British practice Whittam Cox Architects has completed student housing Béton House, the latest redevelopment phase of the brutalist Park Hill estate in Sheffield, England.

The concrete exterior and interiors have been decorated in a Le Corbusier-informed colour palette.

英國實踐Whittam Cox Architects已完成學生公寓BétonHouse的建造,這是英國謝菲爾德野獸派公園山(Park Hill)莊園的最新重建階段。

混凝土外部和內部均採用勒·柯布西耶(Le Corbusier)告知的調色板進行裝飾。

A derelict ground floor building has been turned into a large communal area with a gym, cinema and a private dining room.

The Grade II*-listed social housing estate built between 1957 and 1961 has been turned into a combination of private homes and student halls of residence by developer Urban Splash.


開發商Urban Splash將建於1957年至1961年之間的具有II級*等級的社會住宅區轉變為私人住宅和學生宿舍的組合。

Student housing developer Alumno oversaw the transformation of one wing into managed student housing, along with design studios BK Design and Brinkworth.

Built by architects Jack Lynn and Ivor Smith in the brutalist style, the housing blocks are raised up on plinths.

The studio turned the undercroft, originally used to hold public toilets, into communal spaces for students.

學生公寓開發商Alumno以及BK Design和Brinkworth設計工作室負責將一側樓改造為學生公寓。

由建築師傑克·林恩(Jack Lynn)和艾佛·史密斯(Ivor Smith)以野獸派風格建造,這些房屋砌在基座上。


Whittam Cox Architects preserved the concrete shell, cleaning and restoring the outdoor walkways to their original proportions.

“A ‘minimal impact’ approach was developed which preserved and
restored the surface of the brick and concrete across the building,” explained the studio.

The architects used a “wet scraped and clear sealed” approach to cleaning the concrete, rather than power blasting it, to preserve the faint pinkish hue of the stone.

“The texture and colour variation present in the concrete has been preserved. Original mortar pointing has been retained where possible because we felt it was carefully specified to match the original bricks,” the studio said.

Whittam Cox Architects保留了混凝土外殼,將室外走道清洗並恢復到原始比例。




The block was renamed Béton House after the French word for raw concrete – Béton brut – popularised by modernist architecture.

Béton House’s colour scheme is a nod to Modernist architect Le Corbusier’s Polychromie palettes, mix-and-match sets of colours designed to be harmonious for design.

Burnt orange, bottle green, scarlet, and mustard tones were taken from a mosaic that once adorned the Parkway Tavern, the local pub that served the Park Hill Estate in its heyday.


貝頓豪斯(BétonHouse)的配色方案向現代主義建築師勒·柯布西耶(Le Corbusier)的Polychromie調色板致敬。

曾經裝飾過Parkway Tavern的馬賽克採用燒焦的橙色,深綠色,猩紅色和芥末色調,這是在鼎盛時期為Park Hill Estate服務的當地酒吧。

Covered up at one point, the glass mosaic with its distinctive stripes and red crown is back on display having been painstakingly restored by experts Olicana Mosaics.

Interior designers Tatham Studio used the same colour scheme for the student bedrooms. Furniture is bespoke, along with a selection of original Scandinavian pieces.

由專家Olicana Mosaics精心修復的具有獨特條紋和紅色表冠的玻璃馬賽克被掩蓋在某一點上。

室內設計師Tatham Studio在學生臥室使用了相同的配色方案。 定製家具以及一系列斯堪的納維亞原創作品。

A wayfinding scheme for Béton House was created by Graphic Thought Facility, using the same colour picked out in terrazzo-style aggregate chips in cast concrete signs.

The font used throughout is called Founders Grotesk, a contemporary interpretation of the 20th-century fonts made in the Stephenson Blake foundry across the way from Park Hill.

圖形思維工具公司(Graphic Thought Facility)為貝頓大廈(BétonHouse)設計了一種尋路方案,使用的水磨石風格集料薄片中的顏色與鑄造混凝土標牌中的顏色相同。

整個過程中使用的字體稱為Founders Grotesk,它是對20世紀字體的現代解釋,該字體是在Park Hill的對面的Stephenson Blake鑄造廠製造的。

Phrases relating to the history of the Park Hill Estate are picked out in bold graphics on the outdoor corridors.

One, stating “it really was streets in the sky” references Sheffield Council’s postwar goal of clearing slums and transferring residents wholesale to new high-rise rows of homes.

Park Hill’s architects were influenced by Le Corbusier’s mass housing programmes. The elevated pedestrian walkways were designed to be wide enough to drive a milk float down.



帕克希爾(Park Hill)的建築師受到勒·柯布西耶(Le Corbusier)大規模住房計劃的影響。 高架人行道設計得足夠寬,可以使牛奶下沉。

Decades after Park Hill was left to fall into disrepair by the government, Urban Splash stepped in with its private regenerations scheme.

“We’ve always believed that student housing can be a catalyst for change,” said Alumno managing director David Campbell.

“I liked the idea that someone could enter into Park Hill as a student, graduate from university, get a job in Sheffield and then maybe move up into homeownership in Park Hill.”

在帕克希爾(Park Hill)被政府遺失的數十年後,Urban Splash介入了其私人重建計劃。

“我們一直認為學生住房可以成為變革的催化劑,” Alumno董事總經理David Campbell說。


Architects Hawkins\Brown and urban designers Studio Egret West undertook the first phase, which includes 260 renovated apartments – 40 per cent sold at the UK’s “affordable” rate – and new ground-floor retail spaces. It was nominated for the 2013 Stirling Prize.

Architecture studio Mikhail Riches is doing the second phase of housing, creating 199 apartments that will be decorated externally with colourful balconies.

After government grants were cut, no affordable homes were included in plans for this next phase. Concerns were raised by local residents that a key fob system could lead to segregation between the first phase and the more expensive second.

“We still think the right approach in principle is for it to be spread throughout, but it’s not possible to deliver that at this point in time,” Urban Splash’s regeneration director Mark Latham told Dezeen.

“It’s important that it doesn’t create a different character or a ‘them and us’ feel to the two phases. The idea is that everybody is part of the Park Hill community.”

Photography is by Louise Melchior.

建築師Hawkins \ Brown和城市設計師Studio Egret West進行了第一階段的工作,其中包括260棟經過翻新的公寓(其中40%以英國的“可負擔得起”價格售出)以及新的地下零售空間。它獲得了2013年斯特林獎提名。

建築工作室米哈伊爾·里奇斯(Mikhail Riches)正在進行住房的第二階段工作,創建了199套公寓,這些公寓將通過色彩繽紛的陽台進行外部裝飾。


Urban Splash的再生總監Mark Latham對Dezeen表示:“我們仍然認為原則上正確的方法是在整個過程中推廣這種方法,但目前尚無法實現。”


攝影是路易絲·梅爾基奧爾(Louise Melchior)。



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