Architects: Atelier Oslo
Area: 600 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Kristoffer Wittrup
Contractor:Entrepetor AS
Client:Mmm Eiendom AS

攝影:克里斯托弗·維特魯普(Kristoffer Wittrup)
承包商:Entrepetor AS
客戶:MM Eiendom AS

Situated in a valley at the mouth of the river Vefsn, the town of Mosjøen provides an ice free and safe harbour close to Lofoten. Today the town is dominated by residential areas of detached houses in a strict grid plan. The Bay Window house has four apartments designed for people who want to replace their single-family house with an apartment in favour of a simpler life. It has therefore been an ambition to create a project with apartments that have many of the qualities found in a single-family house.

Mosjøen鎮位於Vefsn河口的山谷中,在羅弗敦附近提供無冰且安全的港口。 今天,在嚴格的網格計劃中,該鎮以獨立式住宅的居住區為主。 Bay Window房屋有四套公寓,專為希望以簡單生活代替公寓的人而設計。 因此,創建一個項目具有一個雄心壯志,該項目具有在單戶住宅中具有的許多品質。

The massing of the volume breaks down the scale of the building and gives the apartments different qualities and defined private outdoor spaces, partially shielded from each other. Ground floor and second floor are recessed with a smaller footprint that relates to the scale of the neighbouring detached houses.

體量的劃分破壞了建築的規模,賦予了公寓不同的品質和定義的私人室外空間,它們之間部分被屏蔽。 一樓和二樓的凹進面積較小,與相鄰獨立式住宅的規模有關。

First floor is larger but broken up into smaller volumes. These volumes form canopies above ground floor, and terraces on second floor. The rooms inside the apartments all have a bay window in full height that is rotated 45 degrees in relation to the direction of the building.

一樓較大,但分成較小的體積。 這些體積形成了一層以上的頂棚和二層的露台。 公寓內的所有房間均設有凸窗,該凸窗全高相對於建築物的方向旋轉了45度。

This gives long and uninterrupted views between the houses in the grid plan up toward the hills and the sky. These bay windows also give the building a distinctive look that adds variety and rhythm to the facades. The plot was completely flat and was left with only sand and gravel after the former building was demolished several years ago.

這樣,網格中的房屋之間的視野就一直不間斷,朝著丘陵和天空。 這些凸窗還賦予了建築獨特的外觀,為立面增添了變化和韻律。 該地塊是完全平坦的,幾年前的前建築被拆除後只剩下沙子和礫石。

We wanted to create a place that over time will develop natural qualities that will be an enrichment for the new residents as well as for the surroundings. A new topography with varied heights has been established around the building, connecting the building to the ground, and securing privacy for the apartment on the ground floor.

我們希望創建一個地方,隨著時間的推移,它會發展出自然的品質,這對於新居民以及周圍的環境都是一種充實。 在建築物周圍建立了高度不同的新地形,將建築物連接到地面,並確保一樓公寓的私密性。

In addition to a variety of low vegetation, several pine trees have been planted around and between the broken volumes of the building. In this way, building and nature will grow into a more integrated whole in the years to come.

除了各種低矮的植被外,在建築物殘破的周圍和之間還種了幾棵松樹。 這樣,建築和自然將在未來幾年內成長為一個更加融合的整體。


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