Architects: Realrich Architecture Workshop
Area: 250 m²
Year: 2016
Photographs: Eric Dinardi
Architect In Charge:Realrich Sjarief
Project Team:Septrio Effendi, Miftahuddin Nurdayat, Rio Triwardana, Tatyana Kusumo, Jovita Lisyani Halim, Tirta Budiman, Rifandi S. Nugroho, Hendrick Tanuwidjaja, Bambang Priyono, Hawandi Wijaya
General Contractor:Singgih Suryanto
Supervisor In Charge :Sudjatmiko and Singgih Suryanto
Construction Manager:Eddy Bachtiar
Structure Engineer:Edy Sinergi
Master Carpenter :Syarifuddin Pudin
Mechanical And Electrical Engineer :Bambang Priyono, Andi, Karim and Hamim
Team Leader Plan And Illustration:Miftahuddin Nurdayat ,Tatyana Kusumo
Project Team Of Plan And Illustration :Fadiah Nurannisa, Teddie Gunawan Wijaya, Eunike Nathania, Sherika Permana, Laurencia Nathalia, RR Annisa Raras
City:West Jakarta

攝影:埃里克·迪納爾迪(Eric Dinardi)
負責建築師:Realrich Sjarief
項目團隊:Septrio Effendi,Miftahuddin Nurdayat,Rio Triwardana,Tatyana Kusumo,Jovita Lisyani Halim,Tirta Budiman,Rifandi S. Nugroho,Hendrick Tanuwidjaja,Bambang Priyono,Hawandi Wijaya
總承包商:Singgih Suryanto
主管主管:Sudjatmiko和Singgih Suryanto
施工經理:Eddy Bachtiar
結構工程師:Edy Sinergi
木匠大師:Syarifuddin Pudin
機電工程師:Bambang Priyono,Andi,Karim和Hamim
團隊負責人計劃和插圖:Miftahuddin Nurdayat,Tatyana Kusumo
計劃和插圖項目團隊:Fadiah Nurannisa,Teddie Gunawan Wijaya,Eunike Nathania,Sherika Permana,Laurencia Nathalia,RR Annisa Raras

Located at the corner of the Street at Villa Meruya residential precinct, The guild shows its introvert side with the solid and high border wall, the solid fence without a gap to peek. As if to withdraw from the noisy Jakarta city and build its own sanctuary, the guild is solid from the outside but open on the inside.

公會位於Meruya別墅住宅區的街道拐角處,內向的一面是堅固的高邊界牆,堅固的柵欄無間隙。 好像要從喧鬧的雅加達市撤離並建立自己的庇護所,行會從外部結實但內部卻開放。

The Building consists of one master bedroom, living room, studio a place to work , a library, one open courtyard and a kitchen. The entrance is introduced by concrete, steel, glass and polycarbonate sheet. The access from public and private is separated by open air corridor. The access to the House and the Studio are separated by 2 x 2 m foyer.

該建築包括一間主臥室,起居室,工作室,辦公場所,圖書館,一個開放式庭院和一間廚房。 入口由混凝土,鋼材,玻璃和聚碳酸酯板引入。 公共和私人通道被露天走廊隔開。 通往房屋和工作室的通道由2 x 2 m的門廳隔開。


The bedroom is located on the 1st floor while the other program is located on the ground floor. The circulation is interlocked to give ease access for the owner to access the studio below. Living room and also the dining room with total area of 35 sqm located on ground floor, while the more private family rooms are located on the first floor and limited by the void of stairs to separate family area and the studio.

臥室位於一樓,其他程序位於一樓。 環流環環相扣,使所有者可以輕鬆進入下面的工作室。 客廳和飯廳位於一樓,總面積為35平方米,而更私人的家庭房位於一樓,並且由於樓梯間的分隔而無法將家庭區和工作室分開。

Hot west – east tropical sunlight is blocked by placing solid wall and bathroom while the facade is open to the north-south orientation. Several pyramids shaped form is also introduced to allow sunlight coming to the middle of the building and allowing fresh air circulation through the small gaps in between glass and concrete.

炎熱的西部–東方的熱帶陽光被堅固的牆壁和浴室遮擋,而立面朝南向北開放。 還引入了幾種金字塔形狀的形狀,以使陽光進入建築物的中央,並使新鮮空氣通過玻璃和混凝土之間的小縫隙循環。

The building system uses an automatic watering system that applies zero greywater runoff and zero storm water runoff. It means the whole water is collected to the retention basin with 8 m3 capacity and 2.75 x 3 m of catchment basin with 1,5 m of depth that also contribute the catchment to the neighbor.

該建築系統使用自動澆水系統,該系統應用零灰水徑流和零雨水徑流。 這意味著將全部水收集到容量為8 m3的保留盆地和深度為1.5 m的2.75 x 3 m的集水盆地,這也對鄰域產生了影響。

The studio is consist of 6 x 6 m square shape, a small void. The small void has a tapered skylight made of concrete with several small gaps to provide light and air circulation. The library named Omah which is open at the weekend has the size of 3,4 x 12,3 m. It is sunken at perimeter area, half below the height of 0:00 meters considering public access and the needs that require a condition to keep books from the sun and constant temperature with the minimum possible to use the air conditioner. At the heart of the house is a courtyard with a fish pond with a background of the 3.5 m radius circle window with 3.50 m looking through the family room. The Guild is one example of project which exercise the modification of form and program with interlocked circulation in the tropical climate of Jakarta, Indonesia.

該工作室由6 x 6 m的正方形,一個小的空隙組成。 小空隙有一個由混凝土製成的錐形天窗,上面有幾個小縫隙,以提供光線和空氣流通。 名為Omah的圖書館在周末開放,大小為3,4 x 12,3 m。 考慮到公共通道以及需要在不使用空調的情況下使書籍保持在陽光直射和恆溫的條件下的需求,它會在周邊區域(低於0:00米的高度的一半)處凹陷。 房子的中心是帶魚池的庭院,魚池的背景為3.5 m半徑的圓形窗戶,透過家庭房間可看到3.50 m。 在印度尼西亞雅加達的熱帶氣候中,行會是一個項目的實例,該項目通過環環相扣的循環形式和程序進行修改。


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