Architects: Hassell, OMA
Year: 2020
Photographs: Peter Bennetts, courtesy of Hassell + OMA

建築師:OMA Hassell
照片:Peter Bennetts,由Hassell + OMA提供

The Museum has been conceived as a ‘collection of stories’ about Western Australia’s diversity, rich history, and contemporary culture. Heritage buildings and new volumes have been connected to offer a variety of curatorial possibilities, and to create the sheltered, outdoor ‘City Room’ for public cultural programs and daily activities, including a nine-day cultural festival celebrating the opening.

博物館被認為是關於西澳大利亞州的多樣性,豐富的歷史和當代文化的“故事集”。 已連接的歷史建築和新建築提供了多種策展可能性,並為公共文化節目和日常活動創建了一個帶遮蔽的室外“城市間”,其中包括慶祝開幕的為期9天的文化節。

The renewed Museum will be a place where the local community and global visitors can gather to engage in diverse cultural experiences. It features additional spaces for exhibitions and events, capacity for national and international touring shows, and new retail and dining opportunities.

改建後的博物館將成為地方社區和全球遊客聚集的地方,以從事各種文化體驗。 它具有展覽和活動的額外空間,舉辦國內和國際巡迴演出的能力以及新的零售和用餐機會。

Two intersecting circulation loops – one vertical and one horizontal – connect the refurbished historic buildings and new structures, while offering multiple routes for different experiences of the Museum’s content. The ‘City Room’ at the heart of the project is a civic space for a variety of activities and exhibitions, used by the Museum, nearby cultural institutions, and the general public.

兩個相交的循環環路-一個垂直和一個水平-連接經過翻新的歷史建築和新結構,同時提供多條路線,以使博物館體驗不同的體驗。 該項目中心的“城市空間”是一個市民空間,可以舉辦各種活動和展覽,博物館,附近的文化機構和公眾都可以使用。

The old and new structures embody the State’s rich architectural and cultural history and offer spaces to share diverse stories to local and international audiences. Visitors can gather at the City Room for activities that shape the State’s contemporary culture.

新舊建築體現了紐約州豐富的建築和文化歷史,並為與本地和國際觀眾分享各種故事提供了空間。 訪客可以聚集在市政廳參加各種活動,以塑造該州的當代文化。


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