Local studio Fabián M Escalante H Arquitectos has designed a steel-clad holiday home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, which wraps around existing trees to fit in with the surrounding area.

Fabián M Escalante H Arquitectos created the retreat for a client who owned a large plot of land with a dam and wanted a building that wouldn’t disturb the environment around it.

當地工作室FabiánM Escalante H Arquitectos在墨西哥的聖米格爾德阿連德設計了一個鋼木度假屋,它環繞著現有的樹木,以適合周圍地區。

FabiánM Escalante H Arquitectos為擁有大壩土地並希望建造一幢不會干擾周圍環境的客戶的客戶創建了隱居之所。

“The most important requirement was to keep, completely, all trees in the plot,” studio founder Fabián Marcelo Escalante Hernández told Dezeen.

“Therefore, the first approach to the project was to know perfectly the site and the exact position of the vegetation.”

工作室創始人法比安·馬塞洛·埃斯卡蘭特·埃爾南德斯(FabiánMarcelo EscalanteHernández)告訴Dezeen:“最重要的要求是完全保留該地塊上的所有樹木。”


The resulting building in Guanajuato, Mexico was thus built around the trees and designed as a place for rest and social activities.

It has two entrances, with a footbridge leading to the house from the east and a large terrace providing space for socialising to the west. A separate building holds horse stables.


它有兩個入口,一條人行天橋從東面通向房屋,還有一個大露台,可向西提供社交場所。 一棟單獨的建築內裝有馬stable。

The terrace also functions as an entrance hall and has a grill and food preparation area, while the main gabled volume in the house, which is built above the water, houses the family room, dining room and a double-height bar.

“We wanted to create a subtle intervention in the landscape, but at the same time a space for multiple activities,” Escalante said.

“The entire public programme allows us to experiment with the space,” the architect added. “The bar space was hierarchizing through a double-height, that’s the gabled steel volume.”



建築師補充說:“整個公共程序使我們可以試驗空間。” “酒吧空間是通過雙倍高度分層的,這是山牆鋼的體積。”

The studio designed the inclined planes of the gabled roofs to have views of the treetops, and their form also references the local architecture in the rural part of Mexico where the Rancho Sierra Allende is located.

“This shape allowed us to play with two transversely intersected triangles, the largest symbolically embracing the void outside, leaving a tree in an indoor/outdoor game and the second triangle embraces the interior space,” Escalante explained.

A tree stretches through the larger triangle, which is partly open to the outside.

該工作室設計了山牆屋頂的傾斜平面,以欣賞樹梢的景色,其形式還參考了蘭喬·塞拉·阿連德(Rancho Sierra Allende)所在的墨西哥農村地區的本地建築。



Fabián M Escalante H Arquitectos created both indoor- and outdoors activity spaces. “The terrace is kind of floating above ground,” Escalante said. “This avoids inundations in the raining season and allows the inhabitants to fish in the dam from the terrace.”

The lower part of the terrace rests on concrete piles, while the upper is built on steel columns.

FabiánM Escalante H Arquitectos創造了室內和室外活動空間。 埃斯卡蘭特說:“露台有點像浮在地面上。” “這避免了雨季的洪水氾濫,並使居民能夠從梯田的大壩中釣魚。”


Rancho Sierra Allende was constructed from a combination of steel elements and wooden beams, and the studio worked with materials from the region, including wood, clay and basalt, for the project.

Its striking rust-coloured steel exterior was a request from the client, who wanted a low-maintenance material and originally asked for Corten steel for the facade.

蘭喬·塞拉·阿連德(Rancho Sierra Allende)由鋼元素和木樑組合而成,工作室使用了該地區的材料,包括木材,粘土和玄武岩。


“Budget was an impediment to achieve the use of this material,” Escalante said. “Therefore, we had to choose to use cold-rolled black steel sheets. The cold rolling increases the strength and hardness of steel and decreases its ductility.”

As the building process and time aged the house, the exterior, which was finished with a sealer, achieved the reddish hue it has today.

埃斯卡蘭特說:“預算是實現這種材料使用的障礙。” “因此,我們不得不選擇使用冷軋黑鋼板。冷軋會增加強度和硬度,並降低其延展性。”


Fabián M Escalante H Arquitectos also designed the house to take advantage of natural resources. It reuses rainwater for toilets, sinks and showers, while wastewater is treated through a biodigester and used to irrigate garden areas.

The rainwater is harvested on the roof through perimeter channels, which lead to tubes hidden in the columns and further down to underground pits. Here, it is filtered and stored before being pumped and reused.

Other recent Mexican projects that blend the outside and inside include architecture studio Palma’s design for a holiday house with a circular opening and Casa RA, where each bedroom opens onto a patio.

Fabián M Escalante H Arquitectos was founded by Fabián Marcelo Escalante Hernández in 2009 as E | Arquitectos and has been known under its current name since 2018. The studio is based in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Photography is by Jorge Succar.

FabiánM Escalante H Arquitectos還設計了這座房子,以利用自然資源。 它可將雨水重新用於衛生間,水槽和淋浴間,而廢水則通過生物消化器進行處理並用於灌溉花園。

雨水通過周邊通道收集在屋頂上,這導致管子藏在柱子中,並進一步向下進入地下坑。 在這裡,它在被泵送和重新使用之前被過濾和存儲。

墨西哥最近進行的其他將內部和外部融合的項目包括建築工作室Palma的帶圓形開口的度假屋設計和Casa RA,其中每間臥室都通向露台。

FabiánM Escalante H Arquitectos由FabiánMarcelo EscalanteHernández於2009年以E | Arquitectos,自2018年以來以當前名稱而聞名。該工作室位於墨西哥瓜納華托。

攝影是Jorge Succar。



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