Dominic McKenzie Architects has overhauled a Victorian house in north London, adding an extension with a zigzagging outline, bronze exterior and maple wood interior.

The Hampstead House project involved a complete renovation of the four-storey property, reconfiguring the existing interior to be more space-efficient, and replacing a previous extension at the rear to create a larger lounge and dining room.

多米尼克·麥肯齊建築師事務所(Dominic McKenzie Architects)對倫敦北部的維多利亞式房屋進行了大修,增加了帶有鋸齒形輪廓,青銅外觀和楓木內部的擴展。


Architect Dominic McKenzie and his team sought to restore the Victorian character of the main house in their design. At the same time, they wanted to create a modern extension with its own personality.

“With Hampstead House we wanted to try to create something more imaginative than you sometimes see with London house extensions,” McKenzie told Dezeen.

“We wanted to get away from the standard box-like extrusion to create more volumetrically interesting space, with an individual material character that brings a sense of quality.”

建築師多米尼克·麥肯齊(Dominic McKenzie)和他的團隊力求在設計中恢復主屋的維多利亞時代特色。 同時,他們希望創建具有自己個性的現代擴展。



The architects used a gable form that is common of houses in the area and used it to generate the zigzagging form of the extension’s roof. At one end, it creates a dramatic ceiling above the dining area, while the other end steps up to create a new first-floor office.

Externally this extension is clad in handmade bronze tiles, which are folded to create a pattern of tessellating triangles. The idea was to create a shape that matched the shape of the roof, and a colour that toned with the original brickwork.

建築師使用了該地區房屋常見的山牆形式,並將其用於生成擴展屋頂的鋸齒形形式。 一方面,它在就餐區上方創建了一個引人注目的天花板,而另一端則逐步創建了一個新的一樓辦公室。

在外部,此擴展部分覆蓋有手工製作的青銅磚,這些青銅磚被折疊以創建細分三角形的圖案。 這個想法是要創造一個與屋頂形狀相匹配的形狀,以及一種與原始磚砌相配的顏色。

“Using a metal meant the same material could be used for the walls and roof, allowing the extension to become a more abstracted sculptural object,” said McKenzie.

“We also liked the way bronze ages,” he continued. “We thought tonally the bronze would stay in keeping with the original building as it aged, whereas copper by contrast would gradually go green.”


他繼續說:“我們也喜歡青銅時代。” “我們認為,隨著時間的流逝,青銅會逐漸與原始建築保持一致,而相比之下,銅會逐漸變成綠色。”

With fully glazed walls, the new lounge and dining room could easily have felt cold and minimal, but the addition of maple wood panels on the walls and ceiling bring a sense of warmth to the space.

The extension is connected to the front of the house by a glass-roofed “garden passage”.



For the rest of the house, the architects worked closely alongside interior designer Suzy Hoodless to create a series of spaces that respect the heritage of the building, but are also suited to family life.

The clients – a family of four – see this house as their forever home, so they want it to be flexible for the future.

在房子的其餘部分,建築師與室內設計師Suzy Hoodless緊密合作,創造了一系列尊重建築物傳統但又適合家庭生活的空間。


One of the most important changes was to reinstate the original staircase at the centre of the house. The previous owners had relocated this to the rear, which made poor use of space.

The relocation of this staircase allowed the basement to be completely reorganised, allowing a bedroom to move to a space with better natural light. Meanwhile, the relocation of the office freed up space for an extra bedroom on the second floor.

最重要的變化之一是恢復了房屋中央的原始樓梯。 以前的所有者將其重新放置在後部,這使得空間使用率很低。

樓梯的重新定位使地下室得以完全重組,使臥室可以移動到自然採光更好的空間。 同時,辦公室的搬遷為二樓的一間額外的臥室騰出了空間。

Hoodless worked on interiors throughout the house, using a material palette that works with both the Victorian details and the contemporary additions.

In a small library, located off the main living room, walnut shelving and a fireplace made from Welsh slate offer a sense of quality. In the kitchen, she chose a grey marble, while the master bedroom is lined with travertine.


在主起居室旁的小型圖書館中,胡桃木擱板和用威爾士石板製成的壁爐營造出一種質感。 在廚房裡,她選擇了灰色大理石,而主臥室則襯有石灰華。

“We think the project is richer for the collaboration between architects and interior designers,” said McKenzie. “Suzy understands both modern and historic design and brings a well judged feeling for luxury.”

McKenzie founded his London-based studio in 2011. His other projects in the city include a tower-like house house extension in Islington and an office for a music management company.

Photography is by Will Pryce.

麥肯齊說:“我們認為該項目對於建築師和室內設計師之間的合作更加豐富。” “ Suzy既了解現代設計又了解歷史性設計,並為豪華帶來了公認的感覺。”


攝影是威爾·普賴斯(Will Pryce)創作的。



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