Architects: ATLAS
Area: 440 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Rui Zhu
Architect In Charge:Jenny Chou
Design Team:Jenny Chou, Troy Lee, Catherine McMahon
Client:The Well House

負責建築師:Jenny Chou
客戶:The Well House

Dali Village is a 600-year-old Dong village in Guizhou that has largely kept its traditional culture intact. The old wooden buildings, rivers and wells, and terraced rice fields all reflect the harmony of a much older way of life. The Well House is a new boutique hotel that aims to situate itself contextually in the simple and austere lifestyle of the village. The challenge was to find ways to update the traditional methods of building with contemporary amenities and evolved design without losing the integrity that makes Dali what it is.

大理村是具有600年曆史的貴州Dong族村落,在很大程度上保留了其傳統文化。 古老的木製建築,河流和水井以及梯田稻田都反映出一種古老生活方式的和諧。 Well House是一家新的精品酒店,旨在根據村莊的簡單而簡樸的生活方式來定位自己。 面臨的挑戰是尋找方法,用現代的便利設施和經過改進的設計來更新傳統的建築方法,同時又不失去使Dali成為現實的完整性。

The hotel is perched on the mountainside high-up in the village, directly looking down on an ancient well. Like all the structures in Dali, it faces the center of the village where the Drum Tower resides. From its perch, it offers a panoramic view of the village. Modern elements such as large windows to take advantage of the views, while still attempting to keep the rhythm and of the neighboring structures so as not to disturb the overall skyline.

該酒店坐落在村莊的山腰高處,直接俯瞰著古老的水井。 像大理的所有建築物一樣,它面向鼓樓所在的村莊中心。 從高處可以欣賞到村莊的全景。 現代元素(例如大窗戶)可以充分利用景觀,同時仍在嘗試保持節奏和相鄰結構的節奏,以免干擾整體天際線。

In Qiandongnan, the southeast region of Guizhou, traditional wooden buildings have largely been preserved and continue to be built today. Still, modernity has managed to creep in— one way being that concrete is used for the ground floor of the building. The challenge then is to develop a building language that can negotiate the differences between the two and create a unified whole.

在貴州東南部的黔東南,傳統的木製建築在很大程度上得到保留,並在今天繼續建造。 儘管如此,現代性仍在設法蔓延,一種方式是將混凝土用於建築物的底層。 然後的挑戰是開發一種可以協商兩者之間的差異並創建統一整體的建築語言。

The traditional building has intrinsic knowledge about how to deal with local climatic conditions in clever yet, simple ways. Elevating the structures on poles, open fire-pits, and even using a bit of smoke help traditional southwestern houses relieve the damp in winter. The goal of the hotel was to elevate the comfort inside the building through the use of energy-efficient heating and weatherproofing. Another issue is the way sound is carried throughout the wooden house through the thin partitions and floors. Soundproofing was added to the construction to try to give a bit more privacy and serenity to space. To keep the construction as sustainable as possible the whole system of the building was designed to make air-conditioning unnecessary — instead of cooling the building through passive methods. The facade was designed with wind scoops to capture air from the valley and ensure ventilation in the space clearing out the sultry feeling of summer.

傳統建築具有如何巧妙,簡單地應對當地氣候條件的內在知識。 抬高電線桿上的結構,開闊的火坑,甚至抽一點煙,都可以幫助傳統的西南房屋緩解冬天的潮濕。 該酒店的目標是通過使用節能的暖氣和防風雨來提高建築物內的舒適度。 另一個問題是聲音通過薄薄的隔板和地板傳遍整個木屋的方式。 隔音被添加到建築中,以試圖給太空帶來更多的隱私和寧靜。 為了使建築盡可能保持可持續發展,整個建築系統的設計都使空調成為不必要的做法,而不是通過被動方式為建築物降溫。 立面設計有風勺,以收集山谷中的空氣,並確保空間通風,消除夏天的悶熱感。

The material choice is local, in particular the use of cedarwood the region is famous for. Bricks saw as lowly due to their common usage in building pig sheds, were elevated here in their deep earthy feel to something luxurious. Burnt and blackened bricks were hand-chosen to give a textural sensuousness to the first floor.

材料的選擇是當地的,尤其是該地區聞名的雪松木的使用。 磚頭由於在豬舍中的普遍使用而被視為低賤,在這里以其深厚的泥土感覺被提升為豪華的東西。 手工選擇了燒焦和發黑的磚塊,使一樓具有質感。

As the village finds a bridge to the future and looks to tourism and exchange to do so, the hope is that The Well House presents thoughtful solutions for merging the old with the new. By rooting design in the local aesthetics and material culture—the hope is to see Dali Village find a sustainable path forward that honors and values the past.

當村莊找到通向未來的橋樑,並希望通過旅遊和交流來實現時,希望The Well House提出周到的解決方案,將新舊融合。 通過將設計植根於當地的美學和物質文化中,希望看到大理村找到一條可持續的道路,以尊重和珍視過去。


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