Architects: MAPAA
Area: 330 m²
Year: 2018
Photographs: pablo casals aguirre
Manufacturers: Cbb ReadyMix, Vidrios Lirquen, faser ventanas, kaltemp, tecpro
Lead Architects:Cristián Larraín, Matías Madsen
Design Team:Alessandra Delisio, Felipe Miquel
Construction:Héctor Hernandez
Structure:Manuel José Ruiz

照片:Pablo Casals Aguirre
製造商:Cbb ReadyMix,Vidrios Lirquen,faser ventanas,kaltemp,tecpro
設計團隊:亞歷山德拉·德里西奧(Alessandra Delisio),費利佩·米奎爾

The work is located south of the city of Santiago within the Maipo River Valley, characteristic for its wine production. Specifically on the northern slope of one foot of the hill, on a vineyard and an olive grove.

該作品位於聖地亞哥市以南的邁坡河谷內,以其葡萄酒生產為特色。 特別是在山腳一英尺的北坡上,在葡萄園和橄欖樹上。

The commission consisted of developing the offices for a father and his son, which must be independent but linked through a central space, which will function as a meeting room. In the central space, there was to be an Italian tapestry 3.6 meters high by 6 meters long. On the other hand, the project had to account for the family tradition linked to winemaking.

該委員會的工作包括為父親和兒子建立辦公室,這些辦公室必須是獨立的,但要通過一個用作會議室的中央空間連接起來。 在中央空間,有一個意大利壁毯,高3.6米,長6米。 另一方面,該項目必須考慮與釀酒相關的家庭傳統。

Program and views. The building is located perpendicular to the hillside, organizing the program through three naves, in which the offices and the meeting room are located to the north; Main access, reception, bathrooms, cellars, and kitchen to the south.

程序和視圖。 該建築物垂直於山坡,通過三個中殿組織該程序,其中辦公室和會議室位於北部。 主要入口,接待處,浴室,地窖和南部的廚房。

Below these, there is secondary access and the parking area. To the north, there are views towards the valley and the vineyards, which are presented as long, clean, and open views. To the south, there are views linked to the state of the foot of the hill, with short, immediate, and close views.

在這些下方,有輔助通道和停車場。 在北部,可以看到山谷和葡萄園的景色,呈現為長久,乾淨而開放的景色。 在南部,可以看到與山腳狀態相關的景觀,包括近距離,近距離和近距離的景色。

The tapestry and the Vaults. The presence of a large work of art in the central space of the building, conditions the configuration of support for it, a wall, which in turn must have a distance, height, and envelope relationship that allows its correct display.

掛毯和金庫。 建築物中央空間中大量藝術品的存在,決定了建築物支撐結構,牆體的大小,牆體必須具有一定距離,高度和圍護結構才能正確顯示。

As an envelope capable of configuring the aforementioned conditions, the image of the underground cellars used to store the wine emerges, characteristics of the winemaking tradition of the central area, which through their brick masonry vaults resolve their shape, which is they are used as references for the project, literally transferring them to the surface through new materiality, concrete, thus giving rise to the idea of ​​a vault capable of covering a large span without intermediate supports, which unload the efforts on lateral supports.

作為能夠滿足上述條件的信封,用於存放葡萄酒的地下酒窖的形像出現了,這是中部地區釀酒傳統的特徵,通過磚砌的拱頂解決了它們的形狀,被用作參考 對於該項目,實際上是通過新的材料性混凝土將其轉移到地面,從而產生了一種能夠在沒有中間支撐的情況下覆蓋大跨度的拱頂的想法,從而減輕了側向支撐的工作量。


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