Interior Designers: Perkins and Will
Area: 289000 ft²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Tom Arban, Lisa Logan Photography
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Skyfold, Carnegie, Focal Point Lights, Tandus Centiva, Alumicor, Gage Metal Cladding, Slyfold, Trimble Navigation
Design Team:Andrew Frontini; D’Arcy Arthurs; Jon Loewen; Gayle Meeks; Yasin Visram; Mona Lemoine; Max Richter; Ryan Bragg; Dan McTavish; James Mallinson, Alan Mortsch
Clients:Ryerson University
Mechanical :MCW and External Link
Electrical :Crossey
Civil :MMM Group and WSP
Acoustics :Swallow / Thornton Tomasetti
Accessibility :Human Space
Noise And Vibration :RWDI
Building Envelope:WSP
Code :Turner & Townsend
Commissioning :MMM Group, External Link, and CES Engineering
Transportation :MMM Group
Environmental/Geotechnical :SPL Consultants
Land Surveyor :Speight Van Nostrand
Municipal Planning Consultant :Gladki Planning Associates
Cladding:Gage Metal Cladding
Contractor :Eastern Construction Company

攝影:湯姆·阿班(Tom Arban),麗莎·洛根(Lisa Logan)攝影
製造商:AutoDesk,Skyfold,卡耐基,聯絡點燈,Tandus Centiva,Alumicor,量具金屬覆層,Slyfold,Trimble Navigation
設計團隊:Andrew Frontini; D’Arcy Arthurs;喬恩·羅文;蓋爾·米克斯(Gayle Meeks); Yasin Visram;莫娜(Mona Lemoine)馬克斯·里希特瑞安·布拉格丹·麥克塔維什(Dan McTavish);詹姆斯·馬林森(James Mallinson),艾倫·莫特奇(Alan Mortsch)
土地測量師:Speight Van Nostrand
市政規劃顧問:Gladki Planning Associates

Located steps from the busiest intersection in Canada, Ryerson University occupies one of the densest and fastest growing neighbourhoods in Toronto. Over the last decade, the University’s enrollment has increased by almost 50%, and with the introduction of a variety of innovative new courses and programs, campus facilities are under tremendous pressure. However, at the same time, explosive development on surrounding sites has constrained the University’s opportunities to expand.

瑞爾森大學(Ryerson University)距加拿大最繁忙的十字路口僅幾步之遙,是多倫多最密集,發展最快的社區之一。 在過去的十年中,大學的入學人數增加了近50%,並且隨著各種創新課程和計劃的推出,校園設施承受著巨大的壓力。 但是,與此同時,周圍場所的爆炸性發展限制了大學的擴展機會。

Programmatically, four academic departments—the Schools of Nursing, Midwifery, Nutrition, and Occupational and Public Health—share space with technology-rich classrooms, a digital fabrication lab, flexible research facilities, University administration, and a 330-bed residence. A continuous thread of public space, described in vibrant orange cladding, connects these diverse programs to each other and to the City beyond. Public functions, retail and large classrooms are located on the building’s first two levels, animating the street while providing the access and crush space required for hourly turnover. A through-block interior street creates a new pedestrian route on campus.

按照計劃,四個學術部門(護理,助產,營養以及職業與公共衛生學院)與技術含量高的教室,數字製造實驗室,靈活的研究設施,大學行政管理部門和330張床的住所共享空間。 充滿活力的橙色外牆描述了公共空間的連續線,將這些不同的程序彼此之間以及與之外的城市連接起來。 公共功能,零售和大型教室位於大樓的前兩層,為街道增添了生氣,同時提供了每小時營業額所需的通道和擠塞空間。 一條貫穿街區的內部街道在校園中創建了一條新的步行路線。

The residence lobby and amenities sit atop the podium, opening onto a green roof that acts as a sky-level ‘quad’ and visual amenity for the residence units and neighbouring towers. The Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex responds to the challenges of a dense site by proposing a new typology for the University: a vertical campus that celebrates density, urbanity, and a radical mix of uses. Formally, the project adapts the podium-tower model, connecting city and academy by offering new routes into and through the building and putting learning on display.

住宅大廳和便利設施位於講台頂上,通向綠色屋頂,屋頂為住宅單元和鄰近塔樓的天空“四分之一”,提供了視覺上的便利。 達芙妮·考克威爾(Daphne Cockwell)衛生科學綜合體通過為大學提出一種新的類型學來應對密集場所的挑戰:為密度,城市化和多種用途混合而設計的垂直校園。 正式而言,該項目採用了講台-塔樓模型,通過提供進入和穿過建築物的新路線並將學習成果展示出來,將城市與學院聯繫起來。

The project adapts Toronto’s prevailing podium-and-tower typology, using a series of formal manipulations to open the building up to the City. Lifting, splitting, and shifting the building’s primary volumes creates a continuous string of public space extending from ground to roof. Highlighted in orange, this route becomes the connective tissue of the building—putting the activities of its occupants on display, creating zones for circulation, interaction, and collaboration. Health, community, and inclusivity were key drivers and informed every aspect of the design. The project features 100% fresh air through an active chilled beam system for heating and cooling, a rigorously screened set of interior finishes, and building materials geared toward occupant health. Access to daylight, a rooftop garden/farm, and the design of active environments all support occupant wellbeing and the mission of the resident health sciences faculty.

該項目採用了一系列正式的方法,為多倫多市開放了建築,以適應多倫多盛行的講台和塔樓類型。 抬高,拆分和移動建築物的主要體積會形成一連串的公共空間,從地面延伸到屋頂。 這條路線以橙色突出顯示,成為建築物的結締組織-將其居住者的活動展示出來,為流通,互動和協作創建區域。 健康,社區和包容性是推動設計的各個方面的關鍵因素。 該項目的特點是:通過主動冷梁系統進行加熱和冷卻的100%新鮮空氣,經過嚴格篩選的內部裝修以及針對居住者健康的建築材料。 可以使用日光,屋頂花園/農場,以及活動環境的設計,都可以為居住者的福祉和居民健康科學學院的使命提供支持。


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