Cabin-design company Den has launched a flat-packed, kit-of-parts for a steeply pitched cabin, known as an A-frame, that can be assembled in just a few days.

The 115-square-foot (10.68-square-metre) Den Cabin Kit has slanted wooden walls with a large triangular window. It is designed to be an ideal guest house, yoga studio or study.


登客艙套件的面積為115平方英尺(10.68平方米),帶有傾斜的木牆和一個大的三角形窗戶。 它被設計為理想的旅館,瑜伽室或書房。

Prefabricated in New York, the kit has pre-drilled holes and includes everything from the wooden structural parts that lock together, to bolts and even door hardware – details Den said make the project stand out from other flat-packed structures.

“Under the hood – or roof, ha – we have components that are cut with CNC precision, a design that slots together intuitively, and a kit so complete even the door hardware is included so you won’t need to make any trips to the hardware store,” the New York-based team told Dezeen.

“The cabin bolts and screws together and all the holes are pre-drilled making for fast assembly.”


“在引擎蓋下-或屋頂,哈-我們擁有經過CNC精密切割的組件,可以直觀地縫在一起的設計,甚至包括門硬件在內的套件也非常齊全,因此您無需進行任何行程。 五金店”,駐紐約團隊告訴Dezeen。


Den Cabin Kit is designed to be built with minimal equipment including a ratchet set, a power drill, a ladder, step ladder and a staple gun. Flat-packed materials arrive stacked according to the order in which they are needed during the build, as part of an ambition to make construction as easy as possible.

“If you don’t have any construction experience you can certainly make up for it with tenacity, and a few friends to help you with the job,” Den explained.

登艙套件的設計目的是用最少的設備建造,包括棘輪裝置,電鑽,梯子,梯子和釘書機。 扁平包裝的材料是根據建造過程中需要的順序堆放的,這是使建造盡可能容易的雄心壯志的一部分。


“Building something even as easy as this still requires some hutzpah mind you,” the company added. “You need to be comfortable on a ladder a story off the ground to set the ridge cap and screw in the roofing panels, and you and your friends (or team) need to be careful with the large windows while setting them in place.”

Den suggests novice builders employ a contractor to bolster the structure if it is being built on a sloped site, or in an area with harsher weather, and also to help set foundations – which it likens to the same basic requirements as a shed. The cabin is intended to touch the ground lightly so it can be disassembled and rebuilt elsewhere, and constructed without nails for the same reason.

該公司補充說:“構建這樣簡單的東西仍然需要您謹慎。” “您需要在梯子上自在地上講故事,以安上脊帽並擰緊屋頂板,您和您的朋友(或團隊)在將大窗戶固定到位時需要小心。”

丹建議,如果新手的建造者在斜坡上或天氣惡劣的地區建造該結構,則應聘請承包商來支撐該結構,並幫助其設置地基–它類似於棚子的基本要求。 機艙旨在與地面輕輕接觸,因此可以出於相同原因將其拆解和重建,並且無需釘子即可建造。

Despite its light touch, the team said the cabin is still robust and well-insulated in harsh weather conditions. “Even though it’s ‘semi-permanent’ in this regard it’s no less a building and can withstand the harshest elements, with four-season compatibility,” it explained.

Owners can choose from three types of exterior cladding: either black Forest and silver Alpine metal or cedar shingles. They can also add a propane heater provided by Den.

Other similar self-build projects include The Backcountry Hut Company’s conceptual proposal for tiny houses that users could assemble like IKEA furniture.

該團隊表示,儘管輕觸,但機艙仍然堅固耐用,並且在惡劣的天氣條件下也能很好地絕緣。 它解釋說:“即使在這方面是’半永久性’的,它也不過是一座建築物,並且可以承受最惡劣的因素,具有四個季節的兼容性。”

業主可以從三種類型的外牆板中進行選擇:黑森林和銀色阿爾卑斯金屬或雪松木帶狀。 他們還可以添加Den提供的丙烷加熱器。

其他類似的自建項目包括The Backcountry Hut Company關於用戶可以像宜家家具那樣組裝的小房子的概念性建議。



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