Architects: Zanderroth Architekten
Area: 57606 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Simon Menges
Architects Team :Sascha Zander, Christian Roth, Anne Muller-Reitz, Tony Rhiem, Katrin Schubert, Kerstin Herzinger, Sofie Vaasen, Sabrina Schreiber, Sven Syndicus, Henning Wiethaus
Project Development :SmartHoming GmbH, Berlin
Project Development Team :Sascha Zander, Claudia Schlüter, Laura Dietsch, Milena Kalojanov, Irina Pelmegow, Kirka Fietzek, Christine Nußbaum
Client :UBM Development Deutschland GmbH
Structural & Building Services Engineer :Seidl & Partner Gesamtplanung GmbH
Landscape Architecture :KUULA Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin
Plantings :GKR Hydro GmbH, München

建築師:Zanderroth Architekten
照片:西蒙·門格斯(Simon Menges)
建築師團隊:Sascha Zander,Christian Roth,Anne Muller-Reitz,Tony Rhiem,Katrin Schubert,Kerstin Herzinger,Sofie Vaasen,Sabrina Schreiber,Sven Syndicus,Henning Wiethaus
項目開發:SmartHoming GmbH,柏林
項目開發團隊:Sascha Zander,ClaudiaSchlüter,Laura Dietsch,Milena Kalojanov,Irina Pelmegow,Kirka Fietzek,ChristineNußbaum
客戶:UBM Development Deutschland GmbH
結構與建築服務工程師:Seidl&Partner Gesamtplanung GmbH
種植面積:GKR Hydro GmbH,慕尼黑

That’s what it means to live in “old” South Pankow, directly on the border of Prenzlauer Berg. The area around Vinetastrasse from Thulestrasse to Wisbyer Strasse has developed considerably in recent years, today forming a mixture of modern buildings and buildings from the Gründerzeit, Berlin’s “founding era”. Most of the buildings are perimeter block developments, surrounded by a historic stock of trees.

這就是住在普倫茨勞貝格(Prenzlauer Berg)邊界的“古老”南潘科(South Pankow)的意思。 近年來,從Thulestrasse到Wisbyer Strasse的Vinetastrasse周圍地區有了長足發展,如今已形成現代建築和柏林“建國時代”的Gründerzeit建築的混合物。 大多數建築是周邊街區的發展,周圍環繞著歷史悠久的樹木。

The “Thulekiez” is a calm, relaxing neighbourhood, which nevertheless offers considerable opportunities for creative design. The “th62” project was built on a former commercial site within the residential area, and adds six new free-standing structures to Thulestrasse that, in their unusual arrangement, create new relationships to the surroundings and offer new qualities of open space. The ensemble’s confident presence in its urban environment lends it a strong identity, while simultaneously engaging in a dialogue with its environment.

“ Thulekiez”是一個安靜而放鬆的社區,儘管如此,它仍為創意設計提供了大量機會。 “ th62”項目建在住宅區以前的商業用地上,並在Thulestrasse上增加了六個新的獨立式結構,它們以不尋常的佈置與周圍環境建立了新的關係,並提供了新的開放空間品質。 樂團在城市環境中充滿自信的存在使它具有強烈的個性,同時又與周圍的環境進行對話。

Urban Concept and Architecture. The 17,000-square-meter property was developed beginning in 2011 until the granting of planning permission by the Berlin-based project development group SmartHoming GmbH and the architecture firm zanderrotharchitekten to be an ensemble of six identical residential buildings. In 2017, UBM Development Deutschland GmbH acquired the property and completed the project according to the plans by zanderrotharchitekten.

