Architects: ATAH
Area: 5000 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Yilong Zhao
Lead Architects:Guang Xu, Dandan Wang
Design Team:Ying Cheng, Tiantian Sun, Fan He, Chen Su, Zhenqing Yang
Structural Engineer:Weiwei Zheng
Landscape Consultant:Yanhai Li
Lighting Consultant:Yuanyuan Li
Construction:Jincheng Construction. Ltd

建設:金城建設。 有限公司

In the late summer of 2018, studio ATAH participated in the design of a series of industrial projects along the Cao’an Highway in Jiading District, Shanghai. Among them, the renovation of the Yangtze 3MAP elevator factory adopted a light-weight renewal strategy, and the construction of it was completed two years later. Shanghai Yangtze Elevator Factory was founded in the 1980s and has a great reputation in the industry in China. After the millennium, by introducing German technology and production specifications, the 3MAP elevators that are manufactured in Shanghai starts to export to Germany and other countries around the world. Since then, the spirit of craftsmanship in the German manufacturing industry is gradually becoming the DNA of the Yangtze 3MAP factory in China.

2018年夏末,ATAH工作室參與了上海嘉定區曹安公路沿線一系列工業項目的設計。 其中,揚子3MAP電梯廠的改造採用了輕量化的更新策略,並於兩年後完工。 上海揚子電梯廠成立於1980年代,在中國同行業中享有很高的聲譽。 千年之後,通過引進德國技術和生產規格,在上海製造的3MAP電梯開始出口到德國和世界其他國家。 從那時起,德國製造業的精湛工藝精神逐漸成為中國揚子3MAP工廠的基因。

Along the Cao’an Highway all the way to the west, the modern urban street views gradually fades away. In the skyline of low-density buildings, even from a few kilometers away, it is impossible to miss the iconic 100-meter elevator tower of the factory, which has an eye-catching magenta cylinder shape wrapped in diagonal metal mesh. Before the renovation, due to the deep setback from the main street, the major part of the factory was entirely hidden behind the landscape buffer, which made it difficult for people to realize the existence of the factory even when passing by, and aggravated the dramatic difference between noticeable and absent when viewing the factory as a whole. Standing at the starting point of the renovation, it is not difficult to realize the friction between the enterprise’s ambition to expand and the complexity of its routine production procedure, which also provided clear tasks and unique opportunities for the design per se. On the premise of ensuring an efficient layout, the new spatial form should not only enable the factory to stand out from its neighborhood but represent the enterprise’s past, present, and future with contemporary architectural interpretation.


The strategy of reorganizing the circulation is mainly focusing on two parts. Inside the building, the manufacturing areas are no longer enclosed dark spaces. They are more transparent with the integration of display space and offices, yet to transform the heavy industry field into a cheerful core space. At the urban scale, the factory’s new entrance along the street has both classical features in terms of the symmetrical sequence and contemporary form and material. A series of arcs are developed into the matrix of the corridor system, bringing the factory a sense of elegance. It can also be read as an interpretation of the relationship between the elevator as a transportation media and the building: linear, efficient, and straightforward.

重組流通的策略主要集中在兩個部分。 在建築物內部,製造區域不再是封閉的黑暗空間。 通過將展示空間和辦公室集成在一起,它們更加透明,但尚未將重工業領域轉變為令人愉悅的核心空間。 在城市範圍內,工廠沿著街道開設的新入口既具有對稱特徵又具有當代形式和材料的古典特色。 走廊系統的矩陣中形成了一系列弧線,為工廠帶來了優雅的感覺。 它也可以理解為對作為運輸媒介的電梯與建築物之間關係的一種解釋:線性,高效和簡單。

The organization of exterior spaces follows the column grid of the existing building. Constructed by a lightweight steel system, the corridors extend alone the buildings’ parameters. By adjusting panel details of each arc prototype, it provides alternate lights and shadows for visitors when passing. At each main entrance of a building, the typical corridor units are becoming enlarged outdoor lobby space. The arc-shaped metal panels on top of each corridor unit are partly replaced with polycarbonate panels, together with customized chandeliers, to create the ceremonial spatial quality.

外部空間的組織遵循現有建築物的圓柱網格。 走廊由輕鋼系統建造,僅延伸建築物的參數。 通過調整每個弧形原型的面板細節,它可以在通過時為訪問者提供交替的燈光和陰影。 在建築物的每個主要入口處,典型的走廊單元都已成為擴大的室外大廳空間。 每個走廊單元頂部的弧形金屬板部分替換為聚碳酸酯板,再加上定制的枝形吊燈,以營造儀式性的空間品質。

Starting from the escalator hall, the visiting circulation is redefined in a radical way, by adding a floating corridor that wraps around the facade of the factory. On the inner side of the suspended veranda, visitors can observe the whole manufacturing process when moving forward, while on the other side that close to the courtyard, one can have the view of the spatial connection between the courtyard and the massing.

從自動扶梯大廳開始,通過添加環繞工廠外牆的浮動走廊,以一種全新的方式重新定義了參觀循環。 在懸掛式遊廊的內側,參觀者可以觀察向前移動的整個過程,而在靠近庭院的另一側,可以看到庭院與群眾之間的空間聯繫。

The visiting tour ends up at a 24-meter high experimental tower (to be built). From here, one can have the experience of getting escalated from dark to bright, and from bottom to top. Standing on its roof, one will have a panoramic view of the factory and its surroundings.

參觀行程結束於一座24米高的實驗塔(即將建造)。 從這裡開始,您可以體驗從黑暗升級到明亮,從底部升級到頂部的經驗。 站在屋頂上,可以欣賞到工廠及其周圍的全景。

Under the premise of strict control of the budget and very short construction time, the renovation of Shanghai Yangtze 3MAP Elevator Factory didn’t resolve the problems with demolishing and re-build on a large scale or applying expensive materials. Instead, the design develops a duplicable prototype with a lightweight structure, to achieve the expectation of the renewal, and to resonance the user’s sense of belongings.

在嚴格控制預算,建設時間很短的前提下,上海揚子3MAP電梯廠的改建並沒有解決大規模拆除,改建或使用昂貴材料的問題。 取而代之的是,該設計開發了具有輕巧結構的可複制原型,以實現更新的期望,並引起用戶的歸屬感。


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