Architects: Pierre Marsan
Area: 530 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Franck Brouillet
Manufacturers: Chouard
Architect In Charge:Pierre Marsan

建築師:Pierre Marsan
攝影:弗蘭克·布勞耶(Franck Brouillet)
負責建築師:Pierre Marsan

Why don’t seaside restaurants offer canned sardines on their menu when industrialization has made it possible to qualitatively optimize our food resources? Construction materials are also subject to qualitative constraints. The use of glued wood, in particular, makes it possible to use a bio-based material with optimized assembly qualities. Other construction choices are possible.

當工業化使從質上優化我們的食物資源成為可能時,為什麼海濱餐廳不在菜單上提供沙丁魚罐頭? 建築材料也受到質的限制。 特別地,使用膠合木材使得可以使用具有最佳組裝質量的生物基材料。 其他構造選擇是可能的。

One of the objectives of this project is to participate in the development of the timber industry, using local resources. This involves initiating a construction process using materials in a short circuit. From the diversity of species that make up the richness of our territory, we have chosen Pyrenean silver fir for the framework and Douglas wood for the cladding. To ensure the availability of materials, we met with stakeholders in the wood industry prior to construction upstream of its realization.

該項目的目標之一是利用當地資源參與木材工業的發展。 這涉及使用短路材料啟動施工過程。 從構成我們領土的豐富物種的多樣性中,我們選擇了比利牛斯山脈的冷杉木作為框架,並選擇了道格拉斯木作為覆層。 為了確保材料的可用性,我們在實現木材上游之前會見了木材行業的利益相關者。

We then optimized the construction system using solid wood pieces. The use of load-bearing points inside the building makes it possible to reduce the number of triangulated beams. To improve comfort, a transparent wall running from the framework to the cladding forming the skylight will protect the public from environmental changes. The green cover was generated by two roof sections, each diagonally covering one half of the building.

然後,我們使用實木片優化了建築系統。 在建築物內部使用承重點可以減少三角樑的數量。 為了提高舒適度,從框架到覆蓋層形成天窗的透明牆將保護公眾免受環境變化的影響。 綠色的覆蓋物是由兩個屋頂部分生成的,每個對角線覆蓋建築物的一半。

The cover extends into a canopy to protect the goods delivery areas. The volume is a parallelepiped whose north facade has been rotated to align with the road to Bayonne. As seen in aerial photographs from1935, there remain rural crossroads and two villas (one of which became the Town Hall and the other a municipal building) opposite a mall of plane trees. On the west side buildings form a gate in line with the national road. The market hall is located as close as possible to this road to create a second, eastern gateway in conjunction with the apartment building.

蓋子延伸到頂篷中以保護貨物運送區域。 該體積為平行六面體,其北立面已旋轉以與通往巴約訥的道路對齊。 從1935年的航拍照片中可以看出,仍然有鄉村十字路口和兩棟別墅(其中一棟變成了市政廳,另一棟是市政建築)與一棵梧桐樹相對。 在西側,建築物形成一條與國道一致的大門。 市場大廳盡可能靠近這條路,與公寓樓一起形成第二個東部門戶。


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