital. The landscape is flat and agricultural: fields, wind turbines and the television tower on Alexanderplatz still faintly visible on the horizon.

貝爾瑙(Bernau)-柏林東北部的一個小鎮-是年輕家庭的首選住所,因為它與首都的公共交通十分便利。 地勢平坦且農業化:亞歷山大廣場上的田野,風力渦輪機和電視塔在地平線上依稀可見。

The plot is located in a very heterogeneous neighborhood with small houses, old farm buildings and 1970s East German pre-fab slabs.


The two-story building has a very unique expression thanks to its hexagonal floor plan and flat roof. The structure is characterized by a set of load-bearing walls alternating with large-format window openings. It is a highly compact and specific building, providing generous flexible living areas within a small footprint.

這座六層樓的建築由於其六角形的平面圖和平坦的屋頂而具有非常獨特的表達。 該結構的特點是一組承重牆與大尺寸的窗戶開口交替出現。 這是一幢高度緊湊且特殊的建築,可在較小的佔地面積內提供寬敞靈活的居住區域。

The central core of kitchen, storage, toilet and stair is located on the ground floor and creates unique areas around it, with framed views of the surrounding landscape. The functional orthogonal layout of the core contrasts with the more fluid spaces of the hexagonal building form.

廚房,儲藏室,衛生間和樓梯的中央核心位於一樓,並在其周圍創建了獨特的區域,並享有周圍景觀的框架景緻。 核的功能正交佈局與六邊形建築形式的更多流體空間形成對比。

An open staircase leads to a gallery that is used as a study and is connected via a double-height space to the living area below. In favor of the gallery, the size of the three bedrooms and two bath-rooms was minimized on the upper floor.

敞開的樓梯通向用作書房的畫廊,並通過雙重高度空間連接到下面的起居區。 為了使用畫廊,在上層最小了三間臥室和兩個浴室的大小。

The choice of materials creates an interesting tension between refined and rough surfaces: anodized aluminum, smooth interior plaster and lightly lacquered built-in furniture contrast with raw concrete, textured exterior plaster and oiled natural ash wood.


Floorplates and core were made using in-situ concrete. We deliberately avoided high demands on the exposed concrete, not only to save costs but also to obtain exciting, unpredictable surfaces with character. In contrast, there are the perfectly smooth white plastered interior walls and sharp edges of the aluminum window frames. The joints between different materials are celebrated with shadow gaps; dimensional tolerances are not hidden but honestly exposed.

地板和芯層使用現澆混凝土製成。 我們刻意避免對裸露的混凝土提出高要求,這不僅是為了節省成本,而且是為了獲得令人興奮且難以預測的具有特徵的表面。 相比之下,鋁製窗框的內牆和白邊都非常光滑。 不同材料之間的接合處以陰影間隙來慶祝; 尺寸公差不是隱藏的,而是誠實地暴露出來。


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