Architects: Shulin Architectural Design
Area: 156 m²
Year: 2018
Photographs: Yilong Zhao, Lin Chen
Moderator:Lin Chen
Project Architect:Dongying Liu
Participating Architects:Dongying Liu, Shiqiang Yang, Xuelia Jiann
Project Owner:Hongfu Tourism Group Co., Ltd.


Mountains surround the house in the south, covered with thick forests. The house is located in an ancient mountain forest in Wuyi County, Jinhua, Zhejiang Province. The village maintains complete features from old inhabitants in this area, with buildings scatters in different altitudes by the mountain line and dense trees with a history of over one hundred years at the entrance. The book house sits not far from the square at the entrance, beside which are well-preserved courtyard houses made in rammed earth. The old cowshed used to locate in the yard but was removed after it collapsed.

山脈環繞著南部的房屋,周圍佈滿茂密的森林。 房子位於浙江省金華市武夷縣的一座古老的山林中。 該村保留了該地區老居民的全部特徵,建築物沿山線散落在不同的高度,入口處有一百多年曆史的茂密樹木。 書屋在入口處不遠處就是廣場,旁邊是保存完好的夯土製成的四合院。 古老的牛棚曾經位於院子裡,但在坍塌後被拆除。

The book house aims to create a serene reading space that clams people down, thus attracting more young people and children to return to the mountains. It also provides a colorful and quiet place so that children and the elderly can feel freedom and happiness in this house.

該書屋的目的是創造一個寧靜的閱讀空間,讓人們垂涎三尺,從而吸引更多的年輕人和孩子回到山上。 它還提供了一個色彩豐富且安靜的地方,使孩子和老人可以在這所房子裡感到自由和幸福。

Bring the space and the village closer. One of our initial thoughts is to spare room for the villagers, which also brings an intuitive feeling. In the first floor of the book house, there is an overhead semi-outdoor open space, and ten structural columns hold the entire house. The closed spaces are on the second floor, connected to the outside with an outdoor staircase. There is only a tiny water bar on the first floor for water and beverages, the other places are totally open for villagers to drink, chat, and for kids to play. The open space connects all the possible activities.

將空間和村莊拉近。 我們最初的想法之一是為村民騰出空間,這也帶來了直觀的感覺。 在書房的二樓,有一個高架半戶外開放空間,十個結構柱子支撐著整個房子。 封閉空間位於二樓,通過室外樓梯與外部相連。 一樓只有一個很小的水吧,可以用來喝水和飲料,其他地方則完全開放給村民喝酒,聊天和孩子們玩耍。 開放空間連接了所有可能的活動。

At the same time, from the perspective of the space relationship, the book house is in a triangle area, with the main walkway on the south and a three-meter stone wall on the north. Above the wall, there is a playground for children. By lifting up the close space of the house to give room to the space between the ground floor and the walkway, passers-by are also made able to rest under the house at any time. The second floor is on the same level as the children’s play area, which makes it convenient for kids to read books or play while their parents can still pay attention to their children when reading. Whether it is from the perspective of the nature of the site or that of understanding rural life, we hope that architecture and villagers, as well as the rural environment, can remain friendly to each other.

同時,從空間關係的角度來看,書屋位於一個三角形區域,主要走道位於南部,而三米長的石牆位於北部。 在牆壁上方,有一個兒童遊樂場。 通過抬起房屋的封閉空間,以便為底樓和人行道之間的空間提供空間,過路人也可以隨時在房屋下方休息。 二樓與兒童遊樂區位於同一層,這使孩子們可以很方便地讀書或玩耍,而父母在讀書時仍可以照看孩子。 無論是從場地的性質還是從了解農村生活的角度來看,我們都希望建築和村民以及農村環境能夠保持彼此友好。

Patio and time. The patio is placed in the book house as the core with a pleasant scale. There is a surface of the water below the bottom of the first-floor patio. On rainy days, water rain falls from the patio into the pool, and the sound can be heard inside the house; while when the sun shines directly, it creates a unique light and shadow effect. A patio is designed in such a small place because it makes the house more relevant to nature, time, and space. This is a sense of time in the house from my perspective.

天井和時間。 露台以宜人的比例放置在書房中,作為核心。 一樓天井底部下方有一水面。 在下雨天,雨水從天井降落到游泳池中,屋內可以聽到聲音。 當陽光直接照射時,會產生獨特的光影效果。 露台被設計在這麼小的地方,因為它使房屋與自然,時間和空間更加相關。 從我的角度來看,這是一種時間感。

The setting of the patio looks like it is waiting for a certain time – for the sun to cast in a beautiful shadow, for the rain to drip ripples, or for the breeze to blow in. At those moments, the patio is set as a special space waiting for its significance of being created. The essence of rural architecture as I understand is a state in which people and space, people and nature, and people and time coexist harmoniously. This patio, makes it happen by including sunlight, rain, and air into the interior space.

