Architects: NatureHumaine
Area: 3100 ft²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Raphaël Thibodeau
Manufacturers: Atelier B, Benjamin Moore, Blu Bathworks, Ceragres, Longboard, Shalwin, Brick Belden, Lambert et fils

製造商:工作室B,本傑明·摩爾,藍光浴場,Ceragres,長板,Shalwin,Brick Belden,Lambert et fils

La Doyenne is a renovation and the expansion project of a Victorian house built in 1887, a few steps away from Square Saint-Louis in Montreal. In a high-density built environment characteristic of the Plateau Mont Royal, the main challenge to meet the desire of its new occupants was to design an extension in the back yard preserving their privacy from the side and rear buildings. The project’s singularity comes from the integration of multiple floor level variations. One enters the house through the living room, located half a level above the street, to reach the backyard, slightly recessed into the garden. This intervention aims to create a height offset in relation to the level of the neighboring terraces while reinforcing the verticality of the interior volumes.

La Doyenne是一棟始建於1887年的維多利亞式房屋的翻新和擴建項目,距離蒙特利爾的聖路易斯廣場僅幾步之遙。 在皇家山高地特有的高密度建築環境中,要滿足新居住者的需求,面臨的主要挑戰是在後院設計一個擴展部分,以保護側面和後方建築物的私密性。 該項目的獨特性來自多個樓層變化的集成。 一個人穿過位於街道上方半層的客廳進入房屋,到達後院,略微進入花園。 這種干預的目的是在增強內部空間的垂直度的同時,相對於相鄰梯田的高度創建高度偏移。

The proportions of the dining room and kitchen are then perceived as double height spaces. The exterior envelope of the house integrates several devices aimed at preserving the privacy of its occupants while allowing light to enter; the steel blades in front of the bedroom window as well as solid steel panels on the side windows reduce lateral views. Lastly, the skylights and stairwells let zenithal light into the heart of the house. Inside, the majestic staircase at the entrance to the house is preserved and restored. It remains the centerpiece of the house while creating a relationship with the new elements. Two staircases are added; the first one connects the living room to the dining room. The second, an helicoidal staircase leads to the roof terrace. Both are united by their imperial green tone inspired by the history of the building.

飯廳和廚房的比例於是被認為是兩倍高的空間。 房屋的外部圍護結構集成了多種設備,旨在保護住戶的私密性,同時允許光線進入。 臥室窗戶前的鋼刀片以及側窗上的實心鋼板減少了側面視野。 最後,天窗和樓梯間使天頂的光線進入房屋的中心。 在內部,保留並修復了房屋入口處雄偉的樓梯。 在與新元素建立聯繫的同時,它仍然是房屋的核心。 添加了兩個樓梯; 第一個將起居室連接到飯廳。 第二,螺旋樓梯通向屋頂露台。 兩者均受建築歷史的啟發,以其皇家綠色調相統一。

The palette of the project is composed of both noble materials such as the oak floors and wooden furniture characteristic of old bourgeois homes, and raw materials like the stainless-steel countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms. In this way, the Doyenne capitalizes on the density of its surroundings to unveil a project that is intimately integrated into its environment. Spread over 4 levels, its interior spatiality is a continuous space accentuating the interaction between the parts of the house.

該項目的調色板由貴重材料(例如橡木地板和資產階級房屋特有的木製家具)以及原材料(例如廚房和浴室的不銹鋼檯面)組成。 這樣,Doyenne充分利用了周圍的密度,推出了與環境緊密結合的項目。 它的空間分佈在4個層次上,是一個連續的空間,強調了房屋各部分之間的相互作用。


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