Architects: BENT Architecture
Year: 2019
Photographs: Tatjana Plitt
Manufacturers: Life Space Journey, Modinex, Bamstone, Ferguson Stained Glass, Freeway trading, Ligman, Morello/Ashcroft
Design Team:Merran Porjazoski, Paul Porjazoski, Fiona Lew
Builder:Harris HMC
Structural Engineer:Clive Steele Partners P/L

攝影:Tatjana Plitt
製造商:生命太空之旅,Modinex,Bamstone,弗格森彩繪玻璃,高速公路交易,Ligman,Morello / Ashcroft
設計團隊:Merran Porjazoski,Paul Porjazoski,Fiona Lew
結構工程師:Clive Steele Partners P / L

This recent expansion of the Werribee Mausoleum creates 170 new resting places for deceased loved-ones in the Werribee cemetery. The project comprises two distinct structures; a new garden Mausoleum to the east of the original building, containing 140 outward-facing crypts (doubling the original capacity); and a series of Family Mausolea to the west of the original building, comprising four intimate family rooms and chapels which accommodate five or ten resting places each. The new additions flank the original structure designed by BAU and expanded on the symbolism and monumentality of the original design. The dramatic Corbusian pre-cast roof form is extended over the new additions, but a space is reserved between new and existing at ground level; a punctuation mark.

Werribee陵墓最近的擴建為Werribee墓地中的死者親人創造了170個新的休息場所。 該項目包括兩個不同的結構; 在原始建築東側的新花園陵墓,其中包含140個朝外的地穴(是原始容量的兩倍); 以及在原始建築西側的一系列家庭陵墓,包括四個私密的家庭房和小教堂,每個小教堂可容納五個或十個休息區。 新增加的部件位於BAU設計的原始結構的側面,並擴展了原始設計的象徵意義和紀念意義。 戲劇性的柯布斯預製屋頂形式擴展了新的功能,但新的和現有的地面之間保留了空間。 標點符號。

At the eastern end, this gap forms a new entry, in keeping with the original masterplan. To the west, the space is filled with garden, signaling a new interpretation of the design language and layout of the original structure to better frame the Family Mausolea. Where the eastern addition continues the original materiality of in-situ concrete and stone shutter faces, the Family Mausolea to the west has a different offering. Each family room has a landscaped forecourt for gathering, protected by the floating concrete canopy and paved with bluestone, which continues into the interior. Patterned anodised aluminium screens provide a veil of privacy to mourners inside, while openings frame glimpses of the cemetery’s renowned olive grove to the north. Northern light beams in, dancing ephemeral rays through interior. The concrete and stone of the exterior softens into rose-coloured Australian granite crypt shutters within the chapels; when combined with vertical cedar paneling, they cast a warming, intimate glow throughout each space.

在東端,與原始總體規劃保持一致,這一空白形成了新的入口。在西部,這個空間充滿了花園,標誌著對設計語言和原始結構佈局的新詮釋,從而更好地構築了陵墓家族。東部的添加物繼續保留了原位混凝土和石材百葉窗面板的原始材質,而西部的Family Mausolea提供了不同的產品。每個家庭活動室都有一個可供聚集的園景前院,由漂浮的混凝土簷篷保護,並舖有藍石,並一直延伸到室內。圖案化的陽極氧化鋁屏風為內部的送葬者提供了一個隱秘的面紗,而開口則勾勒出該公墓著名的北部橄欖林的一瞥。北方的光束射入,通過室內閃爍著短暫的光芒。教堂外部的混凝土和石材變軟成玫瑰色的澳大利亞花崗石百葉窗。與垂直的雪松木鑲板結合使用時,它們在每個空間都散發出溫暖,親密的光芒。

PROJECT DESCRIPTION / Werribee Mausoleum, Melbourne VIC. Australia / page 2 A niche in the southern wall of the Family Mausolea acts as an altar for photographs, memorabilia and religious icons. Surrounded by a halo of stained-glass windows, coloured and patterned light enriches the interiors. The play of colour, light, pattern and movement, creates an ethereal, yet welcoming space. Respectfully bookending the original mausoleum, these new additions create much-needed additional resting places and warm, reverent Family Mausolea in which to remember and honour loved-ones.

項目說明/維多利亞州維多利亞市維里比陵墓。 澳大利亞/第2頁陵墓家族南牆的壁iche用作照片,紀念品和宗教偶像的祭壇。 彩色玻璃窗的光環圍繞著彩色玻璃窗的光暈,豐富了室內裝飾。 色彩,光線,圖案和運動的玩耍營造出一種空靈而又溫馨的空間。 這些新增加的墓碑恭敬地預訂了原始陵墓,創造了急需的其他休息場所以及溫暖,崇敬的家庭陵墓,在其中紀念和尊敬親人。


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