Architects: BLVD International
Area: 67278 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Jian Fan
Manufacturers: 佛山市元通胶粘实业有限公司, 广东华昌铝厂有限公司, 广东恒庆金属建材有限公司, 广东汇禧五金实业有限公司, 惠州市万业隆玻璃科技有限公司, 鞍山钢铁集团有限公司
Design Director:Yun Du
Chief Designer:Deliang Liu
Client:Shenzhen Metro Group

建築師:BLVD International
製造商:佛山市元通膠粘實業有限公司,廣東華昌鋁廠有限公司,廣東恆慶金屬建材有限公司,廣東匯禧五金實業有限公司,惠州市萬業隆玻璃科技有限公司,鞍山鋼鐵集團有限公司 公司

Shenzhen Metro Changzhen Depot Complex Building is located in Guangming District, Shenzhen, which is required by the Client – Shenzhen Metro Group to meet office and accommodation demands of Shenzhen Metro Line 6 staff.


Shenzhen is a dynamic and innovative young city, and Shenzhen Metro Group is also a benchmark enterprise that has grown up in Shenzhen. It has a strong innovative spirit for the city’s future rail transit and transportation architecture, so to interpret the subway culture and spirit of this unique city in Shenzhen is a necessary task. The biggest challenge is that the design of the building should be combined with the metro culture and the future of this modern city of Shenzhen. Various constraints of the venue also have to be overcome.

深圳是一個充滿活力和創新的年輕城市,深圳地鐵集團也是在深圳成長的標杆企業。 它對城市未來的軌道交通和運輸體系結構具有強烈的創新精神,因此,詮釋深圳這座獨特城市的地鐵文化和精神是一項必要的任務。 最大的挑戰是建築物的設計應與都市文化以及深圳這個現代化城市的未來結合起來。 場地的各種限制也必須克服。

The purpose of the design is to mine and interpret the subway culture under the requirements of the function, making the building an innovative benchmark for enhancing and demonstrating the cultural image of the Shenzhen Metro. The design takes the culture and image logo of the subway as the design concept, highlights the characteristic image of the subway, and deducts the linear, speed and tandem subway characteristics into architectural forms and spaces. The overall effect not only gives an elegant and dynamic visual impact, but also plays a good role in the image of the city subway building.

設計的目的是在功能的要求下挖掘和詮釋地鐵的文化,使該建築成為增強和展示深圳地鐵的文化形象的創新基準。 該設計以地鐵的文化和形象標誌為設計理念,突出了地鐵的特色形象,並將線性,速度和串聯地鐵特徵轉化為建築形式和空間。 整體效果不僅給人以優雅動感的視覺效果,而且在城市地鐵建築形像中也起到了很好的作用。

The architectural form emphasizes the orderly beauty of the horizontal lines to achieve a visually pleasing effect. While the building facade uses white aluminum panels and ultra-white glass curtain walls to show the speed of the subway and modern sense.

建築形式強調了水平線的有序美感,以實現視覺上令人愉悅的效果。 建築立面使用白色鋁板和超白玻璃幕牆來展示地鐵的速度和現代感。

The land contains Office Building, Canteen, Storage, Multi-Function Hall, Indoor Badminton Court, Staff Dormitory and Police Station.It is divided by the test line and the wheelhouse, and the complex is placed on the west side of it; the west land is more effective, so the high-rise complex will be more in line with the iconic requirements. The dormitory with a certain independent function and the attached building block of the police station are located on the east side of the land. The two are both connected and relatively independent. At the same time, in order to display the elegant and dynamic architectural image, the proportion and functional area of the original complex and dormitory are adjusted. Also the building area and height of the complex are increased, making the building more upright and dynamic.

該土地包括辦公樓,食堂,倉庫,多功能廳,室內羽毛球場,職工宿舍和警察局,由測試線和駕駛室分隔,綜合體位於其西側; 西部土地更有效,因此高層建築將更符合標誌性要求。 具有一定獨立功能的宿舍和派出所附屬的建築物位於土地的東側。 兩者都是相互聯繫且相對獨立的。 同時,為了展示優雅而動感的建築形象,對原始建築群和宿舍的比例和功能區域進行了調整。 此外,建築物的建築面積和高度都增加了,使建築物更加直立和充滿活力。


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