Architects: ES Arquitetura
Area: 405 m²
Year: 2018
Lead Architect:Diego Justo do Espírito Santo
Design Team:Valério Montes D’oca, Rodrigo Estrella, Carolina Rodrigues Cataldo
Builder:Futura Construções
Design De Interiores:Vânia Marroni Burigo

建築師:ES Arquitetura
設計團隊:ValérioMontes D’oca,Rodrigo Estrella,卡羅來納州Rodrigues Cataldo
室內設計:VâniaMarroni Burigo

Inserted in the rural landscape of the city of Nova Veneza, in Santa Catarina, the Damiani Ballroom, with a capacity for 120 people seated, was designed for a family that has the habit of holding their usual meetings further away from the urban environment. The project consists of a minimalist concept with the creation of only two main slabs that extend into the lake, providing panoramic views in all rooms of the hall, to enhance the visuals for the lake and the entire family farm.

達米亞尼宴會廳(Damiani Ballroom)插入聖塔卡塔琳娜州(Santa Catarina)的諾瓦·威尼薩(Nova Veneza)鄉村風景中,可容納120人,是為一個習慣於遠離城市環境舉行例行會議的家庭設計的。 該項目包含一個極簡主義概念,僅創建了兩個延伸到湖中的主樓板,可在大廳的所有房間內欣賞全景,從而增強了湖水和整個家庭農場的視覺效果。

To expand the space and provide a panoramic view of the farm, almost the entire perimeter of the hall is enclosed in glass, providing a constant landscape in all spaces, including the service areas such as the kitchen, making a connection between the internal and external environment. The main entrance is made through a large glass frame, expanding the total view of the hall, making it possible to contemplate the landscape from the access to the hall. Also, the large frames on the perimeter of the hall run along a rail allowing full opening, making the space even larger and with an enlarged look, connecting the balcony and the outside area with the internal environment, creating a unique environment.

為了擴大空間並提供農場的全景,大廳的幾乎整個周邊都被玻璃封閉,在所有空間(包括廚房等服務區域)內提供恆定的景觀,從而在內部和外部之間建立了聯繫。 環境。 主入口通過大玻璃框製成,擴大了大廳的整體視野,從進入大廳的角度即可欣賞到風景。 此外,大廳四周的大框架沿鐵軌運行,可以完全打開,從而使空間更大,外觀更大,將陽台和外部區域與內部環境連接起來,創造出獨特的環境。

The structure and walls of the hall were made of exposed concrete, reducing the need for maintenance and costs of the work with coatings and external painting. Besides, the circular concrete pillars resemble the existing coconut trees around the room, mimicking the landscape in which it is inserted. For the volume in the main access, native stones from the region were used, reminiscent of the culture of the old buildings of the city of Nova Veneza. All the rooms in the ballroom are on the same level, making it democratically accessible. Also, all access is via ramps, both in service areas and in social areas.

大廳的結構和牆壁由裸露的混凝土製成,從而減少了維護需求,並減少了使用塗料和外部油漆的工作成本。 此外,圓形混凝土柱子像房間周圍現有的椰子樹一樣,模仿了插入其中的景觀。 對於主要通道的體積,使用了該地區的天然石材,使人聯想起Nova Veneza市舊建築物的文化。 宴會廳中的所有房間都位於同一樓層,可以民主訪問。 此外,無論是在服務區還是在社交區,所有訪問都通過坡道進行。


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