Architects: Sommet
Area: 2170 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Cristobal Palma / Estudio Palma
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Lumion, Knauf, Kholer, S.C.A, Trimble Navigation, VASA
Lead Architects:Sebastian Fernandez de Cordova, Malena Herbas, Mariano Donoso, Erika Peinado
Design Team:Diego Frias Salazar
Structural Engineering:Fernando Aragon
Hydrosanitary:Federico Ferrufino
Electrical:Reynaldo Cabrera
Landscape:Maria Ines Saavedra
City:Santa Cruz de la Sierra

攝影:克里斯托瓦爾·帕爾瑪(Cristobal Palma)/ Estudio Palma
製造商:AutoDesk,Lumion,Knauf,Kholer,S.C.A,Trimble Navigation,VASA
首席建築師:塞巴斯蒂安·費爾南德斯·科爾多瓦(Sebastian Fernandez de Cordova),Malena Herbas,Mariano Donoso,Erika Peinado
設計團隊:Diego Frias Salazar
水力衛生:費德里科·費魯菲諾(Federico Ferrufino)
電氣:雷納爾多·卡布雷拉(Reynaldo Cabrera)
景觀:Maria Ines Saavedra

Quartier Equipetrol is located in a strategic point of the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia, where the largest number of business hubs, a wide variety of services, recreation points, and security are located. It is, today, the area of the city with the highest added value. The Quartier Equipetrol concept is based on the idea of achieving a residential building for young professionals who seek to combine the amenities offered by the area with the best spatial quality that can exist in small spaces at affordable prices. The building consists of 15 levels, 5 of which are in the base of the tower where the technical rooms, parking and 2-bedroom apartments are located.

Quartier Equipetrol位於玻利維亞的Santa Cruz de la Sierra市的戰略要地,這裡是數量最多的商業中心,各種各樣的服務,娛樂點和安全設施所在。 今天,它是城市中增加值最高的區域。 Quartier Equipetrol概念的基礎是為年輕的專業人員建造一棟住宅樓,這些專業人員尋求將該地區提供的設施與最好的空間質量相結合,以較小的價格提供價格合理的小型空間。 該建築包括15層,其中5層位於塔的底部,技術室,停車場和2臥室公寓位於該塔的底部。

The other 10 levels are in the tower where vertical circulations connect to 2 1-bedroom apartments of 46m2 each. The geometric composition on the façade starts from planes that rise from the floor separating the tower from the base. The verticality of the tower is highlighted by two of these planes containing a volume full of apartments. On the tower we can find two voids that divide the volume, where the social amenities are located. The apartments in the front and rear façade are covered by a modular skin of vertical and horizontal parasols that are repeated on each level. The wide areas of transparent windows are in equilibrium with the parasol modules, providing the maximum use of natural light while protecting the apartments from overexposure to sunlight. Parasols thus help reduce the costs of cooling and the greenhouse effect within the apartment.

其他10層位於塔樓中,垂直循環連接到2個每間46平方米的1臥室公寓。 外立面的幾何構圖始於從將塔與底座分隔開的地板升起的平面。 塔樓的垂直度由其中兩座包含大量公寓的飛機突出顯示。 在塔上,我們可以找到兩個將社交設施劃分為空間的空隙。 前後立面上的公寓都被垂直和水平遮陽傘的模塊化外皮覆蓋,並在每一層上重複使用。 透明窗戶的寬闊區域與陽傘模塊保持平衡,可最大程度地利用自然光,同時還可以防止公寓過度暴露在陽光下。 因此,陽傘有助於降低製冷成本和公寓內的溫室效應。

The apartments are resolved in a rectangular plan. The windows are located on the longest side of the rectangle, thus creating well-lit interior spaces with great visuals of the city, regardless of the user’s physical location within the apartment. The combination of both façade elements, windows and parasols provides an interior display of light and shadow during the winter season, and views of city scenery framed by the multiple large windows as if resembling artistic paintings. The use of materials such as concrete, wood, metal and glass make the building acquire a sober character and a lasting life.

公寓以矩形平面圖解析。 窗戶位於矩形的最長邊上,因此無論用戶在公寓中的實際位置如何,都可以創建光線充足的室內空間,並享有城市的絕佳視覺效果。 立面元素,窗戶和陽傘的結合在冬季提供了光與影的室內顯示,並由多個大窗戶框起的城市風光彷彿是藝術品。 使用混凝土,木材,金屬和玻璃等材料使建築物具有清醒的特性和持久的使用壽命。


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