Architects: Scott Brownrigg
Area: 2787 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Hundven Clements Photography
Manufacturers: Formica, Pilkington, Sika, Amtico, DuPont, Solus Ceramics, Ted Todd, British Gypsum, Delta Balustrades, Formwise, Schueco, Waverley
Lead Architects:Ed Hayden
Design Team:Ed Hayden, Rosa de Pablo, Barry Clarke, Fernando Mesquita
Engineering:Hoare Lea, Perega
Landscape:Macfarlane + Associates
Consultants:Project Managers and Lead Consultant: Ridge and Partners LLP
Contractor:Barnwood Construction
Country:United Kingdom

建築師:Scott Brownrigg
照片:Hundven Clements攝影
製造商:Formica,Pilkington,Sika,Amtico,杜邦,Solus陶瓷,Ted Todd,英國石膏,Delta Balustrades,Formwise,Schueco,Waverley
首席建築師:Ed Hayden
設計團隊:埃德·海頓(Ed Hayden),羅莎·德巴勃羅(Rosa de Pablo),巴里·克拉克(Barry Clarke),費爾南多·梅斯基塔(Fernando Mesquita)
工程:佩雷加,Hoare Lea
景觀:Macfarlane + Associates
顧問:項目經理和首席顧問:Ridge and Partners LLP

The Scott Brownrigg-designed headquarters for the international not-for-profit organisation, CABI, has successfully completed. CABI applies scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment. Scott Brownrigg worked alongside Project Managers and Lead Consultant Ridge and Partners LLP (Ridge) to complete a low energy design that offers a two-storey office space, successfully integrating an experimental bio-diverse landscape with a new collaborative flexible working environment.

斯科特·布朗格里格(Scott Brownrigg)為國際非營利組織CABI設計的總部已成功竣工。 CABI運用科學專業知識解決農業和環境問題。 Scott Brownrigg與項目經理以及首席顧問Ridge和Partners LLP(Ridge)一起完成了低能耗設計,該設計提供了兩層的辦公空間,成功地將實驗性生物多樣性景觀與新的協作靈活工作環境整合在一起。

At the heart of this project is CABI’s commitment to encouraging biodiversity and protecting the environment. The design is highly energy efficient with detailed strategies for materials, orientation, and structures. The design includes a careful selection of materials for the building fabric, which will reduce energy consumption, to embrace the aim of low carbon use in operation.

該項目的核心是CABI對鼓勵生物多樣性和保護環境的承諾。 該設計具有很高的能源效率,並針對材料,方向和結構提供了詳細的策略。 該設計包括仔細選擇用於建築面料的材料,以減少能耗,以實現運營中低碳使用的目標。

Designing with passive sustainability as a priority, the building is positioned to minimise solar gains by orientating it East-West and will provide shade in the summer and allow sunlight in the winter.


Completing in 2020 means that the HQ foreshadowed the shift in priorities for office space users who, due to Covid-19, have placed increased importance on clean air. Natural ventilation was a key design factor and was achieved by a perforated façade, which permits cool air into the building throughout day and night. It then rises up and is collected at the top. Heat recovery ventilation is used in the winter to pre-warm fresh air, which is then pumped into the floors.

2020年竣工意味著總部預示了辦公室空間用戶的優先事項轉移,由於Covid-19,辦公室用戶更加重視清潔空氣。 自然通風是一個關鍵的設計因素,它是通過穿孔的立面實現的,該立面可以使白天和晚上的冷空氣進入建築物。 然後它上升並收集在頂部。 冬季使用熱量回收通風來預熱新鮮空氣,然後將新鮮空氣抽入地板。

“A traffic light system alerts users when the building gets too hot or doesn’t have enough fresh air. It will prompt occupants to open their windows and increase the levels of fresh air in the building. It is designed to rely on communication and cooperation between the building and its users, rather than being heavily M&E driven, providing a natural, healthy and safe environment ” shares Director Ed Hayden.

“當建築物太熱或沒有足夠的新鮮空氣時,交通信號燈系統會向用戶發出警報。 它將提示居住者打開窗戶,並增加建築物中的新鮮空氣水平。 它的設計依賴於建築物及其用戶之間的溝通與合作,而不是由大量的M&E驅動,而是提供自然,健康和安全的環境。

Situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the building responds to its surroundings with a living roof, which will attract insects and birds and enhance biodiversity. Inside, it hosts up to 180 members of staff – a long way from its origins as a small research committee established in 1910. Staff and visitors are provided with a range of amenities including a café restaurant, meeting rooms, and conference room/auditorium.

該建築坐落在自然美景極佳的地區,並通過活動屋頂回應周圍環境,該活動屋頂將吸引昆蟲和鳥類並增強生物多樣性。 在內部,它最多可容納180名員工,這與1910年成立的小型研究委員會的歷史相去甚遠。為員工和訪客提供的各種便利設施包括咖啡廳,會議室和會議室/禮堂。

Recently appointed CEO at CABI Dr. Daniel Elger is among the first members of staff to move into the new headquarters, which also serves as the hub for CABI’s publishing business. He said: “I am delighted to be leading a team of professionals at our UK headquarters who are working with colleagues in our global network of centres to help millions of smallholder farmers around the world grow more and lose less to crop pests and diseases.”

CABI最近任命的首席執行官Daniel Elger博士是最早搬入新總部的工作人員之一,新總部也是CABI出版業務的樞紐。 他說:“我很高興帶領英國總部的專業團隊與我們全球中心網絡的同事合作,幫助世界各地數百萬小農戶因病蟲害而增長,減少損失。”


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