Area: 320 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Minjie Wang
Architect In Charge:Jie Jiang
Design Team:Chuchu Pan


The Shuangliu cement plant where the case is located in Zhuantang Town, Xihu District in Hangzhou. In the 1970s, it was the most important building materials Industrial Zone in the suburbs of Hangzhou. Machinery roared and flourished for a time, until it was closed down in 1999. The factory is abandoned, while the factory buildings stand in the flood of the times, and space survives as the witness and recorder of time. Now another 20 years later, the Shuangliu cement plant has been transformed into a cultural and creative artistic Park, and the production activities are renewed in a new way.

案例所在的雙流水泥廠位於杭州市西湖區轉塘鎮。 1970年代,它是杭州郊區最重要的建材工業區。 機械一度轟轟轟轟地繁榮發展,直到1999年被關閉。工廠被廢棄,而廠房卻屹立於時代的洪流中,空間作為時間的見證者和記錄者得以生存。 再過了20年,雙流水泥廠已轉變為文化創意藝術園區,生產活動也以嶄新的方式進行了更新。

The site of the project is the clinker storage area of the original Shuangliu cement plant. Four huge cylinder structures are arranged in one line to form the main body of the building, and the internal interconnection is connected. The brand new storefront of buyer brand Evan buyer is here to use the language of architecture and design to describe its own style label and fashion attitude. ​The architectural renovation and interior design were completed by Jiang Jie’s interior design studio. The meeting of old buildings and new fashion brings inspiration to the designer; the breakthrough point of design is to retain the natural imprint to the greatest extent, integrate into the contemporary minimalist design aesthetics, and trigger interesting dialogues across time and space. Just as good food materials only need to adopt the most simple cooking methods, place yourself in the rich connotation of the building, just the right interior design, can present delicious food.

該項目的地點是原雙流水泥廠的熟料存儲區。 一條直線上排列著四個巨大的圓柱結構,以形成建築物的主體,並且內部互連連接在一起。 買方品牌Evan買方的全新店面在這裡使用建築和設計語言來描述其自己的風格標籤和時尚態度。 “建築翻新和室內設計由姜潔的室內設計工作室完成。 舊建築與新時尚的交融為設計師帶來靈感; 設計的突破點是最大程度地保留自然的烙印,融入當代極簡主義設計美學,並引發跨時空的有趣對話。 就像優質的食物材料只需要採用最簡單的烹飪方法一樣,將自己置於建築物的豐富內涵中,只有正確的室內設計,才能呈現出美味的食物。

1. Due to the special architectural properties, the storefront space area is large and long strip, while the product category and quantity of buyer’s shop are various. The designer strives to create a coherent and rhythmic space atmosphere. By placing three boxes in four cylindrical spaces, the space is divided into three parts. The designer makes use of the original door opening of the facade, and uses one as the main entrance of the store, while the other three become the floor window. Four small windows of high-rise buildings should form a common rhythm.

1.由於具有特殊的建築特性,店面空間面積大且條形長,而買方商店的產品類別和數量卻多種多樣。 設計師努力營造一種連貫而有節奏的空間氛圍。 通過在四個圓柱空間中放置三個盒子,該空間被分為三個部分。 設計師使用了立面的原始門開口,並使用其中一個作為商店的正門,而其他三個則用作了落地窗。 高層建築的四個小窗戶應形成共同的節奏。

2. Entrance and details of facade
Floor to ceiling windows provide plenty of natural light and are also used as windows to display the seasonal recommendations of the store. The flat screen of window stickers is in contrast with the products. The unified stainless steel corrugated board floating eaves is in contrast to the original cement texture of the building, which first brings visual impact to the arriving visitors and makes curiosity attract people into the store.

落地窗提供充足的自然光線,也可用作展示商店季節性建議的窗戶。 窗戶貼紙的平面屏幕與產品形成鮮明對比。 統一的不銹鋼波紋板浮簷與建築物的原始水泥質地形成對比,這首先為到達的訪客帶來視覺衝擊,並引起好奇心吸引人們進入商店。

3. Circular shelves to the entrance
Based on the original building structure, the office area is parallel to the entrance of the store. The designer disposes floating circular arc-shaped laminates at the entrance. The interior is a functional block which takes into account the fitting room / live room. The material is made of light-emitting film on the top surface and a complete mirror reflection. The inner barrel space enhances the sense of depth. At the same time, the whole block hides the entrance of the office area behind it.

