Architects: Bio-architecture Formosana
Area: 7301 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: YHLAA Studio
Manufacturers: pomplusl, 大合順磚廠股份有限公司
Lead Architects:Ying Chao Kuo, Ching Hwa Chang
Design Team:Sheng Liang Tsai, Po Wei Lai, Shi Jun Yu, Chun Hao Wu, Chieh Yu Liao, Wan Yu Chen, Chan Ching Wu, I Te Tsai, Ren Chiao Guo
Structural Engineering:Envision Engineering Consultant (EEC)
Mechanical And Electrical Engineering:Di-Ding Electrical Engineering Consultants Co. Ltd.
Hvac :Green HVAC. & R. Consultants
Fire Engineering:Ld Fire Fighting Engineering Co., Ltd.
Landscape:Eco Orange Landscape Architecture Planning And Design Co.Ltd.
Construction:Feng Yu Group
Client:The Fengtay Foundation
Country:Taiwan (ROC)

暖通空調:綠色暖通空調。 &R.顧問

Fengtay Foundation is a non-profit organization in southern Taiwan that is dedicated to promote organic agriculture. The park features office space for the foundation, laboratories for inspection and certification of organic products, and a logistical center for the cleaning and packaging of agricultural products.

豐泰基金會是台灣南部的一個非營利組織,致力於促進有機農業。 該園區設有用於基礎的辦公空間,用於檢驗和認證有機產品的實驗室以及用於清潔和包裝農產品的物流中心。

Brick was considered one of the most essential building materials in Taiwan’s rural villages in the 19th-century. Therefore, in an attempt to revitalize the spirit of Taiwan’s 19th-century agriculture and coexistence with nature, the façade uses brick as its choice building material.

磚被認為是19世紀台灣鄉村中最重要的建築材料之一。 因此,立面為重振台灣19世紀農業精神並與自然共存,外牆採用磚砌作為建築材料。

The goal of this project was to reform agricultural regulations, which means the application of brick as a building material needed to likewise deviate from traditional mortar methods. A new construction method was established to provide the brick façade with a richer and more contemporary expression by linking each brick with a steel rod. Each brick was separated by a rubber padding to maximize the overall façade permeability and at the same time breakthrough the height limit set by traditional methods of bricklaying.

該項目的目標是改革農業法規,這意味著將磚作為建築材料的應用也需要偏離傳統的砂漿方法。 通過將每塊磚與一根鋼桿連接起來,建立了一種新的建築方法,以使磚的外觀具有更豐富和更現代的表達。 每塊磚都由橡膠墊隔開,以最大化整體外牆的滲透性,同時突破了傳統砌磚方法設定的高度限制。

In order to verify this new method the client, design team, and construction team co-commissioned the NTU Seismological Lab to run a seismic study on a five-meter-high and a ten-meter-high model. This study aided in understanding the behavior of this new brick wall under seismic activity, which serviced in modifying the design based on the results of the study.

為了驗證這種新方法,客戶,設計團隊和施工團隊委託NTU地震實驗室對五米高和十米高的模型進行地震研究。 這項研究有助於理解這種新磚牆在地震作用下的行為,這有助於根據研究結果修改設計。

Due to the high permeability of the brick wall, the west-side façade resembles layers of shading blinds. It provides quite a poetic lighting effect in the space behind when the afternoon sun penetrates through the blinds. Not only does the brick wall provide an energy saving benefit, but also communicates a new sense of contemporary rural village esthetics.

由於磚牆的高滲透性,西側的立麵類似於百葉窗。 當午後的陽光穿過百葉窗時,它在後面的空間中提供了一種詩意的照明效果。 磚牆不僅提供了節能效果,而且傳達了當代鄉村美學的新感覺。


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