Architects: Anupama Kundoo Architects
Area: 268 m²
Year: 2018
Photographs: Javier Callejas
Architect In Charge:Anupama Kundoo
Design Team:Anupama Kundoo Architects

建築師:Anupama Kundoo建築師
照片:哈維爾·卡列哈斯(Javier Callejas)
負責建築師:Anupama Kundoo
設計團隊:Anupama Kundoo Architects

Set in a residential area of rapidly urbanizing Pondicherry, the new library building is realized as a social infrastructure facilitated through the social organization Nandalal Sewa Samithi.

這座新圖書館大樓位於快速城市化的本地治里市的居民區,是通過社會組織Nandalal Sewa Samithi促進的社會基礎設施。

Affordability being a key consideration, the library is a construction built in locally made, exposed bricks, which would stand out as an institutional building in the context of the plastered and painted masonry construction of the surrounding houses and apartment buildings.


The roof profile represents the ‘open book’, as do the screening elements conceived in ferrocement technology symbolizing constant progress through knowledge. The orthogonal walls on the upper floor lean outwards towards the top like a crown, as the building aims to serve the community and invest in its empowerment by encouraging reading and learning.

屋頂輪廓代表了“打開的書”,而鐵氧體技術中構想的篩選元素也代表著知識的不斷進步。 上層的正交牆像樹冠一樣向外傾斜,朝向頂部,因為該建築旨在通過鼓勵閱讀和學習來服務社區並增強其能力。

As land is limited by the residential plot sizes, the terrace upstairs is designed to compensate for this by providing the necessary open space for contemplation and informal outdoor events. The inclusiveness of this facility is demonstrated by the inclusion of Braille books for the visually impaired. This particular feature is reflected architecturally in the way a Braille typeface is integrated into the building elements to create porous patterns in the brickwork, screens and ceiling.

由於土地受到住宅用地規模的限制,樓上的露台旨在通過提供必要的開放空間來進行沉思和非正式的戶外活動來彌補這一不足。 該設施的包容性通過為視障者提供盲文書籍得以體現。 通過將盲文字體集成到建築元素中以在磚砌體,屏風和天花板中創建多孔圖案的方式,在建築上體現了這一特殊功能。

Light patterns in the form of Braille texts leave their imprint on the interior spaces so that those who can see are visually aware of the language of those who cannot see, and thus increase their sensitivity to the differently abled.



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