Architects: Green Advisers AS
Area: 1033 m²
Year: 2020
Manufacturers: GRAPHISOFT, Nordan, Fosseng Treindustri, Nordic Door AS, Norsk Limtre, Schindler AS, Stokkan Lys AS
Lead Architect:Joakim Dørum
Light Design:Stokkan Lys AS
Interior Architect:Studio Strek Interiørarkitektur

建築師:Green Advisers AS
製造商:GRAPHISOFT,Nordan,Fosseng Treindustri,Nordic Door AS,Norsk Limtre,Schindler AS,Stokkan Lys AS
燈光設計:Stokkan Lys AS
室內建築師:Strek StudioInteriørarkitektur

The “Øyna Cultural-Landscape-Hotel” is a part of Øynaparken, near Straumen, in Inderøy municipality in central Norway. Øynaparken is located on a natural hill above the old Sakshaug Church, with a view over the cultural landscape of the Trondheim fjord. Before the expansion, Øynaparken consisted of a restaurant with conference and event rooms. Øynaparken is managed by the Sakshaug family. The original idea of creating a new platform for marketing agricultural products from their own production has long since become a search for the unmistakable location in the region for the family and is reflected both, in their kitchen made from regional raw materials and in their interest in the surrounding landscape.

“Øyna文化景觀酒店”是位於挪威中部Inderøy市Straumen附近的Øynaparken的一部分,Øynaparken位於老Sakshaug教堂上方的自然山丘上,可俯瞰特隆赫姆峽灣的文化景觀。 擴建之前,Øynaparken由一間設有會議室和活動室的餐廳組成,Øynaparken由Sakshaug家族管理,最初的想法是建立一個新平台,以自己的生產方式銷售農產品,此後很久以來一直是在 家庭的區域,並體現在他們使用當地原材料製成的廚房中,以及對周圍景觀的興趣。

The expansion of the facility with 20 hotel rooms was the result of a steadily increasing demand for overnight accommodation in connection with the conferences and family celebrations held here. For the Sakshaug family, it was important that the view over the cultural landscape of the Trondheim fjord be preserved. To achieve this, all hotel rooms were placed on a lower level in the slope. Two hotel rooms each form a unit that slides out of the terrain in a simple shape.

隨著在這裡舉行的會議和家庭慶祝活動,對過夜住宿的需求不斷增加的結果,該設施擴展到了20個酒店房間。 對於Sakshaug家族而言,重要的一點是保留特隆赫姆峽灣的文化景觀。 為此,所有酒店房間都放置在斜坡的較低位置。 兩個酒店房間各自形成一個單元,以簡單的形狀滑出地形。

The hotel rooms are accessed via a corridor that is completely underground and adapts to the shape of the hill. At its end, the corridor is connected to the higher-level reception and conference area with an elevator. The lawn in front of the restaurant and conference rooms seem to slide seamlessly over the hotel rooms and reveal the landscape to the north.

可通過完全地下且與山丘形狀相適應的走廊進入酒店客房。 在其末端,走廊通過電梯連接到較高層的接待和會議區域。 餐廳和會議室前面的草坪似乎在酒店房間上無縫滑動,並向北顯示景觀。

All constructions in the ground are made of concrete, while the cantilevered hotel rooms are made of solid wood elements. The standing exterior wooden cladding is kept in dark earth tones, which forms a harmonious contrast to the surroundings. The interior of the hotel rooms is alternated in light and dark wooden panels. In the entrance area, in the rear area of the hotel rooms, and in the adjoining corridor, the concrete construction is exposed, which creates a strong contrast to the high-quality finish of the wooden surfaces in the hotel rooms. Although the extension of the facility was carefully adapted to the topography, it creates new landscape accents through its formal language and fits in well with the owner’s overall concept.

地面上的所有建築均由混凝土製成,而懸臂式酒店客房則由實木製成。 站立的外部木製壁板保持深色土色調,與周圍環境形成和諧的對比。 酒店房間的內部採用淺色和深色木板交替佈置。 在入口區域,酒店房間的後部區域以及相鄰的走廊中,混凝土結構是裸露的,這與酒店房間木質表面的高品質裝飾形成了鮮明的對比。 儘管該設施的擴展經過精心調整以適應地形,但它通過其正式語言創建了新的景觀口音,並與所有者的整體概念非常吻合。


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