Architects: CEBRA
Area: 11800 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Mikkel Frost
Contractor:Raundahl & Moesby
Engineer:Oluf Jørgensen


A tribute to a historic quarter. For the first time since the Øgade quarter in Aarhus was established around year 1900, the area is now extended with an entirely new street. This quarter has always been among the city’s most attractive neighbourhoods due to its cosy streets, varying residential architecture and intimate courtyards.

向歷史悠久的地區致敬。 自1900年左右在奧爾胡斯(Oarhus)的Øgade街區首次建立以來,該地區現在又擴大了一條全新的街道。 由於其舒適的街道,變化多端的住宅建築和私密的庭院,本季度一直是該市最吸引人的社區之一。

“Basically, we have designed a street that pays tribute to the history by combining all the best from the area in the form of a cobbled streetscape with trees, sidewalks and inviting front yards in a new and contemporary way. Moreover, we have designed a street with its own identity”, explains founding partner at CEBRA Mikkel Frost. The new street, Æbeløgade, is designed as a community-focused “shared space”, where residents, children playing, passers-by and road users contribute to creating a vivid neighbourhood with room for common activities and play.

“基本上,我們設計了一條街道,以鵝卵石鋪成的街道景觀與樹木,人行道的形式結合了該地區的所有最佳景觀,並以一種新的和現代的方式來向歷史致敬。 此外,我們以自己的身份設計了一條街道。” CEBRA Mikkel Frost的創始合夥人解釋說。 新的街道Æbeløgade被設計為以社區為中心的“共享空間”,居民,兒童遊戲,路人和道路使用者在這里共同創造了一個生動的鄰里,為共同的活動和娛樂提供了空間。

Greatest hits. The design emerges from what could be called architectural sampling of the surrounding urban context. CEBRA mixes, combines and reinterprets the Øgade area’s distinctive architectural elements such as perimeter block structures, brick facades, green courtyards and the cosy street. Furthermore, Æbeløgade’s architecture uses dramatic roof pitches, dormer windows and large window sections to create jumps and surprising variations throughout the block.

最偉大的命中。 該設計源自對周圍城市環境的建築採樣。 CEBRA融合,結合併重新詮釋了Øgade地區的獨特建築元素,例如外圍街區結構,磚砌外牆,綠色庭院和舒適的街道。 此外,Æbeløgade的建築還採用了引人注目的屋頂斜度,天窗和大窗戶,從而在整個街區產生跳躍和令人驚訝的變化。

Together, they form a varied yet distinguishable expression that reduces the building scale and contributes to a welcoming atmosphere. In addition, the traditional brick building is reinterpreted into monochrome houses in three colours: a warm red, a light grey and a beautiful brown. A composition where all design elements, from the bricks, the joints, through to the mailbox and the downpipes follow the same colour scheme underlining a modern housing typology – a street with its own personality.

它們共同形成了一種變化卻又與眾不同的表達方式,從而縮小了建築規模並營造出溫馨的氛圍。 此外,傳統的磚混建築被重新詮釋為三種顏色的單色房屋:溫暖的紅色,淺灰色和美麗的棕色。 從磚頭,接縫到郵箱和落水管,所有設計元素都遵循相同的配色方案,突顯了現代房屋類型-一條具有自己個性的街道。

A green neighbour. The street forms a vibrant artery through the new neighbourhood that in combination with a crossing system of paths opens towards the city by creating visual and physical connections to the botanical garden. The garden’s green and blue elements continue throughout Æbeløen and “colour” both the buildings and the outdoor areas. A sustainable urban drainage system utilizes rainwater as a visible, recreational element that is combined with minimum upkeep areas, where vegetation can grow wild and new species appear naturally, thereby supporting a rich variety of flora and fauna.

一個綠色的鄰居。 街道形成了一條貫穿新街區的生機勃勃的大動脈,再加上通過與植物園建立視覺和物理聯繫的通向城市的道路交叉系統。 花園的綠色和藍色元素貫穿整個Æbeløen,並為建築物和室外區域“著色”。 可持續的城市排水系統利用雨水作為可見的娛樂元素,並與最小限度的保養區域相結合,在該區域中,植被可以生長野生,自然出現新物種,從而支持了豐富的動植物種類。


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