Architects: Bora Architects, LEVER Architecture
Area: 67640 ft²
Year: 2017
Photographs: Jeremy Bittermann
Manufacturers: EFCO, Sto, AutoCAD, Henry Blueskin, RenewWrap
Architect In Charge:Chris Linn
Project Designer:Brad Demby
Project Architect:Isaac Adams
Project Manager:Leslie Cliffe
Designer:Ben Arico
Specifications:Mike Manzi
Clients:Run Our Dream, LLC (developer)
Engineering:Grummel Engineering (estrutural), Humber Design Group (civil), Glumac (instalações)
Landscape:Simp.L Landscape Architecture
Consultants:Winterbrook Planning (Uso do solo)
Collaborators:LEVER Architecture (design de interiores), Lease Crutcher Lewis (CM/GC)
Addition Area:41,420 ft2 (Phase II)
Country:United States

建築師:Bora Architects,槓桿建築
攝影:傑里米·比特曼(Jeremy Bittermann)
製造商:EFCO,Sto,AutoCAD,Henry Blueskin,RenewWrap
項目建築師:Isaac Adams
項目經理:萊斯利·克里夫(Leslie Cliffe)
客戶:Run Our Dream,LLC(開發人員)
顧問:溫特布魯克策劃(Uso do solo)
合作者:LEVER Architecture(室內設計),Lease Crutcher Lewis(CM / GC)

This project was a unique challenge to breathe new life into an iconic building we completed over 40 years ago, adapting it for an entirely new use for current and future needs. In 1977 we designed the original YMCA athletic facility to blend into its park-like site at the base of a prominent hillside, its sweeping northeast radius following the topography while defining a cantilevered internal running track. The building’s excavation into the slope intensified its relationship to the forested hillside in the backdrop. The “Metro Y,” as it came to be known, was lauded for its contemporary, modernist design, appearing in Progressive Architecture Magazine in 1978.

這個項目是一個獨特的挑戰,要為40多年來我們建成的標誌性建築注入新的生命,並使其適應當前和未來的全新用途。 1977年,我們設計了原始的基督教青年會運動設施,使其融合到一個突出的山坡底部的公園式場地中,該地形沿地形向東北方傾斜,同時定義了懸臂內部運行軌跡。 該建築物在斜坡上的開挖加強了它與背景中森林茂密的山坡之間的關係。 眾所周知的“ Metro Y”以其現代,現代主義的設計而受到稱讚,並於1978年出現在Progressive Architecture Magazine中。

Several years after the YMCA’s exit, we were approached to adapt the building’s core and shell to support a modern workplace environment for a sports apparel company attracted to the facility’s distinctive massing, connection to adjacent Duniway Park, and athletic roots. Our resulting renovation retained the existing footprint while upgrading the structure, reinforcing its resiliency, and supporting a third-floor addition in anticipation of the future.

基督教青年會(YMCA)撤離後的幾年,我們被要求調整建築物的核心和外殼,以為一家運動服裝公司提供現代化的工作環境,以吸引其獨特的聚集,與相鄰的杜尼威公園的聯繫以及運動的根源。 我們進行的翻新工程保留了現有的佔地面積,同時升級了結構,增強了其彈性,並為未來的發展提供了三層的支持。

With a vision to open up the building to reveal the best elements of the original structure, we replaced the largely opaque stucco facade featuring a thin second-level ribbon window with dramatic full-height glazing, flooding the formerly dark interior with natural light. The glass vertically wraps the existing glue-laminated wood beam structure to reveal the beautiful original wood framing to the public along the curved northeast facade.

為了打開建築物以揭示原始結構的最佳元素的願景,我們將原來不透明的灰泥外牆替換為帶有第二層薄薄帶狀窗戶的戲劇性全高玻璃窗,使原先黑暗的內部充滿了自然光。 玻璃垂直包裹著現有的膠合層壓木樑結構,沿著彎曲的東北立面向公眾展示了美麗的原始木框架。

Within, we cleared all partitions serving the original program, including a series of double-height walls that formed racquetball and basketball courts, to reveal an expansive internal space defined by the upper-level track. The former community gym now exists as a workplace celebrating the building’s evolving themes of fitness within a healthy environment showcasing natural wood and daylighting.

在其中,我們清除了為原始程序提供服務的所有分區,包括形成壁球拍和籃球場的一系列雙高牆,以揭示由上層軌道定義的廣闊內部空間。 以前的社區體育館現在作為一個工作場所存在,以在健康的環境中慶祝建築物不斷發展的健身主題,展示天然木材和採光。

Our design also strengthened the new building’s connection to site. The massive walls abutting the hill echo the deep green of the surrounding evergreen foliage, transitioning up to expansive grass that reveals the building’s massive Douglas Fir structure within—the same species thriving in the forest outside its windows. The future third-level addition will feature a green roof intended to blend into the surrounding foliage, visible from a hiking trail and roadway above. This adaptive reuse unexpectedly brings the life of the building and its regional character to the street and to Duniway Park while offering building users an elevated panoramic view of the park and the city beyond.

我們的設計還加強了新建築物與現場的連接。 緊靠山丘的巨大牆體呼應了周圍常綠植物的深綠色,過渡到廣闊的草叢,露出了建築物內巨大的道格拉斯冷杉結構-同一物種在窗外的森林中繁衍生息。 未來的三層建築將採用綠色屋頂,旨在融合到周圍的樹葉中,從遠足小徑和上方的道路可以看到。 這種自適應的重用意外地將建築物的生活及其區域特徵帶到了街道和Duniway公園,同時為建築物用戶提供了公園和遠處城市的高架全景。

Since its opening day decades ago this building has remained a beloved neighbor and urban landmark. In re-imagining the old YMCA for a new use, we were able to honor its past while reinvigorating its relationship with its site, the park, and the city of Portland for years to come.

自數十年前開業以來,這座建築一直是人們鍾愛的鄰居和城市地標。 在重新構想舊的基督教青年會以供新使用時,我們得以紀念其過去,同時在未來數年裡重新振興其與場地,公園和波特蘭市的關係。


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