Architects: Leopold Banchini Architects
Photographs: Dylan Perrenoud
Engineer:Marc Walgenwitz, INGENI
Construction Manager:Christian Giussoni

建築師:Leopold Banchini建築師
攝影:迪倫·佩倫努(Dylan Perrenoud)
工程師:INGENI的Marc Walgenwitz
施工經理:Christian Giussoni

CasaCCFF is a domestic factory floating above an untouched garden. Mimicking the surrounding industrial shed roofs, the large open volume is filled with sunlight. The views of the exterior are carefully framed to create a brightly lit intimacy in this highly urban environment.

CasaCCFF是一家國內工廠,漂浮在未受污染的花園上方。 模仿周圍的工業棚頂,很大的開放空間充滿了陽光。 在這種高度城市化的環境中,精心設計了外部景觀,以營造明亮的親密氛圍。

On the first floor, two interior gardens divide the living spaces and bring nature to the heart of the house. Overlaying transparencies blur the boundaries between interior and exterior. Under the suspended volume, a generous covered space allows for outdoor living and parking. Each architectural element placed in the square plan is specifically designed for the simple house.

在二樓,兩個室內花園分隔了起居空間,將自然帶入了房屋的中心。 重疊的透明膠片模糊了內部和外部之間的邊界。 在懸浮空間下,寬敞的遮蓋空間可用於戶外居住和停車。 放置在方形平面圖中的每個建築元素都是專門為簡單房屋設計的。

Casa CCFF is an eco-friendly urban house overlooking Geneva’s industrial train station. Using economical materials and prefabrication reduces the construction costs to the minimum. Developed with engineer Marc Walgenwitz, the house is built almost entirely in wood, pushing the structural capacities of this natural material to its limits and reducing the use of concrete to a bare minimum.

Casa CCFF是一座環保城市住宅,俯瞰日內瓦的工業火車站。 使用經濟的材料和預製件可將建築成本降至最低。 由工程師馬克·沃爾根維茨(Marc Walgenwitz)開發的房屋幾乎完全用木頭建造,從而將這種天然材料的結構能力推到了極限,並將混凝土的使用量降至最低。

Achieving high insulation values and maximising solar gain, a small heat pump allows avoiding the use of fossil fuels. Assembled in a few days by local carpenters, the small house proposes an alternative to the archetype of swiss concrete houses often lying on heavy foundations.

小型熱泵可實現較高的絕緣值並最大程度地提高太陽能吸收率,從而避免使用化石燃料。 由當地木匠在幾天內組裝而成的小房子提出了一種替代通常位於厚重基礎上的瑞士混凝土房屋原型的方案。


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