Architects: HITAD
Area: 170000 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Shuxiang Wei
Project Managers:Quan Yuan, Feng Zhou
Project Leaders:Mingyan Zhang, Yunping Li
Lead Architect:Tao Wu
Design Team:Jiaxin Sheng, Wei Zhao, Rui Yan, Bin Chang, Yongjie Bian Yanjun Zhao, Bin
Architectural Design:Yansheng Zhang, Xianhui Zhu, Fudong Xu, Xiaodong Zhu, Peipei Zheng, Shizhuang Zhu
Interior Design:Baolan Huang, Guoliang Xu, Hongyu Wang, Chenghao Li, Zhenbang Xing, Siqi Wang
Curtain Wall Design:Bing Qu, Wanqing Yang, Chuan Chen
Structural Design:Hongxing Wang, Xingtao Wei, Jianwei Wang, Yanmin Li, Jiaquan Sun, Xiaoqiang Zhou, Yachao Chen, Qingling Pan, Shuang Gu, Shijie Lang
Electrical Design:Bo Yu, Shuwei Wang, Baolong Shen, Xinwei Mi, Heng Jin, Shuai Ouyang
Havc:Bin Sun, Hongquan Du, Liying Zhang, Lan Yao
Water Supply And Drainage:Shouyong Liu, Yang Liu, Hong Li, Huawen Sun, Junyang Gao
Intelligent Design:Shuwei Wang
Floodlight Design:Lei Shi
Bim Design:Hao Jiang, Yiting Gao, Xiaoqiang Zhou, Hong Li, Bin Sun, Baolong Shen, Yiyang Song, Qian Dong, Haitao Li
Client:Bureau Public Works of Shenzhen Municipality
Clients In Charge:Wujin Chen, Lina Ma, Yufeng Fan, Luzhen Zuo


Shenzhen Middle School was founded in 1947 and has a history of more than 70 years. Over the past 70 years ,with the vicissitudes of life and the progress of iteration ,it has sharpened into a banner of Shenzhen Special Zone. In order to highlight the status and characteristics of Shenzhen Middle School, the design aims to it forms the unique architectural image,which has an elegant college atmosphere and an orderly etiquette space.

深圳中學始建於1947年,已有70多年的歷史。 七十多年來,隨著生活的滄桑和迭代的進步,它已成為深圳特區的一面旗幟。 為了突出深圳中學的地位和特色,設計旨在形成獨特的建築形象,具有典雅的大學氛圍和有序的禮節空間。

The construction site of the project is located at No. 1068, Nigang West Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, the former site of Shenzhen Information Vocational and Technical College. The topographic elevation difference in the site, the current river course in the site, the subway line across the campus and the existing buildings are all brought great limitations and challenges to the design. The project covers an area of about 100,000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 170,000 square meters. Among them, the new construction area is 165,600 square meters, and the reserved construction area is 0.45 million square meters. The construction includes the teaching building of the college, STEAM activity center, dormitory and canteen, recreation and sports center, swimming pool, storm gallery and outdoor sports facilities. It is a high school with 75 classes and a seating capacity of 3750 students.

該項目的建設地點位於深圳市羅湖區泥崗西路1068號,是深圳信息職業技術學院的舊址。 場地的地形高差,場地當前的河道,校園內的地鐵線路和現有建築物都給設計帶來了很大的局限和挑戰。 該項目佔地面積約100,000平方米,總建築面積約170,000平方米。 其中,新建築面積16.56萬平方米,預留建築面積45萬平方米。 該建築包括學院的教學樓,STEAM活動中心,宿舍和食堂,娛樂和體育中心,游泳池,風暴場和戶外運動設施。 這是一所高中,設有75個班級,可容納3750名學生。

On the limited site, Nigang Campus magnifies the natural environment and pays close attention to the contact between human and nature, so that teachers and students can realize the knowledge and reality in nature. The design strives to lift the function of the building above the second floor, and the first floor forms a continuous grey space, where the interface between the building and nature disappears and blends seamlessly.

尼崗校區在有限的場地上,放大了自然環境,並密切關注人與自然之間的聯繫,使師生可以實現自然界中的知識和現實。 該設計力圖將建築物的功能提升到第二層以上,並且第一層形成連續的灰色空間,建築物與自然之間的界面消失並無縫融合。

Using the continuous space of the roof, a three-storey roof courtyard is formed, and all groups of colleges are surrounded by greenery. The ground and two groups of courtyards above ground are connected by open stairs, and the whole school becomes a huge multi-dimensional and multi-layered garden.

利用屋頂的連續空間,形成了一個三層樓的屋頂庭院,所有的學院群都被綠樹環繞。 地面和地面上的兩組庭院通過敞開的樓梯相連,整個學校成為一個巨大的多維多層花園。

The design uses the architectural space with an ancient Chinese view of nature and a sense of ritual to express the extensive and profound unity of nature and humanity and the order of space rites in Chinese culture. Express the inheritance of regional culture with abstract architectural symbols and features such as Huo er wall, arcade building and patio.

設計使用具有中國古代自然觀和禮節意識的建築空間來表達自然與人文的廣泛而深刻的統一以及中國文化中的空間儀式。 用抽象的建築符號和特徵(如霍爾牆,拱廊建築和露台)表達區域文化的傳承。

Express the hundreds of years campus culture inside the story with the massive red brick and the stone material. Carry on the spirit tradition with the unique symbol of Shenzhen High School -Phoenix wood.

用巨大的紅磚和石材在故事中表達數百年的校園文化。 秉承深圳中學-鳳凰木的獨特象徵精神傳統。


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