Architects: UAD
Area: 47800 m²
Photographs: Qiang Zhao
Manufacturers: 耀皮玻璃集团, 马克波罗, 鹦鹉
Architectural Design:Yidong Yang, Ruofeng Xu, Zaiguo Lin, Heng Zhang, Pengfei Zhang
Structural Design:Mingshan Zhang, Liang Xia, Quanbiao Xu
Mep Design:Zengrong Gong, Shaobing Dong, Yi Yang, Guozhong Yang, Zhengjie Huang, Haifeng Liu, Lilun Yu, Lei Wang
Curtain Wall Design:Fei Hang, Hao Yu
Interior Design:Yidong Yang, Ruofeng Xu, Zaiguo Lin, Jingwei Luo, Pengfei Zhang
Landscape Design:Jiming Xia
Lighting Design:Xin Yang


Jiashan is an eco-friendly and green development demonstration area in the Yangtze River Delta, a Top 100 Chinese county, as well as the only county-level scientific development demonstration area in China. Jiashan Museum & Library is a cultural complex, which is intended to offer local citizens a public cultural activity venue and to greatly enhance the cultural vitality of the county.

嘉善是長江三角洲的生態友好型綠色發展示範區,是中國百強縣,也是中國唯一的縣級科學發展示範區。 嘉善博物館圖書館是一個文化綜合體,旨在為當地市民提供一個公共文化活動場所,並極大地增強該縣的文化活力。

With a limited plot area, the project lacks space to accommodate a large-capacity outdoor public activity venue. The site is adjacent to an open urban landscape space, which is under planning but the construction has been postponed. Therefore, the architects had to explore and conceive architectural spaces within the plot. Based on site conditions, the architects took the open void at the middle as the core, and combined three architectural volumes around it to enclose a square for the crowd, which is also an outdoor extension of the foyers of the library and museum.

由於地塊面積有限,該項目缺乏容納大型戶外公共活動場所的空間。 該場地毗鄰正在規劃中的開放式城市景觀空間,但建設已被推遲。 因此,建築師必須探索和構思該地塊內的建築空間。 根據現場條件,建築師將中間的空曠空間作為核心,並結合周圍的三個建築空間,為人群圍成一個正方形,這也是圖書館和博物館門廳的室外延伸。

The square provides resting space for citizens, while also connecting the museum and library. Moreover, it serves diversified public activities such as outdoor exhibition, pop-up book market, etc., fully embodying the functions and image of an urban “knowledge hall and cultural living room”. The three building volumes are arranged at appropriate positions according to their respective functions. The museum is set at the southeast corner and near an intersection. It has a closed facade, which shows a clean, neat and iconic image.

廣場為市民提供了休息的空間,同時也連接了博物館和圖書館。 此外,它還服務於各種公共活動,如戶外展覽,彈出書市場等,充分體現了城市“知識大廳和文化客廳”的功能和形象。 根據其各自的功能,將三個建築體佈置在適當的位置。 博物館位於東南角,靠近十字路口。 它有一個封閉的門面,顯示出乾淨,整潔和標誌性的圖像。

The library sits on the north side and faces the river. It boasts ample daylighting on north and sides, and the museum isolates it from the noisy urban road. The building volume at southwest corner and close to the open urban landscape area accommodates shared ancillary facilities for the museum and library, including lecture hall, casual dining area, etc.

圖書館位於北面,面朝河。 它的北部和兩側都有充足的採光,並且博物館將其與嘈雜的城市道路隔離開來。 建築物位於西南角,靠近開放的城市景觀區域,可容納博物館和圖書館的共用輔助設施,包括演講廳,休閒用餐區等。

The design draws inspiration from local cultural context. Jiashan is located in the north of Zhejiang Province, and adjoins Shanghai and Jiangsu. It features a dense water network and developed shipping industry. In Ming and Qing dynasties, Jiashan was known as the “Country of a Thousand Kilns”, because the kiln industry in the county back then was prosperous and most of its bricks were produced for imperial palaces. The form of the square takes design cues from local brick kilns. It’s an abstract yet modern “brick kiln” space, which reflects a meaningful attempt to extend building boundaries. Meanwhile, it blurs the boundary between interior and outside, openness and privacy.

設計從當地文化背景中汲取靈感。 嘉善位於浙江省北部,毗鄰上海和江蘇。 它擁有密集的水網和發達的航運業。 在明清時期,嘉善被稱為“千窯之鄉”,因為當時該縣的窯業非常繁榮,其磚頭大部分是為皇宮生產的。 廣場的形式借鑒了當地磚窯的設計靈感。 它是一個抽象而又現代的“磚窯”空間,反映了擴展建築邊界的有意義嘗試。 同時,它模糊了內部和外部,開放性和隱私之間的界限。

The architecture has a smooth and simple appearance, which is complemented by large areas of flat and light-hued stone curtain walls and characterized by texture contrast. Inner facades draw on the stacked structures of brick kilns, and form brick-red curved surfaces. The strong contrast of external and inner facades implies the idea that the unexpected and spectacular is hidden in a plain shell. The whole architecture is like a natural jade that reveals brilliance after being cut open. It’s also like a city that collects culture and treasure, which echoes the design theme “Book Repository and Treasure Kiln”.

該建築具有光滑和簡單的外觀,並輔以大面積的平面和淺色石材幕牆,並具有質感對比。 內部立面借鑒磚窯的堆疊結構,並形成磚紅色曲面。 外立面和內立面的強烈對比暗示了意想不到的和壯觀的東西隱藏在一個簡單的外殼中的想法。 整個建築就像天然的玉石,被切開後展現出光彩。 它也像一個收集文化和寶藏的城市,呼應了設計主題“書庫和寶藏窯”。


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