Architects: Mei architects and planners
Area: 23000 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Marc Goodwin | Archmospheres
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Forster, Adobe, HCI Betonindustrie, KONE, Reynaers, Rometa, Schellekens, Smits Gemert, Stairway trappen, Trahecon, Trimble Navigation
Design Team:Robert Winkel , Robert Platje , Michiel van Loon , Ruben Aalbersberg , Sean Bos , King Chaichana, Kasia Ephraim , Johan van Es , Danijel Gavranovic , Jan Hoogervorst , Rutger Kuipers , Arjan Kunst , Daam van der Leij , Ruben van der Plas , Riemer Postma , Rob Reintjes , Ed de Rooij , Adriaan Smidt , Lore van de Venne , Roy Wijte , Menno van der Woude , Reinoud van der Zijde
Client:Heijmans Vastgoed
Contractor:Heijmans Woningbouw
Steelstructure:CSM Steelstructures
Installation Consultant:Techniplan adviseurs
Building Physics Consultant:LBP | Sight
Fire Consultant:LBP | Sight
Historical Research:Suzanne Fischer
Wind Research:Windsafe
Country:The Netherlands

照片:馬克·古德溫| 大氣圈
製造商:AutoDesk,Forster,Adobe,HCI Betonindustrie,KONE,Reynaers,Rometa,Schellekens,Smits Gemert,樓梯疏水閥,Trahecon,Trimble Navigation
設計團隊:羅伯特·溫克爾(Robert Winkel),羅伯特·普拉特(Robert Platje),米歇爾·範·盧恩(Michiel van Loon),魯本·阿爾伯斯貝格(Ruben Aalbersberg),肖恩·博斯(Sean Bos),國王恰恰那,卡西婭·埃法賴姆(Johan van Es),丹尼爾·加夫拉諾維奇(Danijel Gavranovic),揚·胡格沃斯特(Ranger Kuipers) ,裡默·波斯特瑪(Riemer Postma),羅布·雷廷斯(Rob Reintjes),埃德·羅伊(Ed de Rooij),阿德里安·史密特(Lord van de Venne),羅伊·維特(Roy Wijte),門諾·范德·伍德(Menno van der Woude),雷諾·范德·齊德
客戶:Heijmans Vastgoed
承包商:Heijmans Woningbouw
建築物理顧問:LBP | 視線
消防顧問:LBP | 視線
歷史研究:蘇珊·菲舍爾(Suzanne Fischer)

With almost 45000m2 of mixed-use space and a unique steel structure built through the existing monumental warehouse, Rotterdam gained a bold and iconic building: Fenix I.


History. The former so-called San Francisco warehouse, built in 1922 for the Holland America Line, was heavily damaged between 1940 and 1950 and restored into two buildings: Fenix I and Fenix II. In the 1980s port activities moved westward and the warehouses fell into disuse. In 2007, the city of Rotterdam committed to the restructuring of the Katendrecht district. Over time Katendrecht transformed from a disadvantaged area into a trendy and most popular district, with numerous culinary, creative, and cultural enterprises, where Fenix I forms a great example.

歷史。 以前所謂的舊金山倉庫,於1922年為荷蘭美洲線而建,在1940年至1950年間遭到嚴重破壞,並恢復為兩棟建築:Fenix I和Fenix II。 在1980年代,港口活動向西移動,倉庫被廢棄。 2007年,鹿特丹市致力於改組Katendrecht區。 隨著時間的流逝,卡滕德雷赫特(Katendrecht)從處境不利的地區轉變為時尚和最受歡迎的地區,擁有眾多的烹飪,創意和文化企業,Fenix I就是一個很好的例子。

Design. The design of Fenix I consists of three main parts. First, it comprises the existing warehouse – 140m long and 40m deep, with 2 floors with 6 meters free height – that has largely been redeveloped and renovated for mixed-use.

設計。 Fenix I的設計包括三個主要部分。 首先,它包括現有的倉庫-長140m,深40m,有2層樓高6米的自由高度-該倉庫在很大程度上已進行了重新開發和翻新,以供混合使用。

The residential volume on top, an enclosed building block executed as flexible concrete construction, supports an immense steel table structure, that is built right through the warehouse. It comprises 214 lofts, rental and privately owned, with a high degree of flexibility in size and layout and 2.5 meters deep outdoor spaces all around. An interlayer consisting of a gigantic spaceframe structure separates the existing warehouse and new volume above. This layer has a clear height of 4m to 6m and accommodates loft apartments adjacent to a large courtyard garden, which is characterized by light, greenery, and transparency, and forms a strong contrast with the industrial dockyard structures. It was a conscious decision to use a gallery to encourage social interaction and stimulate an inclusive community.

頂部的住宅區是一個封閉的構建塊,可作為靈活的混凝土結構執行,支撐著巨大的鋼製桌子結構,該結構直接在倉庫中建造。 它包括214個出租和私人擁有的閣樓,在大小和佈局上都具有高度的靈活性,周圍遍布2.5米深的戶外空間。 由巨大的空間框架結構組成的中間層將現有倉庫和上方的新卷分開。 該層的淨高度為4m至6m,可容納閣樓公寓,該公寓與大型庭院花園相鄰,該庭院花園具有採光,綠色和透明性,與工業船塢結構形成強烈對比。 使用畫廊來鼓勵社交互動和激發包容性社區是一個有意識的決定。

Fenix passage. The gallery on the inside of the building block connects to a public passageway on street level, that runs through the heart of the original warehouse, connecting the city side with the quay. The different time-layers and dynamics of Fenix become visible and tangible through the many sightlines that bring the various functions together. Unique construction The technical challenge of Fenix I is most evident in its construction. By placing an immense one-kiloton steel table construction through the existing warehouse and giving it a separate foundation, the monumental warehouse could be largely preserved. The new building on top is technically kept separate from the warehouse.

菲尼克斯通道。 建築物內部的畫廊連接到街道一級的公共通道,該通道穿過原始倉庫的中心,將城市與碼頭相連。 通過將各種功能整合在一起的許多視線,Fenix的不同時間層和動態變得清晰可見。 獨特的結構Fenix I的技術挑戰在其結構中最為明顯。 通過在現有的倉庫中放置一個巨大的一千噸的鋼製桌子結構,並為其提供單獨的基礎,可以在很大程度上保留該巨大的倉庫。 從技術上講,頂層的新建築物與倉庫分開存放。

Sustainability. Sustainability is an integral part of Fenix I, starting with maximum reuse of the existing building. Fenix I has been optimized in terms of circularity and biodiversity by means of a future-proof adaptable building structure, roof gardens, vertical green courtyard facades, rainwater harvesting, high-performance solar control glazing, and high-efficient heat recovery and heat and cold storage.

可持續發展 可持續性是Fenix I不可或缺的一部分,從最大程度地利用現有建築物開始。 Fenix I通過適應未來發展的適應性建築結構,屋頂花園,垂直的綠色庭院外牆,雨水收集,高性能的日光控制玻璃以及高效的熱回收和熱冷技術,在圓形性和生物多樣性方面進行了優化 存儲。

Community. The distinctive architecture, as well as the exceptional residential product offered by Fenix I, attracts residents and users with a similar mindset. Shortly after completion, Fenix I shows to contribute to social interaction and solidarity of the neighbourhood and to be the home to an inclusive and caring community.

社區。 Fenix I提供的獨特建築以及出色的住宅產品吸引了具有相似思維方式的居民和用戶。 竣工後不久,Fenix I表現出了對社區互動和社區團結的貢獻,並成為了一個包容和關愛社區的家。


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