Architects: Gendai Sekkei
Area: 250 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Joaquín Mosquera
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, AD WORLD, VORWERK, Adobe, Jw-CAD, Kooge, TAJIMA ROOFING, TOHO-LEO
Architect In Charge:Seiki Murashige
Design Team:Gendai Sekkei Company Limited

建築師:Gendai Sekkei
製造商:AutoDesk,AD WORLD,VORWERK,Adobe,Jw-CAD,Kooge,田島屋頂,TOHO-LEO
設計團隊:Gendai Sekkei Company Limited

It is an office building for “Holdings”, which is controlled by a logistics company based in the city of Mitaka, west of Tokyo. The site facing the metropolitan highway runs north to south, and after being divided in consideration of its actual use in the future, it will be phased out and the apartments will be expanded in stages according to the first phase plan.

它是“控股”的辦公樓,由東京西部三鷹市的一家物流公司控制。 面向大都會高速公路的場地從北向南延伸,考慮到將來的實際用途將其劃分後,將根據第一階段計劃逐步淘汰該公寓,並逐步擴建公寓。

Holdings is a system that spans a variety of companies, so the architecture, which is the face of the company, is expected to be not uniform but multifaceted. At the time of planning, we thought a building that embodied the certainty of work and the rigorous rules of a company originating in the logistics and transportation industries would be appropriate.

持股是一個涵蓋各種公司的系統,因此,作為公司面貌的體系結構將不是統一的,而是多方面的。 在計劃時,我們認為一棟體現工作確定性的建築以及一家起源於物流和運輸行業的公司的嚴格規則將是合適的。

Due to the nature of the building, it is not advisable to bury it in the environment, but it is not desirable for its existence to be too prominent. Therefore, in order to satisfy such conditions as privacy and openness, consideration for noise and vibrations, avoid the inaccessible environment of the outside and make the building intimate, each of the four turns of the building has different characters.

由於建築物的性質,建議不要將其掩埋在環境中,但過於突出其存在並不可取。 因此,為了滿足私密性和開放性,考慮噪音和振動等條件,避免外部無法進入的環境並使建築物變得親密,建築物的四匝分別具有不同的特徵。

On the north side, which is highly visible from the outside, the openings and walls are repeated regularly, and on the east side, the openings and walls are repeated with different spans in anticipation of a long elevation plan at the time of expansion. In both cases, the folded plate-shaped outer wall is brought into the interior as is. On the south and west sides, planters and sliding windows will appear depending on the adjacent houses and apartments.

在北側(從外部高度可見),定期重複開口和牆壁,而在東側,則預期擴建時的長高規劃,以不同的跨度重複開口和牆壁。 在這兩種情況下,折疊的板狀外壁都直接進入內部。 在南側和西側,取決於相鄰的房屋和公寓,將出現花槽和推拉窗。

Based on the requirement to install solar power generation equipment on 3 floors plus ceiling with absolute height restrictions, we kept the floor height as low as possible and pushed equipment and wiring pipes, which tend to be dark, to the ceiling. The ceiling height of each floor was set to be slightly low at 2,300mm. However, the full-height windows, which are alternately arranged with the folded-plate-shaped walls, allow the line of sight to pass in a vertical direction, and the interior has moderate privacy and a large expanse without feeling low or cramped.

根據在三層加天花板上安裝太陽能發電設備的要求,並限制了絕對高度,我們將地板的高度保持在最低水平,並將深色的設備和電線管推到天花板上。 每個樓層的天花板高度設置為略低,為2,300mm。 然而,全高的窗戶與折疊的板狀壁交替佈置,使得視線可以在垂直方向上通過,並且內部具有適度的私密性和廣闊的空間,而不會感到低矮或狹窄。

With a simple but powerful stance, the appearance of the architecture changed a lot with the installation of furniture, our goal being to build a building that could stand the test of time as the home of a company that is deeply rooted in the region.



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