天井的設置似乎正在等待一段時間,例如陽光投射在美麗的陰影下,雨水滴落漣漪或微風吹拂。在這些時刻,天井設置為 特殊的空間等待著它的創造。 據我所知,鄉村建築的本質是人與空間,人與自然,人與時間和諧共存的狀態。 該露台通過將陽光,雨水和空氣納入室內空間而實現。

Corridor and communication. There are two rounds of back-shaped bookshelves on the second floor, creating a corridor around the patio and the reading space in the middle. With a comfortable width of one meter, it suspends from the structure of the first floor. The corridor provides the experience of walking around in the garden, while a lot of holes are opened according to the modular size of the back-shaped bookshelves, letting the light and airflow through the difference of size and height.

走廊和通訊。 二樓有兩回形的書架,在露台周圍形成了一條走廊,在中間設有閱讀空間。 它以一米的舒適寬度懸掛在第一層的結構上。 走廊提供了在花園中四處走動的體驗,同時根據背形書架的模塊化尺寸開了許多孔,讓光線和氣流通過尺寸和高度的差異。

As the reader wanders around in the corridor, their horizon opens together with the entrance, and the boundaries disappear. When standing on the other side of the entrance, people can see through the window and watch others reading books on the balcony, and farther, the hills and forests far away. The perspective from different layers creates communication between people, space, and the environment.

當讀者在走廊裡徘徊時,他們的視線與入口一起打開,邊界消失了。 當站在入口的另一側時,人們可以透過窗戶看到,看著別人在陽台上看書,更遠的地方,山丘和森林。 來自不同層面的視角在人,空間和環境之間建立了交流。

Experimental attempt. We have always been insisting on the design and research method of research. During the design of the book house, we made two experiments: the experiment on the morphological type, and the experiment on the application of materials.

實驗嘗試。 我們一直堅持研究的設計和研究方法。 在書屋的設計中,我們進行了兩個實驗:形態類型的實驗和材料應用的實驗。

In terms of morphological type, the closed space of the book house is raised up, using the double-sloping roof form and slope of the local dwellings, as well as the traditional roofing and the grey tiles, but small adjustments were made on the roof ridge. It is deflected by 6.5°bringing a subtle morphological change to the roof, making one side of the roof higher than the other, and enabling the space to change through the inclination of the roof and the shelves.

就形態類型而言,書屋的封閉空間是使用雙坡屋頂形式和當地居民的坡度以及傳統的屋頂和灰色瓷磚來提高的,但對屋頂進行了一些小的調整 嶺。 通過6.5°彎曲,使屋頂發生細微的形態變化,使屋頂的一側比另一側高,並通過屋頂和架子的傾斜使空間發生變化。

In terms of materials, the bookcases use the modular structure of there-centimeter thick pinewood and is controlled by a unified modular scale language. The vertical frame of the bookshelf and the structural beam of the roof are in one-to-one correspondence, forming an overall language logic system. On the outer façade, the relatively rare sun panels in the village make the whole house translucent, and the light in the room becomes gentle through the solar panels, creating a comfortable environment for reading. The translucent material allows readers inside to have a glimpse of the outdoor landscape, achieving a semi-transparent spatial experience and atmosphere.

在材料方面,書櫃使用的是厘米厚的松木的模塊化結構,並由統一的模塊化比例尺語言控制。 書架的垂直框架與屋頂的結構梁一一對應,形成了一個整體的語言邏輯系統。 在外立面上,村子中相對罕見的陽光板使整個房子變得半透明,而室內的光線則通過陽光板變得柔和,為閱讀提供了舒適的環境。 半透明的材料使內部讀者可以看到室外景觀,從而獲得半透明的空間體驗和氛圍。

Many architects are unfamiliar with the countryside, but they also make attempts to design. We are the same. We are the same. With the hope of exploration and integration, we try to intervene in the countryside as architects. In many cases, the inspiration not only comes from the intuitive judgment of the architect but is also rooted in the countryside itself, so that the locality and creativity can connect well. In fact, there are no standards for the countryside, no fixed rules, no uniqueness, and good or bad can only be judged by the village itself. I hope this will be a good start.

許多建築師不熟悉鄉村,但他們也嘗試設計。 我們是一樣的。 我們是一樣的。 懷著探索和融合的希望,我們嘗試以建築師的身份介入農村。 在許多情況下,靈感不僅來自建築師的直覺判斷,而且還植根於鄉村本身,因此本地性和創造力可以很好地聯繫在一起。 實際上,沒有鄉村的標準,沒有固定的規則,沒有獨特性,好壞只能由村莊本身來判斷。 我希望這將是一個好的開始。


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