Europe’s largest roofing and waterproofing company BMI Group produces numerous products that help architects to create more sustainable buildings.

Following its recently published report The Architect Effect, BMI Group is highlighting products that provide architects with more sustainable options, whether designing flat or pitched roofs.

According to the roofing company, sustainability is an area where construction can make huge improvements.

歐洲最大的屋頂和防水公司BMI Group生產眾多產品,可幫助建築師創建更具可持續性的建築。

BMI集團繼其最新發表的報告The Architect Effect之後,重點介紹了可為建築師提供更多可持續選擇的產品,無論是設計平屋頂還是斜屋頂。


“It is clear that there’s a huge desire to make the necessary changes – we’re seeing more and more innovative thinking across the industry and momentum is increasing,” said BMI Group.

“Increasingly, we’re seeing that clients are also seeking evidence of sustainability from manufacturers at both product and organisational levels,” it continued.

Among BMI Group’s range of sustainable products is an anti-pollution membrane. The Noxite flat roof membrane converts harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx), which are mainly the result of traffic pollution, into harmless nitrates.

The membrane uses a photocatalytic ingredient to break down pollutants, which are washed away by rainwater. This also refreshes the catalyst, so it continues to work throughout the life of the material.

BMI Group表示:“很明顯,人們有進行必要更改的強烈願望–我們看到整個行業越來越多的創新思維,並且動力正在增加。”


BMI集團的可持續產品包括抗污染膜。 Noxite平屋頂膜將主要由交通污染引起的有害氮氧化物(NOx)轉化為無害的硝酸鹽。

該膜使用光催化成分分解污染物,這些污染物被雨水沖走。 這也會刷新催化劑,因此它在材料的整個生命週期中都可以繼續工作。

BMI Group offers a range of blue and green roofs that allow an often under-utilised space to be used as parks, urban farms and havens for wildlife.

These roofs can also improve the sustainability of the building below by providing a layer of insulation while improving the air quality outside.

“There are few roof systems more sustainable and multi-purpose than a green or blue roof,” said the brand.

“Green roofs have an insulating effect, reducing the energy needed to heat a building in winter and cool it in the summer. The plant life can filter pollution, absorb CO₂ and improve air quality, as well as be great habitats for wildlife.”





The roofing brand also provides solar energy solutions that allow a building’s roof to be productive. Using its Sunscape range, which is suitable for both pitched and flat roofs, solar panels can produce around 70–80 per cent of the electricity required to power a building.

Another more sustainable product is the brand’s range of lightweight concrete tiles that are produced using BMI Group’s Aerlox technology.

The tiles are made with reduced amounts of concrete, meaning that each tile has a lower level of embodied carbon. As they are lighter than regular tiles they can also be transported more efficiently, requiring less fuel.

More information on BMI’s sustainable roofing solutions can be found on its website.

屋頂品牌還提供太陽能解決方案,使建築物的屋頂富有生產力。 利用適用於斜屋頂和平屋頂的Sunscape系列,太陽能電池板可產生建築物所需電力的70%至80%。

另一個更具可持續性的產品是該品牌使用BMI Group的Aerlox技術生產的輕質混凝土磚系列。

瓷磚的混凝土用量減少,這意味著每個瓷磚的含碳量都較低。 由於它們比普通瓷磚輕,因此也可以更有效地運輸,所需燃料更少。




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