Architects: ARX PORTUGAL
Area: 1420 m²
Year: 2015
Photographs: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
Architect In Charge:ARX Portugal
Design Team:Nuno Mateus e José Mateus c/ João Dantas, Ricardo Guerreiro, Sofia RAposo, Emanuel Rebelo, Fábio Cortês, Filipe Cardoso, Bruno Martins, Fábio Rosado, Sara Nieto, Héctor Bajo, Baptiste Fleury, Ana Fontes, Luís Marques, Joana Pedro
Technical Team:SAFRE, PEN, António Paiva Fernandes
City:Gafanha da Encarnação

攝影:Fernando Guerra | FG + SG
設計團隊:Nuno Mateus eJoséMateus c /JoãoDantas,Ricardo Guerreiro,Sofia RAposo,Emanuel Rebelo,FábioCortês,Filipe Cardoso,Bruno Martins,FábioRosado,Sara Nieto,HéctorBajo,Baptists Fleury,Ana Font 佩德羅
城市:Gafanha daEncarnação

The building is located on the Costa Nova dunes, between the beach and the Avenue Nossa Senhora da Saúde leading to it. The sand is cut by a wide net of wooden walkways, which go over the dunes and allow pedestrian crossing from the urban cluster to the beach. To the east, the street is mainly composed by small apartment buildings, two or three stories high. At street level there’s no actual sea view but one can sense its presence beyond the dune.

該建築位於科斯塔諾瓦沙丘(Costa Nova)沙丘上,位於海灘和通往該大道的Nossa Senhora daSaúde大道之間。 沙子被寬闊的木製人行道網割斷,這些人行道越過沙丘,使行人從城市群穿越到海灘。 在東部,這條街主要由兩三層高的小公寓樓組成。 在街道上沒有實際的海景,但可以感覺到沙丘以外的景色。

The new building, with its multifunction profile and symbolic and public presence, proposes to take its place as an end piece for both the bordering buildings and the natural place. It is intended to accommodate the new health care center, a social center, and a show room for exhibitions and other public events. The intervention translates an outset based on four themes: the traditional “palheiro” construction technique, the pedagogy of building over dunes, the “landscape-building” as part of a physical and visual route to the sea, and the agrarian land-holding structure as morphological matrix.

這座新建築以其多功能性,象徵性和公眾形象而著稱,打算取代其作為毗鄰建築物和自然景觀的末端。 它旨在容納新的醫療保健中心,社交中心以及用於展覽和其他公共活動的展示廳。 干預措施從四個主題著手:傳統的“ palheiro”建造技術,沙丘上的建築教學法,作為通往海洋的物理和視覺路線的一部分的“景觀建造”以及農業土地所有權結構 作為形態矩陣。

One of the main conceptual assumptions behind the current project is Costa Nova’s original building typology. The project wishes to reinterpret, in a clearly contemporary way, Costa Nova’s characteristic and ancestral ways of looking at a place and building it. This is why the whole construction, made entirely of wood, as the original “palheiros”, seats on a semi-buried foundation mesh in reinforced concrete, as to stable the building that will “hover” over the dune. This conceptual strategy also aims to take advantage of building on a lower ground by creating a convenient and flowing connection to the rooftop where one can enjoy a wide ocean view. As a counterweight, and following natural topography, the public walkway stretches into the heart of the building, creating a new wooden public square, as a forecourt, that leads the visitor inside and protects from the wind.

當前項目背後的主要概念假設之一是Costa Nova的原始建築類型。 該項目希望以一種清晰的當代方式重新詮釋哥斯達黎加諾瓦(Costa Nova)看待某個地方並進行建造的特徵和祖傳方式。 這就是為什麼整個建築完全由木頭製成,就像最初的“ palheiros”一樣,坐落在鋼筋混凝土的半埋基礎地基上,以穩定將“懸停”在沙丘上的建築。 這一概念性策略還旨在通過在屋頂上建立方便且流暢的連接,從而使人們可以欣賞廣闊的海景,從而在較低的地面上進行建設。 作為對重物,並遵循自然地形,公共走道延伸到建築物的中心,創建了一個新的木製公共廣場,作為前庭,可將訪客帶入室內並保護其免受風吹。


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