LOCATION:Riyadh , Saudi Arabia
ARCHITECT:Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
CLIENT/OWNER:Rayadah Investment Company
PROJECT TYPES:Commercial , Cultural
SIZE:28,346 sq. meters
AWARDS:2012 ASLA Local
SHARED BY:Hank White , Landscape Architect, HMWhite
CONSULTANTS:Skidmore Owings Merrill (SOM), Hill International, Structural Engineer: SOM Structural, WSP – Flack and Kurtz, Aqua Design
PROJECT STATUS:On the Boards/In Progress

客戶/所有者:Rayadah Investment Company
獎項:2012 ASLA本地
共享者:漢克·懷特(Hank White),景觀設計師,HMWhite
顧問:Skidmore Owings Merrill(SOM),Hill International,結構工程師:SOM Structural,WSP-Flack和Kurtz,Aqua Design

Out of the financial district’s urban master plan, the KAFD Conference Center emerges as an iconic structure. Representative of the local “Wadi” landscape, HM White’s design fuses landscape and structure. Re-introducing native grasses and flora into a large scale public space setting, indigenous plant communities spatially organize and blur the boundaries between the building’s undulating “exoskeleton” skin and its surrounding landscape.

在金融區的城市總體規劃中,KAFD會議中心成為一個標誌性的結構。 懷特·懷特(HM White)的設計代表了當地“瓦迪”景觀,融合了景觀和結構。 將本地草和植物重新引入大規模的公共空間設置中,本地植物群落在空間上組織和模糊了建築物起伏的“外骨骼”皮膚與其周圍景觀之間的邊界。

The future of Saudi Arabia’s public landscape will indefinitely be influenced by this project’s sustainable demonstration of viable “green” design strategies within a public domain and its renewed reconnection with the country’s ecological heritage.


A custom hypertufa growing medium emulates the regional limestone cliff growing conditions. Flexibility to deploy cliff dwelling plants in a modular form across the center’s varied planes and surfaces enables the vegetation and hypertufa to mimic the desert landscape.

定制的超石灰生長培養基模擬了區域石灰岩懸崖的生長條件。 靈活地以模塊化的形式在中心的各種平面和表面上部署懸崖式住宅植物,使植被和超自然景觀能夠模仿沙漠景觀。

Located in the new King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh, the Conference Center is designed as an extension of the angular desert landscape, and its organic profile and faceted skin stitch together the building and the adjacent terrain. The state-of-the art building sets a new standard for flexible conferencing, providing a multipurpose event hall with operable walls, a 600-seat auditorium with full lecture and cinema support, and a “digital forum” approach that allows all venues to be internally and externally networked.


The conference rooms are designed as immersive four-wall video environments, with walls that contain retractable projection screens allowing users to conduct virtual video meetings. The conference rooms are clad in electrochromic glass that permits users to change from clear to opaque glass based on their desired levels of light and privacy. A “media cloud” in the ceiling of each conference room will have the ability to communicate with mobile devices, permitting wireless sharing and projection of user content in a meeting setting. Dynamic interactive signage will enable conference attendees to brand individual rooms and conference venues.


The building employs several profoundly innovative sustainability strategies, including an enclosure that locates areas of glazing where they are least susceptible to the harsh desert sun; a ventilation system incorporating a “solar chimney” that uses solar heat to move air through the main atrium spaces; and a roof that contains indigenous desert grasses to minimize irrigation requirements.

該建築採用了幾項具有深遠意義的創新可持續發展戰略,其中包括將玻璃窗放置在最不易受惡劣的沙漠陽光影響的玻璃區域中; 裝有“太陽能煙囪”的通風系統,利用太陽能將空氣移動通過中庭。 屋頂裝有本地沙漠草,以減少灌溉需求。



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