城市概念和建築。 這座佔地17,000平方米的物業於2011年開始開發,直到獲得柏林項目開發集團SmartHoming GmbH和建築公司zanderrotharchitekten的規劃許可後,該建築才由六棟相同的住宅建築組成。 2017年,UBM Development Deutschland GmbH收購了該物業並按照zanderrotharchitekten的計劃完成了該項目。

The six free-standing structures are located in a park-like, car-free, 11,000-square-meter urban landscape that opens up to the sky in all directions. Thanks to their offset positioning, the buildings enjoy optimal lighting conditions and a flowing transition between gardens and living spaces. Floor-to-ceiling wooden windows create an unusual relationship between the light-filled apartments and the urban landscape surrounding the buildings. A connection is formed between the environment and the apartment buildings, between public and private space. Inside and outside intermesh to form a single space.

六個獨立式建築位於公園式,無車,11,000平方米的城市景觀中,全方位向天空敞開。 得益於它們的偏移位置,這些建築物享有最佳的照明條件,並在花園和起居空間之間流暢地過渡。 落地木窗在光線明亮的公寓和建築物周圍的城市景觀之間創造了一種不尋常的關係。 環境與公寓樓之間,公共與私人空間之間形成連接。 內部和外部相互嚙合,形成一個單一的空間。

A sizable garden surrounds the buildings, and one accesses the buildings from inside the property. In the outdoor spaces, carefully designed recreation areas and children’s playgrounds are an invitation to linger. The sense of openness that reigns is an inviting and unifying alternative to the dense Gründerzeit neighbourhood beyond, to the closed-off gaps of the classic Berlin block. Here, the residential buildings are integrated into the landscape.

建築物環繞著一個相當大的花園,一個人可以從酒店內部進入建築物。 在室外空間中,精心設計的休閒區和兒童遊樂場令人流連忘返。 充滿開放感的是一種誘人而統一的選擇,可以替代密集的Gründerzeit鄰里,以及經典柏林街區的封閉差距。 在這裡,住宅建築融入了景觀。

The residential ensemble is characterized by its “vertical gardens,” which lend the buildings a highly unusual atmosphere. The open wooden facade behind the gardens, structured with outcroppings and recesses and constructed from thermo-pine, allows a maximum amount of light to penetrate inside while creating a high degree of privacy for the individual living units. The recesses form spacious balconies, and a total of 2,460 large green planters are integrated into the roof surfaces and terraces that encircle the buildings.

住宅群的特點是其“垂直花園”,使建築物具有非同尋常的氛圍。 花園後面的開放式木質立面由露頭和凹口構成,並由熱松樹製成,可讓最大量的光線穿透內部,同時為各個居住單元提供高度的私密性。 凹槽形成寬敞的陽台,總共2460個大型綠色花壇被集成到環繞建築物的屋頂表面和露台中。

This creates private, vertical gardens in the middle of the city, which improve the micro-climate of the apartments and balconies. Each building is accessed via a spacious atrium with natural light from above and an open staircase. The buildings each have 66 different living units with varying floor plans, from 1.5-room apartments with 43 square meters of living space, to penthouse apartments with 209 square meters. The ample floor plans can be combined flexibly in a modular fashion to create apartments with up to 5 rooms. The buildings thus allow for both small units suitable for singles and seniors, and large units suitable for families (once combined).

這在城市中心創建了私人的垂直花園,從而改善了公寓和陽台的微氣候。 每棟建築都可通過寬敞的中庭進入,從上方可以欣賞到自然光線,並設有開放式樓梯。 這些建築物分別具有66個不同的居住單元,具有不同的平面圖,從1.5居室的公寓(佔地43平方米)到頂層公寓(佔209平方米)。 充足的平面圖可以模塊化方式靈活組合,以創建最多5個房間的公寓。 因此,建築物既可以容納適合單身人士和老人的小單位,也可以容納適合家庭的大型單位(一次合併)。

All six buildings can be reached from the underground garage, which has 221 parking spaces and 792 bicycle spaces, arranged in a two-story bicycle parking system. The buildings are connected to the district heating network and meet the KfW 55 energy standard in accordance with EnEV 2016.

可以從地下車庫進入所有六座建築物,地下車庫有221個停車位和792個自行車位,並採用兩層自行車停車位。 這些建築物已連接到區域供熱網絡,並符合EnEV 2016的KfW 55能源標準。


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