Architects: Hou de Sousa
Area: 315 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Bicubiks
Design Team:Nancy Hou, Josh de Sousa
Construction:DMI Arquitectura Construccion

設計團隊:侯南茜(Joe de Sousa)
施工:DMI Arquitectura Construccion

Happy Panda II is a Chinese restaurant located in the Cumbaya neighborhood of Quito, Ecuador. The project notably features a canopy of colorful lantern-like chandeliers composed of paracord and painted steel tubes. This is the second commission Hou de Sousa has built for the Happy Panda Restaurant Group (the first of which was completed in 2013).

Happy Panda II是一家中餐館,位於厄瓜多爾基多的昆巴亞附近。 該項目特別突出了一個由彩燈和彩繪鋼管組成的彩色燈籠狀枝形吊燈的頂棚。 這是侯德·索薩(Hou de Sousa)為快樂熊貓餐廳集團(Happy Panda Restaurant Group)建立的第二個委員會(第一個委員會於2013年完成)。

The key objectives were to quickly build a comfortable and airy dining space that took full advantage of the double-height ceiling. Booth seating was prioritized and the design sought to hybridize the qualities of traditional American diners and casual Chinese restaurants. Distinct functional elements were embedded into the large triangular islands including built-in booth seating for diners as well as a full-service bar and cashier space. The volumes were further chiseled to account for circulation flows and a private dining area.

主要目標是快速建立一個舒適通風的就餐空間,充分利用雙高天花板。 展位被優先考慮,該設計試圖將傳統的美國食客和中式休閒餐廳的品質融合在一起。 獨特的功能性元素被嵌入到大三角島中,其中包括供食客使用的內置攤位座椅以及提供全方位服務的酒吧和收銀處。 進一步細緻地考慮了流通量和私人用餐區。

On a fundamental level, the project is composed of simple geometric forms and spaces, ranging from prisms and cuboids to cylinders and truncated cones. The footprint of the existing site is triangular while a squarish mezzanine was converted into the restaurant’s kitchen and surrounded with scalloped soffits and a new drop ceiling. The base of the chandeliers aligns with the mezzanine, effectively marking a continuous ceiling datum, while a second horizon is established by the triangular island countertops.

從根本上講,該項目由簡單的幾何形狀和空間組成,範圍從棱鏡和長方體到圓柱體和圓錐台。 現有場地的佔地面積為三角形,而方形的夾層樓則被改造成餐廳的廚房,並被扇貝形的拱腹和新的吊頂包圍。 枝形吊燈的底部與夾層對齊,有效地標記了連續的天花板基準,而三角形島檯面則建立了第二層。

Simple industrial materials were used throughout the project. Painted corrugated steel wraps around the booths and mezzanine walls while a serial collection of plywood panels outlines the perimeter of the space. The client’s existing collection of chairs and wood tables featuring stainless steel legs were re-used, while white washed oak floors and quartz countertops were newly installed.

在整個項目中使用了簡單的工業材料。 展位和夾層牆環繞著塗漆的波紋鋼,而一系列的膠合板則勾勒出整個空間的輪廓。 該客戶現有的具有不銹鋼腳的椅子和木桌系列已被重複使用,而新安裝的白色水洗橡木地板和石英檯面則被重新使用。


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