Eight domed structures built from rammed earth will distinguish the Thabo Mbeki Presidential Library that architecture studio Adjaye Associates is developing in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Set to be built in the suburb of Riviera, the library will pay homage to the country’s second post-apartheid president, Thabo Mbeki, and celebrate ancient and contemporary African history.

Among its facilities will be a research centre and museum, which Adjaye Associates hopes will establish it as an “anchor point” for local and international scholars.

由夯土建造的八座圓頂建築將與建築工作室Adjaye Associates在南非約翰內斯堡開發的Thabo Mbeki總統圖書館區分開來。

該圖書館將建在里維埃拉郊區,將向該國第二任種族隔離後的總統塔博·姆貝基(Thabo Mbeki)致敬,並慶祝非洲古代和當代歷史。

它的設施中將有一個研究中心和博物館,Adjaye Associates希望它們能將其建立為本地和國際學者的“錨點”。


“The Thabo Mbeki Centre presents an opportunity to realise the ambition of the dreams of President Thabo Mbeki to advance and empower an African renaissance,” said the studio’s founder, David Adjaye.

“The architecture of the library taps into the collective memory of the continent through the establishment of a new historical centre for African consciousness in which knowledge, education and sustenance are nurtured in the representation and intelligence of the continent.”

該工作室的創始人大衛·阿賈耶(David Adjaye)表示:“塔博·姆貝基中心(Thabo Mbeki Center)提供了一個實現塔博·姆貝基(Thabo Mbeki)總統夢想的雄心,以推動並增強非洲復興。”


Once complete, the 5,400-square-metre Thabo Mbeki Presidential Library will comprise two levels – one of which will be concealed below ground.

The upper level will be housed within the rammed-earth domes that are designed by Adjaye Associates to evoke a collection of traditional African granaries – a type of storehouse for grains.

完成後,佔地5400平方米的Thabo Mbeki總統圖書館將分為兩層,其中一層將隱藏在地下。

上層將安置在由Adjaye Associates設計的夯土圓頂內,以喚起一系列傳統的非洲糧倉-一種穀物倉庫。

Alongside the research centre and museum, the building will contain seminar rooms, a reading room, an auditorium and temporary exhibition spaces.

There will also be a cafe and shop, an area dedicated to the empowerment of women and archival spaces for the storage of artefacts belonging to historical African figures, including Mbeki.

The mud that will be used to build the rammed earth structures will all be sourced locally in an attempt to help reduce the library’s embodied carbon footprint. Similarly, portions of timber cladding will be harvested from native wood species while terrazzo flooring throughout the building is to be crafted from local stone.

To minimise the building carbon emissions when in use, Adjaye Associates plans for the library to utilise rooftop photo-voltaic solar panels to generate electricity.

A geothermal heating system is also planned, and it will work in tandem with the thermal mass of the rammed earth walls to regulate the building’s temperature.



用於建造夯土結構的泥漿將全部從本地採購,以幫助減少圖書館的具體碳足跡。 同樣,部分木材覆層將從本地木材中採伐,而整座建築的水磨石地板則要用當地的石材製成。

為了最大程度地減少建築物在使用中的碳排放,Adjaye Associates計劃圖書館使用屋頂光伏太陽能電池板發電。


Interior details for the Thabo Mbeki Presidential Library are yet to be disclosed, though the visuals suggest the rammed earth will be exposed internally and teamed with minimal, dark wood furniture.

Each domed structure will be punctured by a unique geometric aperture at roof level, intended to create different lighting conditions and “a distinct atmosphere for each of the programs”.

The domes will be connected internally by a corridor that will extend the length of the entire building, and linked to the subterranean level via a large spiral staircase on one side.

The internal corridor will be reflected externally by a large terrace that envelops the library, intended to be utilised as a public space for the community.

Adjaye Associates was founded by British-Ghanian architect Adjaye in 2000, who was the recently named the recipient of the RIBA Gold Medal for 2021. To celebrate the news, we rounded up 10 of his and his studio’s most significant projects.

Elsewhere, Adjaye Associates recently revealed its proposal for the Edo Museum of West African Art in Nigeria and the Le Mémorial des Martyrs in Niger that will be a composed of a grid of 56 concrete, four-pointed-star-shaped columns.

Thabo Mbeki總統圖書館的內部細節尚未公開,儘管視覺效果表明夯土將在內部暴露,並與最小的深色木質家具組合在一起。




Adjaye Associates由英國-加納建築師Adjaye於2000年創立,他最近被任命為2021年RIBA金獎的獲得者。為了慶祝這一消息,我們匯總了他和他的工作室最重要的10個項目。

在其他地方,Adjaye Associates最近透露了其對尼日利亞西非藝術江戶博物館和尼日爾LeMémorialdes Martyrs的提案,該提案將由56個四角星形混凝土圓柱組成。



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