Architects: DaeWha Kang Design
Year: 2015
Photographs: Kyungsub Shin
Local Architect:Chowon Partners Kim, Deuk Yong
Sustainability Consultant:Younha Rhee
Innovation Benchmarking:Michal Wojtkiewicz
Site Area:320 sqm
Built Area:157 sqm
Gross Floor Area:960 sqm
Client Representative / Project Manager:Lee, Young Hee
Client:Communique, Ltd (CEO – Jackie Myung Shin).
Country:South Korea

本地建築師:Chowon Partners Kim,Deuk Yong
可持續發展顧問:Younha Rhee
創新基準測試:Michal Wojtkiewicz
客戶:Communique,Ltd(首席執行官-Jackie Myung Shin)。

DaeWha Kang Design has undertaken a full recladding and gut renovation of a 1980’s era office building, bringing the building envelope up to today’s environmental standards and creating a bold visual statement within an old and run-down neighbourhood. A formerly neglected car park under the building overhang has been transformed into a crystalline space of tessellated stainless steel, filled with light and a bold play of reflections. The new Communique Headquarters in Yongsan, Seoul will house a public relations firm of fifty staff, as well as an indoor-outdoor ground floor cafe and rooftop event space intended to breathe new life into the surrounding area.

大和港設計事務所對1980年代的辦公大樓進行了全面的圍護和內臟翻新,使建築物的圍護結構達到了當今的環境標準,並在破舊不堪的社區中營造出醒目的視覺效果。 建築物懸垂下方的一個以前被忽視的停車場已經變成了鑲嵌不銹鋼的晶體空間,充滿了光線和大膽的反射。 位於首爾龍山的新公報總部將設有一個由五十名員工組成的公共關係公司,以及一個室內外地下咖啡廳和屋頂活動空間,旨在為周圍地區注入新的活力。

The challenge of the outdoor cafe design was to create a welcoming and memorable place in spite of the low clearance of the existing undercroft and local regulations that required maintaining the deep overhang. A solution of cladding the ceiling in mirrored stainless steel panels doubles the perceived height of the space, while an existing central column provides a sculptural focal point. Cutting edge design and fabrication technology was used to provide a sound construction logic to the expressive forms, and the folding of panels and the gradation of their size are all driven by the demands of geometric curvature and economy of material.

儘管現有的地下耕地和地方法規要求保持較高的懸垂空間,但露天咖啡館設計的挑戰是創造一個宜人且令人難忘的地方。 在鏡面不銹鋼面板上覆蓋天花板的解決方案使空間的感知高度增加了一倍,而現有的中央立柱則提供了雕塑的焦點。 尖端的設計和製造技術用於為表達形式提供合理的構造邏輯,面板的折疊和尺寸的大小均受幾何曲率和材料經濟性的要求所驅動。

The same distorted grid generates the granite panelisation of the primary facade. In this case, flat granite panels reduce in size towards the most visible part of the building, but also provide a dynamic array that has a strong environmental rationale. As the west facade wraps to the long north facade, the distortion creates ribbon windows of different heights, with less glazing at the top to minimise glare effects on the interior, and more glazing towards the bottom to provide daylighting where it is most needed. Algorithmic design was used to create secondary subdivision grids within the granite pattern, easing material sourcing and installation, and greatly saving costs.

相同的扭曲網格生成主立面的花崗岩面板。 在這種情況下,扁平花崗岩面板的尺寸朝向建築物的最明顯部分減小,但也提供了具有強烈環境原理的動態陣列。 當西立面環繞到北立面時,變形會形成不同高度的帶狀窗戶,頂部的玻璃較少,以最大程度地減少內部的眩光影響,底部的玻璃較多,從而在最需要的地方提供採光。 算法設計用於在花崗岩圖案內創建輔助細分網格,從而簡化了材料採購和安裝過程,並大大節省了成本。

The interior concept is organised around the principle of improving employee well-being and productivity through design. While working within the constraints of an existing structure, the layout provides both traditional meeting rooms and single-person phone-booth style meeting rooms to help employees manage noise disruptions and sensitive phone calls. Creative collaboration spaces allow for informal working and meeting within the main working area as well.

內部概念圍繞通過設計提高員工福祉和生產力的原則進行組織。 在現有結構的限制內工作時,該佈局同時提供傳統會議室和單人電話亭式會議室,以幫助員工管理噪聲干擾和敏感電話。 創意協作空間還允許在主要工作區域內進行非正式工作和開會。

Recent academic research has linked improvements in employee health and well-being with access to views of living nature within the workspace. The storage systems of the office spaces are all integrated with Spathiphyllum lilies, proven by NASA scientists to clear the air of five of the most common gaseous indoor toxins. This integrated approach to biophilia makes the living plants a part of the space, and also creates some small areas for rest and contemplation within the busy working day. Air quality is further enhanced by removing the previously existing dropped ceiling to increase total air volume in the space. Computational fluid dynamic simulations were used to orient the window opening directions in a way that creates a subtle yet dynamic circular flow of fresh air through the offices. The architect and client worked together to do comparative air quality studies as well as statistical analysis of employee absenteeism in the previous and new offices.

最近的學術研究已經將員工健康和福祉的改善與在工作空間中獲得生活自然景觀的機會聯繫在一起。 辦公室空間的存儲系統全部與西番蓮百合整合在一起,這已被NASA科學家證明可以清除空氣中最常見的五種室內毒素。 這種生物親和性的綜合方法使有生命的植物成為空間的一部分,並且在繁忙的工作日內還創建了一些小區域供人們休息和沈思。 通過移除先前存在的吊頂來增加空間中的總風量,從而進一步提高空氣質量。 計算流體動力學模擬用於確定窗戶的打開方向,以產生穿過辦公室的微妙而動態的新鮮空氣循環流。 建築師和客戶共同努力進行空氣質量比較研究,並對以前和新辦公室的員工缺勤情況進行統計分析。

The café glazing on the ground floor is designed for maximum engagement with the outside. Floor to ceiling glass faces the main street, while bi-fold doors open directly out onto the sheltered terrace under the mirrored overhang. The basement houses a multi-function space that can be used by employees for meetings, overflow visitors to the cafe, and hired to local small businesses who need sporadic or temporary meeting spaces. The roof terrace is designed with a subtle nod to the Korean hoerang courtyard typology, with a meditative perambulatory wooden deck surrounding a central court paved in gravel.

一樓的咖啡廳玻璃窗設計為最大程度地與外界互動。 落地玻璃面向主要街道,而折疊門則直接通向鏡面懸垂下方的遮蔽露台。 地下室設有一個多功能空間,員工可以使用它來開會,溢出咖啡館的訪客,以及僱用需要臨時或臨時會議空間的本地小型企業。 屋頂露台的設計巧妙地表達了韓國郎院子的類型,並在四周舖有礫石的中央庭院周圍環繞著沉思的可移動木製甲板。

Communique Headquarters has been awarded the Korean Ministry of Land Renovation Award for best adaptive reuse project in Korea, 2015, and also the 2015 It Awards Korea for Environmental Design.



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