Architects: gmp
Area: 112795 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: CreatAR Images
Design :Meinhard von Gerkan and Stephan Schütz with Nicolas Pomränke
Competition Lead :Clemens Kampermann
Competition Team :Jan Peter Deml, Thomas Muncke, Dimitri Philippe, Burkhard Pick, Anastasiya Vitusevych, Thilo Zehme, Yin Zhang, Katarzyna Zaczek
Project Lead Detailed Design:Clemens Kampermann
Deputy Project Lead Detailed Design:Tobias Keyl
Detailed Design Team:Andreas Götze, He Duoshu, Astrid Jahncke, Karolina Korona, Xuda Liu, Giuseppe Malfona, Simone Matthey de L’Endroit, Andreas Maue, Pan Xin, Dimitri Philippe, Andrea Pisanu, Kristin Schoyerer, Tang Zihong, Alberto Vallejo, Zeng Yahan, Zhang Qiyi, Yin Zhang, Wei Zhilin
Project Management In China:Xu Ji, Qin Wei
Partner Practice In China:Guangzhou Design Institute
Landscape Architecture:Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten; Shenzhen LYF Landscape Scenery Design CO.
Lighting:Design Schlotfeldt Licht; GD-Lightingdesign

設計:Meinhard von Gerkan和StephanSchütz與NicolasPomränke
競賽負責人:Clemens Kampermann
競賽團隊:Jan Peter Deml,Thomas Muncke,Dimitri Philippe,Burkhard Pick,Anastasiya Vitusevych,Thilo Zehme,Yin Zhang,Katarzyna Zaczek
項目負責人詳細設計:Clemens Kampermann
副項目負責人詳細設計:Tobias Keyl
景觀建築:Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten;深圳市LYF景觀設計有限公司
照明:設計Schlotfeldt Licht; GD-Lightingdesign
國家:中國 is one of the three largest e-commerce corporations in China. The new headquarters of the continually growing corporation is located in the so-called Internet Innovation Zone of Guangzhou’s Pazhou District, an island in the Pearl River to the south-east of the city center. This area, which is connected to the Kanton Trade Exhibition precinct, has been specially designated as a new commercial and service area for internet companies, featuring also leisure facilities. In 2016, gmp had won the international competition and was then commissioned with the project.

vip.com是中國三大電子商務公司之一。 不斷成長的公司的新總部位於廣州琶洲區的所謂互聯網創新區,這是位於珠江三角洲市中心東南部的一個島嶼。 該區域與Kanton貿易展覽區相連,已被特別指定為互聯網公司的新商業和服務區,還提供休閒設施。 在2016年,gmp贏得了國際比賽,然後被委託進行該項目。’s company culture is characterized by dynamism and flat hierarchies. In terms of architecture, this calls for large flexible areas that can be used in a variety of ways and modified very quickly, thus allowing for different forms of office organization. Contrary to the urban design brief, which called for separate high-rise buildings on the three plots separated by roads, the gmp concept for the company headquarters was for a horizontally layered office landscape. A ten-story plinth connects all three building plots of the angular site, straddling the respective roads. On this basis, the overall volume and the arrangement of the vertical circulation systems were developed with the aim of creating a maximum of office spaces with attractive views across the river and city.

vip.com的公司文化具有活力和平坦的層次結構。 在體系結構方面,這需要較大的靈活區域,可以以多種方式使用這些區域并快速對其進行修改,從而允許使用不同形式的辦公組織。 與城市設計綱要相反,該綱要要求在被道路隔開的三個地塊上分別建造高層建築,公司總部的gmp概念是針對水平分層的辦公室景觀。 一個十層高的基座連接了角地的所有三個建築地塊,橫跨了各自的道路。 在此基礎上,開發了垂直循環系統的整體容量和佈置,目的是創造最大的辦公空間,並能欣賞整個河流和城市的美景。

The different functional areas of the building are visually layered, separated by vertical incisions and floors with special functions appearing as joints. The first of these incisions at the fourth building level marks the interface between external and internal functions. It serves as a meeting space for guests and employees and includes a conference center, exhibition areas, and gastronomic facilities. Wide staircases from a public platform in front of the building, facing the Pearl River, connect it to the riverbank as well as to the park to the east. The two slender towers, measuring 135.5 meters and 172.5 meters in height, rise from the building plinth and house more offices as well as the administration and the management.

建築物的不同功能區域在視覺上分層,由垂直切口和地板隔開,地板具有特殊功能,表現為關節。 這些切口中的第一個在第四層建築中,標誌著外部和內部功能之間的接口。 它充當來賓和員工的會議空間,並包括會議中心,展覽區和美食設施。 從大樓前的公共平檯面向珍珠河的寬大樓梯將其連接到河岸以及東部的公園。 兩座細長的塔樓高135.5米,高172.5米,從建築物的基座升起,並設有更多的辦公室以及行政管理部門。

The office zones for the different company teams are accommodated in the horizontal plinth building, featuring spacious floor areas which can be flexibly adapted to changing requirements. Natural ventilation at the workplaces is made possible via openable windows. Multistory foyers and large stairwells between the floors create a vertical link between the office areas and can also be used for lectures and multi-team conventions. Each office floor is equipped with kitchenettes, sleeping pods, a library, and fitness facilities as places for informal employee get-togethers. In their breaks and after work, employees and guests of can enjoy a view across the Pearl River from the large roof terrace on the plinth, which features an infinity pool, a basketball court, and a barbecue area exclusively for members of staff and guests.

不同公司團隊的辦公區域位於水平底座大樓中,其寬敞的地板區域可以靈活地適應不斷變化的需求。 可打開的窗戶使工作場所的自然通風成為可能。 樓層之間的多層休息室和寬敞的樓梯間在辦公區域之間建立了垂直的聯繫,也可用於演講和多團隊會議。 每個辦公樓層都配備小廚房,睡袋,圖書館和健身設施,作為非正式員工聚會的場所。 在休息和下班後,vip.com的員工和客人可以在底座上的大型屋頂露台上欣賞珠江美景,露台上設有無邊泳池,籃球場和專為員工提供的燒烤區 和客人。

The deliberately plain, horizontally-structured facades with floor-to-ceiling glazing give the office complex a unified appearance, which means that the headquarters can be recognized from afar and identified as the new address of the online corporation. The horizontal layering is emphasized at night when lighting strips integrated into the facade profiles light up the building.

特意設計的平整,水平結構的外牆和落地玻璃窗為辦公室綜合體提供了統一的外觀,這意味著可以從遠方識別總部並將其標識為vip.com在線公司的新地址。 晚上,當集成到立面輪廓中的照明條照亮建築物時,會強調水平分層。


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