Architects: Arquitectura en Estudio
Area: 6996 ft²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Llano Fotografía
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Maderas Pineda, Trimble Navigation
Lead Architects:Camilo Garavito, Carlos Núñez, Natalia Heredia
Design Team:Kevin Perdomo, Daniel Diaz, Paula Mendez, Laura Barroso, Juan Felipe Diaz

建築師:Arquitectura en Estudio
製造商:AutoDesk,Maderas Pineda,Trimble Navigation
首席建築師:Camilo Garavito,CarlosNúñez,Natalia Heredia
設計團隊:Kevin Perdomo,Daniel Diaz,Paula Mendez,Laura Barroso,Juan Felipe Diaz

The site is located in the outskirts of Villeta, in the middle of a countryside urbanization, benefiting from an extraordinary view over the surrounding landscape. In the middle of the mountain, its topography is very abrupt, especially in the upper side of the site where the view is most impressive. The design choses this area to place the building, capturing the best view and facing the challenge of the strong inclination.

該地點位於維耶塔(Villeta)郊區,處於鄉村城市化進程的中間,得益於周圍景觀的非凡視野。 在山的中央,其地形非常陡峭,尤其是在景色最令人印象深刻的景點的上側。 設計人員選擇該區域來放置建築物,以獲取最佳視野並面對強烈傾斜的挑戰。

The construction is composed by platforms that adapt to the existing topography. The uppermost volume houses the main spaces (social areas, services and master bedroom). This way, during its most frequent use, the house feels like a comfortable one story construction.

該結構由適應現有地形的平台組成。 最上層是主要空間(社交區域,服務和主臥室)。 這樣,在最頻繁使用的過程中,房子就像一個舒適的單層建築。

One level below, separated from the main volume, another one appears to house the guest bedrooms. Floating above the mountain, this abstract box shows its clean and simple geometry towards the entrance, becoming the main façade of the house. By separating and stepping these volumes the house allows all the inhabitable spaces to enjoy an uninterrupted view of their surroundings.

在下面一層,與主要空間分開,另一層似乎可以容納客人的臥室。 這個抽象的盒子漂浮在山上,朝入口處展現出其簡潔的幾何形狀,成為房屋的主要立面。 通過將這些空間分開併步進,房屋使所有可居住的空間都能一覽無餘地欣賞周圍的環境。

Circulation through the house happens through a series of stairs-patios, which create a constant relation between inside spaces, the view and the surrounding nature. The entrance patio, at the bottom level, is a dry space that offers a double height open to the sky. At the middle level, the patio has a more dense vegetation and a subtle presence of water, while the upper level is structured around patios that can be flooded, which break the mass of the house and cap the ascent from the driest to the most humid.

貫穿整個房屋的流通是通過一系列樓梯通道發生的,這些樓梯通道在內部空間,景觀和周圍自然之間建立了恆定的關係。 底層的入口露台是一個乾燥的空間,向天空開放了兩倍的高度。 在中層,天井的植被更加茂密,水流微妙,而高層圍繞著可被洪水淹沒的天井,這破壞了房屋的質量,並限制了從最乾燥到最潮濕的上升 。

Materials were chosen looking for durability and easy maintenance, due to the house not being permanently inhabited. Ochre tinted concrete built by using a timber formwork offers texture and coziness to the spaces. All the floors were built in natural sandstone, unifying the aesthetic of the house and making it comfortable for walking barefoot. The façade is composed by mobile panels in teak wood screens, which allow the house to close up completely when not in use and open up towards the view when inhabited.

由於房屋不是永久居住的,因此選擇了耐久耐用且易於維護的材料。 使用木材模板建造的茶色混凝土可以為空間提供質感和舒適感。 所有的地板都是用天然砂岩建造的,統一了房屋的美感,使其赤腳行走更舒適。 外牆由柚木屏風中的活動面板組成,這使房屋在不使用時可以完全關閉,而在有人居住時可以朝著視野打開。

The Project relies on passive strategies to save energy. Deep overhangs protect inner spaces from rain and sun, keeping them fresh and comfortable. Green roofs blend the house with its surroundings, providing thermal insulation and reinforcing the relationship between the house and the mountain around it.

該項目依靠被動策略來節省能源。 深厚的懸垂物保護內部空間免受雨淋和日曬,使它們保持新鮮舒適。 綠色屋頂使房屋與周圍環境融為一體,提供隔熱效果,並增強了房屋與周圍山脈之間的關係。

Deep overhangs patios and porous facades allow the project to rely 100% on natural ventilation and no air cooling. Construction materials, such as concrete, stone and renewably sourced timber, as well as construction labor, were sourced locally.

深深的懸挑天井和多孔的外牆使該項目100%依靠自然通風,沒有空氣冷卻。 建築材料(例如混凝土,石材和可再生來源的木材)以及建築工人均在當地採購。


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