Together with Cassion Castle Architects, London studio Pearson Lloyd has designed and retrofitted a Victorian workshop to house its own studio as well as workshops, meeting rooms and an exhibition space.

Yorkton Workshops is set on Yorkton Street in east London and comprises two distinct buildings – a warehouse structure next to a Victorian workshop – which the studios retrofitted to suit Pearson Lloyd’s vision of its headquarters.

倫敦工作室皮爾森·勞埃德(Pearson Lloyd)與Cassion Castle Architects公司一起設計並改造了維多利亞式工作室,以容納自己的工作室以及工作室,會議室和展覽空間。

約克頓工作室位於倫敦東部的約克頓街,由兩座不同的建築組成-維多利亞式工作室旁邊的倉庫結構-工作室進行了改造,以適應皮爾遜·勞埃德(Pearson Lloyd)對總部的願景。

The designers came to the decision after initially looking at constructing a new building for the site.

“Before commissioning Cassion Castle, we spent a year looking into the feasibility of building a new building on the site,” Pearson Lloyd co-founder Tom Lloyd said.


皮爾森·勞埃德(Pearson Lloyd)聯合創始人湯姆·勞埃德(Tom Lloyd)說:“在調試Cassion Castle之前,我們花了一年的時間研究在該地點建造新建築物的可行性。”

“However, we finally made the decision that we wanted to make the absolute most of the existing fabric of the building from both a sustainability point of view,” Lloyd added.

“Over the long term, the embedded energy within the existing fabric far outweighs any reduced efficiency in its thermal performance where we have not been able to upgrade its performance through insulating.”



When the studio acquired the 560-square-metres (6027-square-foot) Yorkton Workshops in 2017 it was “a mess,” it said, but it worked to keep much of the original design.

“Working with the existing fabric of the building, the ambition was to express the old and new in as honest a fashion as possible,” co-founder Luke Pearson added.

“We have left as much of the original fabric exposed as we can and wanted to maintain the sense that we are working in workshops, as this was the original function of the buildings.”

它說,當工作室在2017年收購了560平方米(6027平方英尺)的Yorkton Workshops時,真是一團糟,但它努力保留了大部分原始設計。

聯合創始人盧克·皮爾森(Luke Pearson)補充說:“與建築物的現有結構一起工作的目的是盡可能以誠實的方式表達新舊事物。”


Elements that were kept from the external envelope were updated, including the concrete ground-bearing floor slabs, and new roofs were added. A large industrial-steel staircase now welcomes guests into the entrance area.

“The environmental impact of all design decisions was prioritised from the outset,” Cassion Castle Architects founder Cassion Castle told Dezeen.

從外部信封保留的元素進行了更新,包括混凝土地面樓板,並增加了新的屋頂。 大型工業鋼樓梯現在歡迎客人進入入口區。

Cassion Castle Architects創始人Cassion Castle對Dezeen說道:“從一開始就將所有設計決策對環境的影響放在首位。”

“This started with the early decision to retain as much of the existing structure as possible to reduce embodied carbon,” he added. “In addition a range of measures were employed in order to reduce the energy consumption in use including super-insulation and air-tightness, photovoltaics, and passive user comfort.”

“We also recycled many of the materials from the demolition back into the finished building.”

他補充說:“這始於早期決定,要保留盡可能多的現有結構,以減少含碳量。” “此外,還採取了一系列措施以減少使用中的能源消耗,包括超級絕緣和氣密性,光伏發電以及被動用戶舒適度。”


Yorkton Workshops had a number of constraints that Cassion Castle Architects, which was also the main contractor, worked around.

“In some cases the existing material was very uneven, but structurally sound and full of character, so we retained and worked with it, instead of just removing it for the sake of ease,” Castle said.

“As a company we often work as both architect and main contractor as we did on this project. This combined role enabled a more reactive ongoing design process whereby we would continually uncover something unexpected and re-detail around it.”

約克頓工作室(Yorkton Workshops)遇到了許多限制,也是主要承包商的Cassion Castle Architects都在工作。



The Victorian part of the building now houses meeting and events spaces, while the warehouse space holds workshops and studio space.

Pearson Lloyd wanted to retain a sense of being in a workshop and chose the materials for the project accordingly.


皮爾森·勞埃德(Pearson Lloyd)希望保持在車間的感覺,並據此選擇了該項目的材料。

“Key choices include the wood-fibre acoustic ceiling, the steel stair, the workshop floor (made from the same material as stage floors and haulage trucks) and the reclaimed and refinished pitch pine floor,” Pearson said.

“The orange staircase colour is drawn from the colours that tools and industrial equipment use to signal their function. Practical and universal and direct.”



Yorkton Workshops also contains an outdoor garden, a roof terrace that bridges the Victorian and warehouse wings, and a gallery space.

“We are very interested in the idea of an event space that we can use to engage with the wider community of East London whether creative, social or educational,” Lloyd said. “Hopefully this will emerge as a reality after Covid 19.”

Pearson Lloyd moved into the studio in September of this year and is currently occupying it at reduced density because of Covid-19. The studio’s recent work includes a tubular steel flat-pack chair for Danish brand Takt.

Cassion Castle Architects also worked with Tom Lloyd on a garden workshop that embraces “timber and craftmanship”.

Yorkton Workshops還包含一個室外花園,一個橋接維多利亞時代和倉庫的翅膀的屋頂露台以及一個畫廊空間。

勞埃德說:“我們對活動空間的想法非常感興趣,可以用來與更廣泛的東倫敦社區互動,無論是創意,社會還是教育意義。” “希望這將在Covid 19之後成為現實。”

皮爾森·勞埃德(Pearson Lloyd)於今年9月進入工作室,由於Covid-19,目前正在以較低的密度佔用它。 該工作室最近的工作包括為丹麥品牌Takt設計的管狀鋼製平躺椅。

Cassion Castle Architects還與Tom Lloyd在一個包含“木材和手工藝”的花園工作坊中合作。



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