Architects: Instituto de Vivienda, Urbanismo y Construcción de la USMP
Area: 336 m²
Year: 2015
Photographs: Yann Barnet, Claire Demoulin
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, IKO, Computers and Structures Inc, Trimble Navigation
Lead Architects:Yann Barnet, Faouzi Jabrane
Design Team:Equipo del IVUC
Clients:Organización Internacional de Bambú y Ratán, Municipio de Santiago de Surco, Ministerio del Ambiente del Perú
Engineering:Gustavo Tello Fernandez
City:Santiago de Surco

建築師:Vivienda研究所,Urbanismo yConstrucciónde la USMP
照片:Yann Barnet,Claire Demoulin
製造商:AutoDesk,IKO,計算機和結構公司,Trimble Navigation
首席建築師:Yann Barnet,Faouzi Jabrane
設計團隊:Equipo del IVUC
客戶:BambúyRatán國際組織,Santiago de Surco市政博物館,Ambiente delPerú部長
工程:古斯塔沃·特洛·費爾南德斯(Gustavo Tello Fernandez)

The project is located within the Ecological Park Voices for Climate, the first theme park on climate change in Latin America. In this public space, there are five pavilions that exhibit issues of importance in Peru: Forests, Mountains and Water, Oceans, Energy, and Sustainable Cities. This initiative dedicated to environmental education was promoted by the Ministry of Environment of Peru in collaboration with the Municipality of Santiago de Surco. Upon entering, visitors can observe the first public auditorium built with bamboo in Peru, which has a roofed area of more than 300 m2 with a capacity of 250 people. It is conceived as a free-access place for the organization of all kinds of events, talks, or exhibitions.

該項目位於拉美第一個氣候變化主題公園“生態呼聲氣候公園”內。 在這個公共空間中,有五個展館在秘魯展示著重要的問題:森林,山脈和水域,海洋,能源和可持續城市。 秘魯環境部與聖地亞哥德蘇爾科市政府共同推動了這項專門針對環境教育的倡議。 進入後,遊客可以看到秘魯第一個用竹子建造的公共禮堂,該禮堂的屋頂面積超過300平方米,可容納250人。 它被認為是組織各種活動,演講或展覽的免費場所。

Its innovative design promotes an architecture with reduced environmental impact through the use of eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and wood. It should be noted that the bamboo used is the Guadua angustifolia species, coming from local producers, pointing out the importance of using renewable resources for a sustainable future. To highlight the structural versatility of bamboo and develop new construction techniques, an innovative curved roof was designed. At the top of it, the two roof sections are separated by a zenithal opening that lets a filtered light penetrate through opened bamboos. On both sides, openings allow the air to escape, providing effective natural ventilation of the space.

它的創新設計通過使用竹子和木材等環保材料來促進建築,減少對環境的影響。 應當指出的是,所用的竹子是來自當地生產商的瓜杜鵑(Guadua angustifolia)物種,指出了利用可再生資源實現可持續未來的重要性。 為了突出竹子的結構多功能性並開發新的建築技術,設計了一種創新的弧形屋頂。 在其頂部,兩個屋頂部分由天頂開口隔開,該天頂開口使過濾後的光線穿過打開的竹子。 兩側的開口允許空氣逸出,從而為空間提供了有效的自然通風。

On the lateral parts of the auditorium, blinds made of the phyllostachys bamboo species were installed to provide sun protection and to form a skin that mimics the other pavilions in the park. The three-dimensional structure is composed of simple elements that were prefabricated on the floor and assembled thanks to spatially designed metal connectors, managing to finish the work in less than 3 months. The construction of this emblematic building in the city of Lima was made possible by the support of the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization – INBAR.

在禮堂的外側部分,安裝了由竹筍製成的百葉窗,以提供防曬保護並形成模仿公園其他涼亭的皮膚。 三維結構由簡單的元素組成,這些元素在地板上預製並通過空間設計的金屬連接器進行組裝,從而在不到3個月的時間內完成了工作。 在國際竹藤組織INBAR的支持下,這座標誌性建築在利馬市的建造成為可能。


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