Architects: Studio Jencquel
Area: 600 m²
Year: 2013
Photographs: Djuna Ivereigh
Architect In Charge:Maximilian Jencquel
Design Team:Studio Jencquel
Interior Design:Jason Lamberth
Master Plan:Yew Kuan Cheong
Main Kitchen:Joost van Grieken
Wood Supplier:Kayu Naga
Landscape Design:Ketut Sadru
Project Management:Made Suraja

照片:Djuna Ivereigh
負責建築師:Maximilian Jencquel
設計團隊:Studio Jencquel
室內設計:Jason Lamberth
主廚房:Joost van Grieken
景觀設計:Ketut Sadru

Hartland is a private estate, nestled into the slopes of Ubud’s scenic Sayan Ridge. Overlooking a wide tapestry of rice paddies bordering the Ayung River, the domain extends over approximately 6,200 square meters.

哈特蘭(Hartland)是一座私人莊園,坐落在烏布(Ubud)風景秀麗的薩彥嶺(Sayan Ridge)的山坡上。 該區域俯瞰著與阿永河接壤的寬廣的稻田掛毯,面積約6200平方米。

Together with architect Yew Kuan Cheong, Maximilian Jencquel designed a luxurious tropical home. Both Linda Garland’s vernacular style and Axel Vervoordt’s “Wabi” spirit are part of the initial inspiration. The site plan is loose and organic, with 5 bungalows blending seamlessly into the surrounding scenery. The primary building components for this project were reclaimed Javanese houses.

Maximilian Jencquel與建築師Yew Kuan Cheong一起設計了豪華的熱帶房屋。 Linda Garland的鄉土風格和Axel Vervoordt的“ Wabi”精神都是最初靈感的一部分。 場地規劃是寬鬆而有機的,有5個平房無縫融合到周圍的風景中。 該項目的主要建築組成部分是爪哇式房屋。

The project is conceived holistically as an ecologically sustainable product, coexisting coherently with its omnipresent natural environment. Using locally sourced materials, such as buried Javanese teak, bamboo, and stones from Sumba, was deemed a priority by both the client and Maximilian Jencquel. Every detail is considered so carefully that even the organic vegetables grown in the garden are part of the overall conception.

該項目從整體上被認為是一種生態可持續性產品,與無所不在的自然環境並存。 客戶和馬克西米利安·詹奎爾(Maximilian Jencquel)都認為,使用本地採購的材料,例如從松巴(Sumba)埋藏的爪哇柚木,竹子和石頭,都是當務之急。 每個細節都經過精心考慮,以至於花園中種植的有機蔬菜也成為整體構想的一部分。

The overall atmosphere is elegant, yet also very casual. The master suite is laid out on a surface of over 150 square meters. The interiors display the owner’s private collection of textiles, of which many are from small Indonesian villages such as Rote island, Sumba, Bali, etc. Several photos as well as other artwork decorate the walls, including the paintings of artist Filippo Sciascia. A large saltwater swimming pool with an infinity edge follows the sinuous contour of the existing land, forming a 26 m long s-curve.

整體氛圍高雅,但也很休閒。 主人套房面積超過150平方米。 室內裝飾展示了所有者的私人收藏的紡織品,其中許多來自印度尼西亞的小村莊,如羅特島,桑巴,巴厘島等。牆上還飾有幾張照片以及其他藝術品,包括藝術家菲利波·夏西亞的畫作。 大型海水游泳池具有無限的邊緣,沿著現有土地的蜿蜒輪廓延伸,形成26 m長的S形曲線。


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