Architecture firm Farrells has overhauled a 19th-century building in London’s Belgravia neighbourhood to create a shopping and dining destination that spotlights both Japanese and Nordic craft.

The Pantechnicon building was originally built in 1830 as an arts and crafts centre, before becoming a warehouse where the affluent locals of Belgravia could store their excess belongings.

Now, following five years of renovation works, it contains shops, cafes, bars and restaurants that all, in some way, reflect Japanese and Nordic culture.




The renovation saw Farrells dramatically expand Pantechnicon by adding a three-storey rear extension and enlarging its basement.

Clad in glazed white bricks, the extension is stepped in form and is punctuated by large crittal-style windows that wink at the building’s past as a warehouse.



Care was taken to preserve Pantechnicon’s grandiose facade, which features a series of towering columns. The building also kept its original name – “pan” stems from the Greek term for “all”, and “techne” loosely translates to “arts and crafts” or the act of making.

“Our designs have carefully restored the building and celebrated its heritage, whilst enhancing its interiors for modern-day use,” said Russ Hamilton, design partner at Farrells.

精心維護了Pantechnicon宏偉的外牆,該外牆具有一系列高聳的圓柱。 該建築還保留了其原始名稱-“ pan”源自希臘語中的“ all”一詞,而“ techne”則鬆散地翻譯為“工藝品”或製作行為。

Farrells的設計合夥人Russ Hamilton說:“我們的設計精心修復了這座建築,並傳承了它的傳統,同時改善了其內部裝飾以供現代使用。”

The ground floor of Pantechnicon showcases what’s referred to as The Edit, a curated selection of products from Japanese or Nordic brands. This includes design objects from Tokyo-based studio Nendo, jewellery by Norweigan designer Tom Wood and footwear from Danish label Erik Schedin.

Pieces are presented on wooden counters that have small leafy trees rising up through their centre, while lantern-like lights hang directly overhead.

Pantechnicon的底層展示了所謂的The Edit,這是精選的日本或北歐品牌產品。 其中包括來自東京工作室Nendo的設計對象,Norweigan設計師Tom Wood的珠寶和丹麥品牌Erik Schedin的鞋類。


Should visitors get peckish, they can grab a coffee and snacks at Pantechnicon’s in-house branch of Cafe Kitsuné, which was design by London studio DEIK. It comes as part of a chain of cafes presided over by Kitsuné, a French-Japanese music and fashion label.

As evening falls there’s additionally the option of Sakaya, also by DEIK, which offers an extensive menu of whiskies, sake and umeshu – a sweet Japanese liqueur made by soaking ume plums in liquor and sugar.

如果遊客感到啄食,他們可以在Pantechnicon由倫敦工作室DEIK設計的CafeKitsuné內部分店品嚐咖啡和小吃。 它是由法國和日本音樂和時尚品牌Kitsuné主持的一系列咖啡館的一部分。


More products will be displayed on Pantechnicon’s first floor in another retail area called The Studio. This level of the store, however, is overall meant to be more immersive, where visitors can get to know more of Japanese and Nordic culture through workshops and pop-up dining experiences.

At the time of opening, there was a 20-cover eatery called Sachi, which served up dishes made from typical Japanese market ingredients. A permanent iteration of Sachi will open in Pantechnicon’s basement in 2021.

更多產品將在Pantechnicon另一間名為The Studio的零售區的二樓展示。 但是,總體而言,這家商店的水準是更高的沉浸感,在這裡游客可以通過研討會和彈出式用餐體驗來了解更多日本和北歐文化。

開業時,有一家名為Sachi的20層小餐館,供應採用日本典型市場食材製成的菜餚。 Sachi的永久版本將於2021年在Pantechnicon的地下室開放。

On the store’s second floor is another restaurant called Eldr, or “fire” in Old Norse. Its diverse menu borrows from the cuisines of the 10 different countries that make up the Nordic region.

A further dining venue headed up by Finnish chef Joni Ketonen occupies a light-filled, greenhouse-style structure on Pantechnicon’s rooftop, which Farrells added during the renovation.

在商店的二樓是另一家名為Eldr的餐廳,在Old Norse中是“ fire”。 其多樣化的菜單借鑒了組成北歐地區的10個不同國家/地區的美食。

由芬蘭廚師喬尼·科托寧(Joni Ketonen)率領的另一個就餐場所位於Pantechnicon屋頂上輕盈的溫室式結構中,法雷爾(Farrells)在裝修時添加了該結構。

Farrells has been established for over 50 years and works between offices in London, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Other recent projects by the firm include the creation of six interconnected skyscrapers in Shenzhen.

Farrells已成立50多年,在倫敦,香港和上海的辦事處之間工作。 該公司最近的其他項目包括在深圳創建六個相互連接的摩天大樓。



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