Architects: Wittman Estes
Area: 2021 ft²
Year: 2018
Photographs: Andrew Pogue
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Ikea, AGS Stainless Steel Railing, Frank Lumber the Door Store, Lindal, Saarinen, Thermory Decking, Trimble
Design Team:Matt Wittman, Jody Estes, Ashton Wesley
Structural Engineer:J Welch Engineering LLC
Builder:Jack Colgrove Construction
Country:United States

建築師:Wittman Estes
攝影:安德魯·波格(Andrew Pogue)
製造商:AutoDesk,宜家,AGS不銹鋼欄杆,Frank Lumber the Door Store,Lindal,Saarinen,Thermory Decking,Trimble
設計團隊:Matt Wittman,Jody Estes,Ashton Wesley
結構工程師:J Welch Engineering LLC

Aldo Beach House transforms a 1940s beach house into a new multi-generational home—doubling the livable area while lightly touching the delicate ecology of the waterfront. Two shifting wings hover over the hillside and beach supported by thin steel columns and pin piles. Located on the eastern shore of Hood Canal near the Bangor submarine base, the new beach house includes the original two-bedroom structure for an expanded program of two new bedrooms, two bathrooms, and flex space. The design consists of three distinct parts: the original footprint, and the two projecting wings: the first a south ground floor addition, and the second an upper-level master suite to the north.

阿爾多(Aldo)海濱別墅將1940年代的海濱別墅改造成一座新的多代房屋,使居住面積翻了一番,同時輕輕觸及了濱水區的精緻生態。 兩個移動翼盤旋在山坡和海灘上,由薄鋼柱和大頭針樁支撐。 這座新的海濱別墅位於班戈(Bangor)潛水艇基地附近的胡德運河(Hood Canal)東岸,包括原始的兩居室結構,用於擴展計劃,包括兩間新臥室,兩間浴室和靈活的空間。 設計包括三個不同的部分:原始的足跡和兩個突出的機翼:第一個是向南的底層,第二個是向北的高層主臥。

Solving the Regional Problem of Building on a Fragile Shoreline. The house represents a regional northwest problem of building on a fragile shoreline. “Due to the complex constraints of the shoreline exemption, we kept to the existing footprint, expanding the house only from the existing structure,” says Matt Wittman, Principal at Wittman Estes. “As a result, all new square footage is supported by compact pier foundations on pin piles.” Native plantings and drought tolerant species were brought in to mitigate site disturbance and increase the ecological function of the site.

解決脆弱海岸線上的區域性建築問題。 這棟房屋代表了西北地區在脆弱海岸線上建造房屋的問題。 Wittman Estes的負責人Matt Wittman說:“由於海岸線豁免的複雜限制,我們保持了現有的佔地面積,僅從現有結構擴展了房屋。” “因此,所有新的平方英尺都受到針樁上緊湊型墩台基礎的支持。” 引入本地種植和耐旱物種以減輕場地干擾並增強場地的生態功能。

The architects wanted the site preservation to extend beyond the footprint and into the materials of the building itself. Local cedar, quintessential to a northwest house, wears naturally with the wet and dry seasons. Stainless steel and concrete provide a maritime accent to the wood materials. Through the use of naturally weathering materials, the life of the building was extended while allowing ease of maintenance for the users.

建築師希望將場地保護擴展到佔地面積之外,並擴展到建築物本身的材料中。 雪松是西北房屋的典型代表,在乾燥和潮濕的季節自然穿著。 不銹鋼和混凝土為木材提供了海上口音。 通過使用自然風化材料,建築物的壽命得以延長,同時使用戶易於維護。

A Place for Relatives, Neighbors, and Friends. The clients, both grandparents, and retirees wanted a place of retreat and welcome. “Like many northwest families, that meant designing various indoor and outdoor spaces for their children, future grandchildren, neighbors, and friends,” says Wittman. The new wings of the house create a layering of community and privacy through guest bedrooms for friends, a bunk room and play area for kids, and an outdoor kitchen and deck for communal meals with neighbors. Two additions extend out of the original structure to meet this need – shaping shared spaces alongside rooms for reflection and privacy.

親戚,鄰居和朋友的地方。 客戶,包括祖父母和退休人員,都希望有一個靜修之所。 “就像許多西北家庭一樣,這意味著為他們的孩子,未來的孫子,鄰居和朋友設計各種室內和室外空間,”維特曼說。 房屋的新翼通過為朋友準備的客臥,為孩子提供的雙層房間和遊樂區,以及用於與鄰居共同用餐的室外廚房和甲板,為社區和隱私創造了層次感。 為了滿足此需求,從原始結構中擴展了兩個附加功能-在共享空間旁邊形成反射和隱私空間。

Two decks seamlessly elongate the use of the adjacent spaces for encouraging late-night conversations next to an outdoor kitchen. The original structure interplays throughout. Reclaimed pine flooring draws the Olympic forest to the interior. The existing brick chimneys blend into this palette, evoking timelessness and strength, representing the unique transformation of the house. The adaptive reuse of the Aldo Beach House sought a careful integration of the familiar with the modern, bringing the old and new together on the shoreline of Hood Canal.

兩個甲板無縫延伸了相鄰空間的使用,以鼓勵在戶外廚房旁進行深夜交談。 原始結構貫穿始終。 再生的松木地板將奧林匹克森林吸引到室內。 現有的磚砌煙囪融入了這個調色板,喚起了永恆和力量,代表了房屋的獨特改造。 阿爾多海濱別墅的適應性再利用尋求將熟悉的建築與現代建築進行仔細的融合,從而將新舊結合在胡德運河的海岸線上。


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