Architects: Architects 49
Area: 16000 m²
Year: 2017
Photographs: Chaovarith Poonphol
Manufacturers: ALPOLIC, AutoDesk, 3M, Boral, Lysaght, Nippon Paint, FAMELINE, Inno Viva, Rhinoceros, Siam Yamato, Starflex, Structural Dynamics, Trimble Navigation
Architect In Charge:Prabhakorn Vadanyakul and Narongwit Areemit
Design Team:Architects 49
Clients:Panjaluck Pasuk
Engineering:Architectural Engineering 49
System Engineer:M&E Engineering 49
Lighting Designer :With Light
Landscape :Landscape Architects 49
Interior Architect:Jarken Company
System Engine:Engineering 49
City:Muang Pattaya

照片:Chaovarith Poonphol
製造商:ALPOLIC,AutoDesk,3M,Boral,Lysaght,Nippon Paint,FAMELINE,Inno Viva,Rhinoceros,Siam Yamato,Starflex,結構動力學,Trimble Navigation
負責建築師:Prabhakorn Vadanyakul和Narongwit Areemit
客戶:Panjaluck Pasuk

The uniqueness of a performance which integrates the illusion of projection mapping technology with the realism of stage performers is key in generating the imagination of the audiences. This sparks the ideas for the designer team to incorporate these illusion techniques to create the same effect of imagination with architecture.

將投影映射技術的幻覺與舞台表演者的真實感相結合的表演的獨特性,是激發觀眾想像力的關鍵。 這激發了設計師團隊的想法,將這些幻覺技術融入建築中,以產生相同的想像效果。

Several illusion techniques have been studied to achieve various stunning effects and the concept of ‘levitation’ was particularly discussed and studied further. It dramatically enhances the imagination of illusion by allowing the heavy theatre mass to visually float effortlessly above the ground plane. To achieve the effect of levitation, several elements including shadows, building mass seen from below and clear space or void under the mass all play an essential role to accomplish the design objective.

為了達到各種驚人效果,已經研究了幾種幻覺技術,並且對“懸浮”的概念進行了特別的討論和研究。 通過使沉重的劇場在視覺上毫不費力地漂浮在地平面上,它極大地增強了幻想的想像力。 為了達到懸浮效果,包括陰影,從下面看的建築質量以及在質量下的淨空間或空隙在內的多個元素都對實現設計目標起著至關重要的作用。

Moreover, the architectural form is needed to be kept simple representing a ‘box’ for ease of visual understanding. The trick is to disguise the pre-function spaces for the theatre at ground level as a clear space or void to allow the levitating box to perceivably float above by incorporating mirror planes on both walls and ceiling which hide the structure and reflect the surroundings and sky.

此外,為了使外觀易於理解,需要使建築形式保持簡單,以表示“盒子”。 訣竅是在地面上將劇院的迎賓區偽裝成一個透明的空間或空隙,從而通過在牆壁和天花板上都合併有隱藏結構並反射周圍環境和天空的鏡面,使懸浮箱可感知地漂浮在上方 。

Since the box is cantilevered from the main structure by 8.75 meters, steel structure is used so that visitors can perceive the reflection of the floating box’s base in greater depth which results in the size of the theatre box at 15 x 50 x 14 meters floating in the air. The reflective pond below enhances the effect of the height under the box and the lighting installed in the ceiling also helps emphasize the ceiling boundary under low light conditions.

由於箱體與主體結構之間的懸臂為8.75米,因此採用鋼結構,以便參觀者可以更深地感知浮動箱體底部的反射,從而使劇院箱體的尺寸達到15 x 50 x 14米, 空氣。 下方的反射池增強了盒子下方的高度效果,安裝在天花板上的照明燈也有助於在光線不足的情況下突出天花板的邊界。

Taking advantage of the coastal breeze in Pattaya; furthermore, a kinetic façade is used to create another illusive effect that expresses dynamic. A specific shape of diamond pieces made of folded aluminum sheets depicting traditional Thai art are utilized for the kinetic components attached to tensioned cables. On a breezy day, these 30,000 golden diamond pieces create sparkling wave effects resembling an ocean for visitors to experience.

利用芭堤雅的海風; 此外,動感的外立面被用來創造另一種表現出動態感的幻覺效果。 描繪傳統泰國藝術的,由折疊鋁板製成的特定形狀的鑽石片被用作附在張緊電纜上的動力組件。 在涼風習習的一天中,這些30,000顆金色鑽石碎片創造出波光粼粼的波浪效果,就像海洋一樣供遊客體驗。


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