Architecture studios B+H Architects, 3XN and Zhubo Design have revealed the design for a natural history museum that will be built in Shenzhen, China.

The three studios’ competition-winning project, which is entitled Delta, was designed to have a curved, flowing shape that resembles the flowing form of a river.

建築工作室B + H Architects,3XN和Zhubo Design透露了將在中國深圳建造的自然歷史博物館的設計。


B+H Architects, 3XN and Zhubo Design’s natural history museum is set to be built in the Yanzi Lake area of Shenzhen’s Pingshan District.

It will be topped with a publically accessible park that will gently rise from ground level to offer a walkway along the roof of the curved building.

B + H Architects,3XN和Zhubo Design的自然歷史博物館將建在深圳坪山區的雁子湖地區。


“3XN, B+H Architects, and Zhubo Design’s winning design scheme, entitled Delta, rises seamlessly from the river delta, inviting visitors and residents to journey along its accessible green rooftop,” said the studios.

“A public park extends throughout the roof and highlights the Natural History Museum’s organic geometries. Like a river stream finding its shape in balance with the earth, every turn frames a new spectacular view over the surrounding park, hills, and lake from dedicated viewing terraces along the roof park.”

這些工作室說:“ 3XN,B + H Architects和Zhubo Design的獲獎設計方案,名為Delta,從河三角洲無縫上升,邀請遊客和居民沿著其可訪問的綠色屋頂旅行。”

“一個公共公園遍布整個屋頂,突出了自然歷史博物館的有機幾何形狀。就像一條河流在與大地的平衡中找到其形狀一樣,每一轉彎都從專用的觀景台上俯瞰周圍的公園,丘陵和湖泊,形成了新的壯觀景色 沿著屋頂公園。”

The 42,000-square meter museum will contain a series of galleries dedicated to natural history and the ecology of Shenzhen and its surrounding region. These spaces will be accessed from a large entrance lobby at the centre of the building that the studios describe as cave-like.

“Like water streaming down a river, the undulating form leads guests to a ‘cave’ inspired passage that is connected to the museum lobby and activated by multiple cafes and public areas, serving as the pulsating heart of the building,” said the studios.

這個佔地42,000平方米的博物館將包含一系列致力於深圳及其周邊地區自然歷史和生態的畫廊。 這些空間將從建築物中心的大型入口大廳進入,工作室將其形容為洞穴狀。


The museum is being built as part of an initiative to create a range of ten new cultural facilities in Shenzhen, with an opera house and exhibition hall as well as technology, oceanic and art museums all planned for the city.

When complete, Shenzhen Natural History Museum will be the first large-scale museum dedicated to natural history in southern China.

The museum is the latest in a wave of new cultural institutions being built in China. Recently completed museums in the country include the Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum, which is housed within cavernous brick vaults, the He Art Museum by Tadao Ando, and a set of ruins that were transformed into a museum by Shenzhen Horizontal Design.

Renders by 3XN.



該博物館是中國正在興建的一系列新文化機構中的最新博物館。 近期在中國建成的博物館包括景德鎮御窯博物館(位於海綿磚倉庫中),安藤忠雄(Tadao Ando)的賀美術館(He Art Museum)以及一組遺址,這些遺址被深圳水平設計公司轉變為博物館。




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