Elevated tree-like obelisks light up Granary Square in London’s King’s Cross as a socially distant Christmas celebration, designed by Sam Jacob Studio to be a crossover of “a fairy-tale forest with modern architecture”.

Dubbed the Electric Nemeton, the 11 metre-tall (36 feet) installation by London architecture practice Sam Jacob Studio comprises a group of green, pyramid-shaped structures of different sizes that emulate a forest of Christmas trees.

高聳的樹形方尖碑照亮了倫敦國王十字廣場的糧倉廣場,這是一次社交活動,聖誕節慶祝活動由Sam Jacob Studio設計,是“童話般的森林與現代建築”的跨界。

倫敦建築事務所Sam Jacob Studio的11米高(36英尺)高的裝置被稱為Electric Nemeton,由一群綠色的,金字塔形的結構組成,這些結構模仿聖誕樹的森林,大小各異。

The design aims to offer a futuristic take on the traditional Christmas tree, specifically the type that stood in ancient Celtic forest groves called Nemetons, which once served as sacred gathering places.

Visitors to Granary Square in King’s Cross, London, can walk under the elevated, four metre-tall (13 feet) pergola that is held up by columnar galvanised steel trunks.


參觀倫敦國王十字(King’s Cross)糧倉廣場的遊客可以在高高的四米高的涼棚下行走,涼棚由圓柱狀鍍鋅鋼製行李箱支撐。

Timber joists have been used to create the skeleton of each pyramidal tree structure, while coloured scaffold netting has been stretched over these frames to give them body.

Lighting elements placed under the tree structures highlight their translucent quality at dark, illuminating the installation in hues of green with a few pops of orange and red towards the back of the group.

“These simple materials expose the construction process while their layering creates something more magical,” said the studio. “As you move around, the structure is sometimes more see through, sometimes more solid. Its colours fade and bleed from one to another.”



該工作室說:“這些簡單的材料暴露了施工過程,而它們的分層卻創造了更多魔力。” “當您四處走動時,結構有時會更通透,有時會更牢固。它的顏色會彼此淡入淡出。”

Sam Jacob Studio wanted the installation to act as a “social gesture” by offering an open-air space that people could visit in a safe manner in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Part tree, part space frame, it creates a space to walk through, a stage for social life and a sculptural object in Granary Square,” said Sam Jacob Studio.

山姆·雅各布工作室(Sam Jacob Studio)希望通過提供一個露天空間,讓人們在冠狀病毒大流行的情況下可以安全地訪問該露天場所,以此作為一種“社交姿態”。

山姆·雅各布工作室(Sam Jacob Studio)說:“部分樹木,部分空間框架,它創造了一個可以穿越的空間,一個社交生活的舞台和一個糧倉廣場中的雕塑對象。”

“As public space has taken on new significances during Covid-19, the Electric Nemoron contributes a little more to the possibilities of winter life outdoors,” it continued. “A structure that itself is an event, somewhere to explore and a platform for open-ended use.”

“Like all winter tree traditions whose symbolism is intended to ward off the darkness and act as a gesture of hope for the return of the sun, the Electric Nemeton also expresses an idea of hope for the return of our social and public lives,” the studio added.

它繼續說:“由於在Covid-19期間公共空間具有了新的意義,因此Nemoron電氣為戶外冬季生活的可能性做出了更多貢獻。” “結構本身就是一個事件,需要探索的地方以及開放式平台。”

“就像所有冬季樹木的傳統一樣,象徵性的目的是為了避開黑暗,並作為希望回歸陽光的象徵,尼米頓電力公司也表達了希望回歸我們的社會和公共生活的想法,” 工作室已添加。

The Electric Nemeton installation was commissioned by King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership, and brought to life in collaboration with engineering studio AKTII, lighting company DHA Designs and furniture manufacturer Jamps Studio.

Sam Jacob Studio was founded in 2014 by Sam Jacob, who was one of the three founders of influential architecture studio FAT.

More recently, the studio designed a shelter in the Yantian port district of Shenzhen, China, comprising a mixture of geometric and abstract shapes that take cues from municipal structures and neolithic monuments.

Photography is by Jim Stephenson.

Nemeton電氣裝置是由King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership委託進行調試的,並與AKTII工程工作室,照明公司DHA Designs和家具製造商Jamps Studio共同發揮了作用。

Sam Jacob Studio由著名建築工作室FAT的三位創始人之一Sam Sam於2014年創立。





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