根據原始建築結構,辦公區域與商店的入口平行。 設計者在入口處佈置了漂浮的圓弧形層壓板。 內部是考慮試衣間/客廳的功能塊。 該材料由頂面上的發光膜製成,並具有完全的鏡面反射。 內部槍管空間增強了深度感。 同時,整個街區都將其後面的辦公區的入口隱藏起來。

In addition to being used as a partition, the moving line after entering the store is divided into two parts by taking the laminate as the symmetry axis. The arc path also brings more interest to the space and creates a multi angle scene to show the core products for the brand.The circular arc shape of laminate should be generated by spatial form. In the perfect integration at the same time to leave a gap, to maintain spatial connectivity, create relaxation degree, a sense of breathing space. After entering the store, the bar area is on the right. The designer uses the simplest stainless steel square block to divide the space into two and separate the passageway leading to the bathroom. To the left is the clothing / Footwear display area. The designer uses the staircase between the two cylinders as a continuous space experience.

除了用作分隔物以外,進入商店後的移動線還以層壓板為對稱軸分為兩部分。 弧形路徑也給空間帶來了更多的興趣,並創建了一個多角度的場景來展示品牌的核心產品。層壓板的圓弧形狀應通過空間形式生成。 在完美融合的同時留出空隙,保持空間的連通性,創造鬆弛度,呼吸空間感。 進入商店後,酒吧區在右側。 設計師使用最簡單的不銹鋼方形塊將空間分成兩部分,並分隔通向浴室的通道。 左邊是服裝/鞋類展示區。 設計師使用兩個圓柱之間的樓梯作為連續的空間體驗。

4. Stairs Showcase
The same dialogue continues throughout the space. Enter the clothing / Footwear display area on the left, and the space makes the product the main character. The floor type clothes hanger is placed in a more casual and loose way with the exhibition stand. Between the two cylinders on the left, a huge stair crossing stand divides the space and establishes a new connection. The height difference of the staircase platform blocks part of the customer’s sight, stimulates more curiosity and exploration desire, and drains the cold area farthest from the entrance. The rich visual feeling formed by the high and low staggering also ensures the sense of hierarchy and interest of the space on the long-distance moving line. A large area of mirror is added to the booth to cover the fire hydrant and meet the fitting needs and extend the space. When people walk on the exhibition stand, it will unlock a new perspective of the observation space.

整個空間繼續進行相同的對話。 輸入左側的服裝/鞋類顯示區域,該空格使產品成為主要角色。 落地式衣架與展位的擺放方式更為隨意和寬鬆。 在左側的兩個圓柱之間,一個巨大的樓梯交叉架分隔了空間並建立了新的連接。 樓梯平台的高度差會阻擋部分顧客的視線,激發更多的好奇心和探索慾望,並排走距離入口最遠的寒冷區域。 高低錯開形成的豐富視覺感也確保了長距離移動線上空間的層次感和趣味性。 展位上增加了大面積的鏡子,以覆蓋消防栓並滿足裝配需求並擴大空間。 當人們在展位上行走時,它將為觀察空間帶來新的視角。


The dialogue between delicacy and coarseness, contemporary texture and original texture.


6. Material
After removing the painting surface layer, the original wall of the building presents the original blank state, and the unique texture is the imprint of the times. In this context, stainless steel and mirror materials inject strong contrast.

去除油漆表面層後,建築物的原始牆壁呈現原始的空白狀態,並且獨特的紋理是時代的烙印。 在這種情況下,不銹鋼和鏡面材料形成強烈的對比。

Evenbuyer on social media
After its opening, Evenbuyer has become a new fashion clock out landmark in Hangzhou. Forty years ago, the cement plant provided raw materials for urban construction. Forty years later, the “clinker space” has become the vanguard and fashion stronghold of the city. With the transformation from industry to culture, architecture has gained its unique significance in the path of urban advancement. In the hands of designers, round and square, rough and delicate, original texture and modern materials, minimalist design language and current fashion items all constitute interesting intertextuality and response to “meaning”, and finally converge into this relaxed and rhythmic space.

開業後,Evenbuyer成為杭州時尚界的新地標。 四十年前,水泥廠為城市建設提供了原材料。 四十年後,“熟料空間”已成為這座城市的先鋒和時尚據點。 隨著工業向文化的轉變,建築在城市發展的道路上已具有獨特的意義。 在設計師的手中,圓形和方形,粗糙和細膩,原始紋理和現代材料,極簡主義的設計語言和當前的時尚元素構成有趣的互文性和對“含義”的回應,並最終融合到這個輕鬆而有節奏的空間中。


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