Architects: Lambert Lénak
Area: 2990 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Simone Bossi
Contracting Authority:Paris Habitat
Acquirer:Philanthropic society
Structural Engineer:Evp
Mechanical Engineer:Betem
Quantity Surveyor:Vepeas
Project Manager :Pierre Charny-Brunet
General Contractor:Leon Gros
Building Control :Groupe Bati Plus Consultants
Health & Safety Coordinator:Groupe BTP Consultants
Fire Safety Coordinator:Groupe Casso & Associés
Scmc:IM Projet
Decontamination Consultant:Letourneur Conseil
Social Inclusion Consultant:Face Paris
Clean Work Site Consultant:QCS Services

攝影:Simone Bossi
項目經理:Pierre Charny-Brunet
總承包商:Leon Gros
建築控制:Groupe Bati Plus顧問
健康與安全協調員:Groupe BTP顧問
消防安全協調員:Groupe Casso&Associés
SCMC:IM Projet
去污顧問:Letourneur Conseil
社會融合顧問:Face Paris

The Paul Meurice home for disabled adults poses the question of the balance between mastering intimacy and opening to the outside world. We respond carefully through spaces that can be widely appropriated and a variety of architectural situations.

保羅·莫里斯(Paul Meurice)的殘疾人士之家提出了在掌握親密關係和對外開放之間取得平衡的問題。 我們通過可廣泛使用的空間和各種建築環境來認真回應。

We have imagined a south-facing, stepped building that allows light into the inner courtyard and whose volumes stretch out, recede, and produce sliding variations in the grid of staggered windows. The facades open generously out towards the city, through large domestic windows for the apartments, and large urban windows for the common areas. The generosity of the spaces relies upon the legibility and continuity of the common areas. The successive tiers of the building, induced by its stepped volume, were designed as “open-air rooms”: terraces surrounded by facades so that residents can enjoy outdoor spaces without the risk of falling. The final level opens onto a vast, panoramic collective terrace.

我們曾設想過一個朝南的階梯式建築,它允許光線進入內部庭院,並且其體積伸展,後退並在交錯的窗戶網格中產生滑動變化。 外牆通過公寓的大型家用窗戶和公共區域的大型城市窗戶向城市開放。 寬敞的空間取決於公共區域的可讀性和連續性。 由於建築物的階梯狀空間,建築物的連續幾層被設計為“露天房間”:被立面圍繞的露台,使居民可以享受室外空間而不會跌倒。 最後一層通向廣闊的全景集體露台。

The building is organized around two circulation cores, the primary core is situated in the north and a secondary, in the south. This functional arrangement responds as much to a need for flexibility of use as to security constraints. A large entrance hall and the day reception centre are located on the ground floor, with access to the garden, while the first floor hosts a restaurant, rooms for activities offered to residents, and spaces dedicated to administration.

該建築圍繞兩個循環核心進行組織,主要核心位於北部,次要核心位於南部。 該功能佈置對安全靈活性方面的使用靈活性的需求做出了盡可能多的響應。 大型入口大廳和日間接待中心位於底樓,可通往花園,而一樓則設有餐廳,為居民提供活動的房間以及專門用於管理的空間。

The accommodation units form groups of two levels situated on the second and third floors and on the fourth and fifth floors. No apartment is mono-oriented north and the services are installed back-to-back with the adjoining building to the North-East. The structure is load-bearing between the facade and the circulation cores, which facilitates the modification of interior divisions. A large elevator, like a moving room, connects the entire program by opening onto a living room on each floor.

住宿單元在第二層和第三層以及第四層和第五層形成兩個級別的組。 沒有公寓是面向北方的公寓,並且服務與相鄰的建築背靠背安裝在東北。 該結構在立面和環流芯之間承受承重,這有利於內部分隔的修改。 大型電梯(例如活動室)通過通向每一層的客廳來連接整個程序。

The choice of materials contributes to the domestic atmosphere desired for the centre. The building envelope, consisting of an externally insulated concrete wall lined with solid bricks, is particularly efficient and robust. The aluminium windows offer resistant materiality and an anodized colour in harmony with the grey brick. Glazed guardrails integrated into the window frames allow for the incorporation of external textile blinds guided over the entire window height. An interior sheer curtain completes the window design.

材料的選擇有助於中心獲得所需的家庭氛圍。 建築圍護結構由外牆隔熱的混凝土牆和實心磚組成,特別有效且堅固。 鋁窗提供了堅固的材料和陽極氧化的顏色,與灰色磚塊相得益彰。 集成在窗戶框架中的玻璃護欄允許結合在整個窗戶高度上引導的外部紡織百葉窗。 內部透明窗簾完善了窗戶的設計。


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